With a 400-pound payload capacity and an all-terrain design, the premium Zebra is up for whatever, and it's reasonably priced, too.


The Himiway Escape Pro is a fat tire ebike that stands out with its moped-like design and features, such as the fixed seat and dual coil rear suspension.


We loved the Himiway Escape because of the tremendous fun factor it brings to riding, and its full suspension allows you to tackle most urban terrain and even some mild off-roading in great comfort.


If payload capacity for a low price is what you’re after, Himiway Zebra is one of the best options on the market.


The Himiway Cruiser is an ebike designed to handle a little bit of everything, despite the cruiser name it is actually capable of much more with fat tires and a suspension fork.


As a full-suspension fat tire electric bike, the Himiway Cobra Pro is designed to handle some of the roughest and toughest terrain out there.


The Himiway Rambler is a purely pedal-assisted proposition — and that’s OK because as pedelecs go, it’s actually a pretty good one!


With branches and customers in North America and Europe, Himiway is a global brand. In the next phase, they aim to serve over 1 million cyclists in 30+ countries worldwide.


Himiway is committed to providing excellent customer service, including a two-year warranty on electric bikes and after-sales maintenance services at any 300+ dealerships across the United States.


Well, all of Himiway's ideals are wrapped up in the rather tank-like Zebra. I say "tank-like" because while I was riding this thing around town, I couldn't help but feel like I was on a moped or even a smaller motorcycle.


An added advantage of Himiway Cruiser is its significant payload capacity of 350 lbs. This sturdy machine, framed by 6061 aluminum, is not just reliable but exceptionally safe.


Throughout two different journeys across Houston's major bike trail, the Himiway Zebra conquered the 70-mile trip without a hitch, with even a shred of battery left to spare by the time I got home. Hardly any of the time was spent even pedaling, too, and it made trekking across the city one of the smoothest travels I've ever had. Houston is a busy place, with a lot of traffic; being able to bypass that on a calm bike trail was nothing short of amazing.


With any of the eBikes in Himiway’s 2023 model range, you get the best components, design, and engineering one can get, at an amazingly affordable price.


Himiway Cobra Pro is one of the most powerful eMTB's currently on the market for under $4,000.


The range of the Himiway Zebra e-bike is impressive. It easily clicks along at 25 MPH under its own power. The fat tires give plenty of cushion and grip.


The Cobra pro features a full suspension system, a beastly 1000W mid-drive motor with a torque sensor, and some seriously huge and chunky 26” x 4.8” CST tires. These combine to give the bike true off-road capability, and a large degree of comfort in more rugged environments.


If you’ve got a truck and want an eMTB with the range to ride for most of the day and the ability to take you just about anywhere, the 2023 Himiway Cobra Pro may be that bike.


The Himiway Cruiser is an all-terrain electric bike with an entry-level price. This fat tire e-bike stands out from the competition for its exciting power and longer-than-average range.


With its removable 48V Samsung battery and 250W motor, the Himiway Cruiser gives you the freedom to go anywhere within a 60-mile radius. Its 26-inch Kenda fat tyres offer excellent grip and traction over a variety of terrain, as well as a more comfortable riding experience.


Himiway drops a massive 750 W motor on the rear hub. What does this mean for you? That 25 mph (40 kph) top speed is sure to help bring a smile to your face.


Himiway Zebra has proven popular as an adventure-style fat tire e-bike that can handle street and trail riding. California and Florida are both known for having plenty of both, and so it seems like a fitting model to customize for the two states.