Himiway Bike, Ebike of Choice for 2022 Winter Olympics Champion Couple!

Himiway Bike, Ebike of Choice for 2022 Winter Olympics Champion Couple!

Electric bikes have become a vital part of daily commuting, as they are versatile and safe. The innovation has inspired more people to discover the joy of cycling and provide a green alternative to transportation. You can increase your fitness while putting less stress on your body by using the electric motor to propel you forward.

Himiway range of electric bikes helps riders go further and faster to their destinations, especially for sporting activities. Amidst these, the Himiway Zebra Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike has a top speed of 80 miles per single charge, which makes it the best long-range choice of the fat tire ebike.

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The Perfect E-bike for Champions

Ashley Caldwell, along with her boyfriend and teammate, Justin Schoenefeld, are both Olympic Gold medalists as freestyle aerial skiers. When they returned from the Olympics in Beijing, they got new Himiway bikes. They were so excited when they got their bikes and couldn't wait to unbox them. Ashley and Justin immediately took their electric bikes for a spin as they arrived already charged, allowing the couple to ride it for miles.

“I've got the white model, Zebra Step-thru, it's perfect, and I love it.”

Ashley got the white model, Zebra step-thru, which is perfect for her. Her choice is also because it offers easy access to get on and off easily. With their Himiway bikes, they have been enjoying their rides to and from training and moving from the grocery store to other places while engaging in fun activities.

They go on fun rides with their ebikes in the afternoons till the sunset goes down. Ashley and Justin feel blessed as their ebikes can travel long distances without running out of power.

Why the Zebra Electric Fat Bike is a great choice

Cycling is a well-liked low-impact workout that has several health advantages. It’s a part of Ashley and Justin's daily routine. The Himiway Zebra is named after the Zebra animal due to its similar capacity and stamina to go long distances without exhaustion. Below are reasons to choose the Zebra ebike:

  • Zebra offers versatility 

Fat electric bikes have increased over time as they are beneficial for commuting, recreation, fitness, and other journeys. Ashley and Justin use their ebikes for training, grocery shopping, and other fun activities. The Zebra has several features to keep you relaxed and safe while journeying. It comes with a Selle royal Saddle which has an ergonomic design for pressure relief, and it gives its riders extra cushion, especially on bumpy trails.

  • Easily accessible option

A more accessible ebike option allows riders with restricted mobility or less flexibility to ride comfortably. Hence, this is where the step-thru electric bike design excels, making it the ideal ebike for Ashley. You won't need to be concerned about falling over as you enter and get off your ebike because the stand-over height is 23.6 inches. The step-thru option for e-bikes is advantageous as you can easily mount and dismount from it. The size also makes the Zebra Step-thru more suitable for women.

  • Cover more grounds with Zebra

Electric bikes have swiftly gained a reputation as enjoyable modes of transportation. Thanks to e-bikes, going to work, running errands, or just riding around the neighborhood has never been simpler. Riding outdoors can take longer to explore than you anticipated, especially if you are going for exploration rides from the fine sands of the ocean to the trails of mountains and every valley in between. Exploring is now simpler than ever with ebikes. With its pedal assist, the Zebra electric bikes can run for long miles without running out at 80 miles. Also, it has a remarkable 48V 20AH Samsung/LG battery and 5000mAh single-cell capacity. Although the battery is small-sized, it has a more extended range and a shorter charging time. In addition, you can adjust the speedometer to maximum, average, or current speed. Himiway riders such as Ashley and Justin don't have to worry about their batteries running out as it has long-lasting batteries.

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Choosing an Ebike for Cyclists

The Zebra is a high-quality fat tire electric bike at a competitive price of $1,999.00, and it's the modified model of the Cruiser. Besides, for an electric bicycle to be best suited for cyclists, the following features must be present:

  • Fat tires 

A good cycling bike should be able to conquer different terrains; therefore, the tires have to be robust. The fact that fat tire bikes are comfy is their biggest perk. Extra-elastic rubber with low pressure and excellent shock and vibration absorption makes up the fat tires. Larger tires will make you feel more powerful and stable, even if you're a beginner, which will boost your confidence.

The Zebra comes with Kenda fat tires, which you can ride on muddy, dirt, sandy, gravel, and snowy terrains. These tires reduce traction to prevent sliding on slippery surfaces and give you a firm grip.

  • Superior Battery

You need long-lasting batteries if you want your journey to be without hitches. Moreover, you want it to advance you further and more quickly, while boosting your confidence in tricky scenarios. The Himiway Zebra has an improved inner ring and a 750W solid gear hub motor. A cycling electric bike should operate at its best within the constraints imposed by the necessity to be an all-rounder thanks to its replaceable 960Wh Samsung/LG battery capacity and 52 5000mAh cells. After 1000 charges, the battery will still have 80% charged capacity. It gives you extra power for ascending and descending hills, making riding an e-bike much better.

  • Full Fenders

While you cycle, you don't want to be stained with dirt, grease, or splashes from your wheels. A fender on your ebike keeps you dry and clean, especially during the rain. These full fenders reduce your maintenance and cleaning costs, which can help increase the lifespan of your bike. Also, fenders keep you safe and protect other riders behind you. The Zebra has a full fender on both its front and rear.

  • Efficient Brakes

As you cycle around, you need an excellent braking system since it determines your stopping time. Above all things, the brakes on your e-bike must be of the highest caliber. The Tektro 180MM Hydraulic Brakes on the Zebra bike are strong, light, and user-friendly. Furthermore, the Zebra braking system can last up to five years with proper care.

  • Durable frames

The frame of your cycling electric bike should be strong enough to handle rough paths. The Zebra ebike has a premium 6061 aluminum frame, giving the ebike unmatched durability. The aluminum frame benefits people with taller, more robust structures because it can support more weight and pressure. The integrated design protects your ebike parts from bad weather and eliminates up to 98% of typical mechanical issues. You would enjoy your Zebra's ride over challenging terrain owing to its alloy front suspension fork and upgraded frame.

  • Proper Lights

You may have to ride at night, especially when your ebike is your primary mode of transportation. For proper illumination, the Zebra has an R&D luminosity spotlight that is 20% brighter than the regular LED light. This improved visibility would guarantee your safety during night rides. Also, it has an automatic brake light that would be powered when you use your ebikes brake. This brake light can help avert rear-end crashes as you ride in the dark.


Himiway is a long-range expert of all-terrain fat tire ebike brands and has become a reliable riding companion when it comes to commuting. Since its production, the brand has received over 50,000 customers' feedback attesting to the excellent performance of their bikes. Part of these riders includes Ashley and Justin, who are happy about the range of their bikes. With Himiway bikes, you can go on various fun adventures.