Long Range Electric Bike Buying Guide

Long Range Electric Bike Buying Guide

As the number of electric bikes has grown in popularity, creating more family time, so has its selection. From regular models to premium off-road cycles, there is an electric bike for everyone. However, with the variety of models to choose from, you may wonder: “how do I pick the right ebike for me?” 

Long-range electric bikes are an excellent choice for those who need to commute daily or for recreational purposes. These ebikes are one of the most sought-after products by avid cyclists nowadays. Several key features make a bike great for long-range riding, but knowing which ones to choose can be overwhelming. Also, the Himiway Black Friday deals give you many options.

That's where this guide comes in – you would get to make a more informed decision when buying one.

What are long-range electric bikes?

Long-range ebikes are capable of traveling much farther. With the most recent technology and larger batteries, these e-bikes can often travel up to 100 kilometers on a single charge. Naturally, the maximum range may vary, and factors like topography, riding technique and overall weight may impact the motor’s efficiency.

Long-range ebikes are all about convenience, and they have efficient batteries that can offer you more than 80 miles of range per charge. Also, you can go anywhere without worrying about charging.

The suspension system in long-range ebikes keeps you comfortable, while the lightweight and low center of gravity makes it easy to maneuver at high speeds. These ebikes are becoming increasingly popular as they allow you to ride around town without making pit stops at gas stations.

Some long-range bike brands also tend to be lighter than other e-bikes because they don't have gears or pedals—just a continuous system with no breaks or stops required when you pedal forward or backward (which makes them easier on your knees).

Himiway Cruiser

The Himiway Cruiser is a long-range e-bike with an exceptionally comfortable and adaptable design. Its battery can go 60 miles per charge and has a battery and motor capacity of 840Wh and 750W motor. The powerful motor can reach 20 miles per hour, so that you can use it anywhere. Apart from its many features, it's made from aluminum and is lightweight and durable. 

This long-range electric bike is a perfect e-bike for beginners and experienced cyclists alike. The bike has a front headlight and two rear lights, which makes it great for night riding. Also, it has a payload capacity of 350 lb. and weighs 72lb. The Cruiser is a cost-effective long-range bike at $1,599 and has a 2-year warranty.

Long range electric bike | Himiway Zebra

Himiway Zebra

Another long-range e-bike with an efficient motor to push you along is the Himiway Zebra. The Zebra is the updated model of the Himiway Cruiser. It has a Samsung/LG battery size of 960Wh with 52 500mAh cells. While using pedal assist, it can go 80 miles. It offers several upgraded features, such as the upgraded 6061 aluminum, that make it stand out from other e-bikes on the market. 

The battery can reach up to 20 miles per hour so that you can ride further than most e-bikes before recharge. Also, the handlebars are adjustable to give you the perfect height and angle that works best for your needs. The Zebra comes with a 2-year warranty, has a greater payload capacity of 400lb, weighs 79lb, and costs $1,999.

Why Choose a Long-range e-bike?

A long-range e-bike is an excellent choice for cyclists who want to cover longer distances. Some long-range e-bike batteries are smaller than those of short-range e-bikes, but they can charge fast. 

Here are key reasons why you should choose a long-range e-bike:

Can go further

Long-range e-bikes are built to move longer distances. Therefore, you can ride farther in less time and still have reserved battery life than their short-range counterparts. Furthermore, the motor provides a smooth, quiet ride with enough power to get you up to speed quickly and easily. Again, a long-range electric bike is an excellent choice for commuters looking for alternative transport

Lightweight in nature

Long-range e-bikes have a lighter weight than other electric bikes. You can easily place it behind your RV on long rides. You won't have to carry extra weight or the bike tipping over while pedaling down the road.

Efficient batteries

Compared with conventional ebike and other models, long-range e-bikes have better battery life. It helps the cost down and saves time because you don't have to worry about charging the entire time you're out on the road. 

