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Zebra Premium All terrain bike

A Blend Of Mountain & Urban Cruiser- The Himiway Premium All-terrain E-bike

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Big Dog Electric Cargo Bike

All Rounder Covers All Needs. You Big Dog Is As Reliable As Yours.

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Cobra Electric Mountain Bike

Smoothest Ride On The Mountain, designing for the pros

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Himiway Softail Electric Mountain Bike

The Ultimate Professional Softail Electric Mountain Bike

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Escape Moped-style Electric Bike

Kids prefer toys, grown-ups desire power,
Himiway Escape can give you all.

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Himiway Cruiser Electric Fat Bike

The best all terrain ebike, from forests to sandy beaches and dense snow.

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Himiway Step Thru Electric Bike

Ride with convenience, ride with versatility, and ride with elegance.

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The bike turned out to be quite a ride and performed better than I expected! It has much great performance, such as wide range, variable speed, reasonable price, and so on. Everything in life is a series of tradeoffs. And the Himiway Cruiser is no exception. But the tradeoffs seem reasonable in exchange for the performance boost and pretty-darn-good feel of the bike. So I chalk it up in the win category.


Electric Bike manufacturer and seller Himiway makes daily commute much easier and cooler with its stylish all-terrain electric bicycles. In addition to a very stylish design, it also has the characteristics of light weight, durability and high performance. You can ride it through all terrains with a very silent operation of the motor. If you are drooling over the super-cool Himiway Cruiser, there is more to look out for!


Himiway is a newcomer in the league but has made some high quality, well-crafted eBikes that have got a lot of heads turned. The Cruiser is an excellent all-terrain eBike, with good grip and traction on every terrain and weather conditions. And with a powerful hub motor coupled with an everlasting battery, the Himiway Crusier is a sure shot investment and one of the best Fat Tire eBikes.


The Himiway Cruiser is an affordable all-purpose electric bike that combines cruiser comfort with off-road capabilities and commuting utility, it is great for commuting while also providing a comfortable ride. The large-capacity Samsung battery and the Shimano seven-speed transmission are really impressive, and the outstanding safety performance and reliable two-year warranty demonstrate their customer first purpose.


The Cruiser enters the popular fat tire electric mountain bike segment with its aggressive stance and massive batteries that promise even more range per charge. The Velo soft saddle on the Cruiser is one of the most comfortable seats I’ve tested. It strikes the perfect balance between comfort, ride quality, and price. Overall, the Himiway Cruiser is an extremely impressive offering in the affordable fat tire ebike segment.

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Cruising through the city feels like a mellow walk. The touch points feel good and all the details feel good too. It’s easy to charge the battery and interact with the electric system. Everything feels well made and solid. It’s easy to cruise through the city next to cars and buses and you are sure to arrive at your destination with a smile. The Himiway All Terrain Cruiser series Electric Bike is a solid buy as long as it fits your needs.


The Himiway Cruiser electric bike feels like a good choice for those riders who need a versatile electric bike that can do it all, but don’t want to pay out the nose for it. The Cruiser is a good value buy, and will serve well as a long distance commuter, cargo bike (especially because of the attachment points on the front of the frame that can accommodate a basket), or even as a light trail bike thanks to the fat tires and suspension. In essence, the Cruiser is the jack of all trades!


If you haven’t ridden a bike in years or you’re not riding much in general, Himiway Cruiser is an excellent choice. It is an all-terrain electric fat bicycle with pedal-assist and throttle. It’s built for paved and dirt roads, commutes and leisure rides, as well as beginners and experienced riders. This entry-level bicycle keeps things simple and cheap but delivers great performance in all the necessary areas.

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