Robust tires

Wide tires absorb more trail or road impacts; this not only extends the range of the e-bike but also enhances rider comfort. Over the most challenging terrains, the Himiway 26-inch diameter, 4-inch-wide fat tires offer traction and stability. The Kenda fat tires on Himiway e-bikes enable users to navigate rugged terrain easily. This is beneficial and in contrast to other e-bikes with narrower tires that take more energy from the battery and motor to move through sand, dirt, or snow. 

Dual suspension

A long-range ebike with a dual-suspension fork rather than a single-suspension fork provides riders with the optimum riding experience. Himiway bikes have comfortable components with good shock absorption.

Himiway and Other Competitors

While Himiway is the long-range expert of the all-terrain fat tire ebike brand, some brands in the market often compete. Here’s a comparison with other competitors:

Himiway Cruiser vs. Aventon Aventure 

How does the Aventon Aventure compare to the Himiway Cruiser? For one, the Cruiser is more affordable than the Aventure, and both have similar motors of 750-watt capacity. The Himiway cruiser has a 17.5 Ah battery versus the 15 Ah battery found in the Aventon, which makes the Cruiser cover more ground.

While the Aventure has an integrated battery as its battery is located directly inside the frame, whereas the Cruiser's battery is mounted externally. The Himiway is cheaper and has accessories like a rear rack for hauling bags and baggage and a quick-release front wheel for simple storage and transit. In addition to having a faster top speed, the Cruiser has customizable pedal assistance, a bigger battery for longer journeys, and a greater payload capacity.

Himiway Zebra vs. RadRover 6 plus

The improved motor in the Zebra is supposed to strengthen the hub motor in earlier Himiway e-bikes regarding heat resistance and endurance. The bike's 750W motor generates 86 Nm of torque and has an initial top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h).

The Himiway Zebra Step over, and Step-thru frame size is 17.5 inches, while the RadRover Plus 6 is only 17 inches. While this is not a big difference, some riders prefer a slightly larger frame for more stability and comfort. Although Zebra and RadRover 6 Plus ebikes cost $1,999, the Zebra has a broader fork that can accommodate a fat tire up to 4.8 inches wide. Hence, this further increase comfort in rugged sand or gravel terrains. 

Why Riders Choose Himiway

Himiway has been consistently upgrading its e-bikes lineup and garnering professional recognition since its inception in 2017, based on feedback from over 50,000 riders. Himiway e-bikes have a range of 43% greater than comparable e-bikes on the market, with a range of up to 60-80 miles on a single charge.

We have been developing technology to produce high-quality electric bikes at affordable prices. Himiway's goal is to make transportation more accessible, especially for those who ride electric bicycles. The Himiway bikes also come with multiple features, including LED lights and locks that allow you to stay safe and avoid dangers while riding at night without extra lights.

The Black Friday deal also allows you to get top-quality products at little cost. So, if you need a trusted brand for your long-range electric bikes, Himiway has you covered.

Great Himiway Black Friday Deals

Himiway has about seven ranges of e-bikes that are ideal for daily commutes, cargo, and mountain biking. You can choose from these bikes based on your needs and budget. Himiway offers quality products at affordable prices, with the Black Friday deal being no exception. 

The Black Friday offer includes various deals on different models available at discounted prices. As a bonus, here are two Himiway Black Friday deals you should check out.

  • Himiway is offering to take a whopping $200 off Selected Models, including Cruiser, Step-Thru, Escape, Zebra, and Big Dog purchases with [BF200]. You can also get an automatic discount and save 15% on Orders over $3000.
  • If you've been hoping to get the Himiway Cobra series, you should take advantage of the Save $250 on one cobra with [BF250] or Save $300 on one cobra pro deals with [BF300].


To sum it up, there are many reasons why you should get a long-range e-bike. It's essential to reach your destination easily and quickly, but it is also important to be safe while journeying.  A long-range e-bike is an excellent choice if you want a comfortable biking experience, to boost your fitness, or explore some sceneries without breaking a sweat. Whether you are going for a ride on a city road or mountain trail, they are safe and fast. 

Ensure you choose an ebike that gives value; a Himiway long-range e-bike with a two-year warranty and additional accessories. Now that Black Friday is approaching, it's the appropriate time to invest in an e-bike at a discount.