Himiway Dealer&retailer distributor

Why partner with Himiway?

Competitive Margin

Competitive pricing and discounts on the market.
E-bike rebate vouchers are available.

Comprehensive Training

Professional experts deliver training covering marketing, sales, after-sales, etc.

Help you launch the business as early as possible.

Generous Promotional Material

FREE material packages provided, such as tents, Billboards, Roll-up Banners, flyers, etc. Help your business prosper.

All-channel Promotion

Local Ads For Dealers, Dealer Pop-up Events, and Local Large-Scale Events Support.

O2O Customer Acquisition

Online to offline lead generation, including Dealers' Map, social media support, Product Launch Event, etc.

Worry-free After-sales Service

Spare parts will be delivered nationwide, free, and quickly if warranty needs.


Dealer's interests are always one of our priorities, our dedicated team is always standing by to serve. We care about your business, simply fill in the blanks below, and let's start the journey to success.

Find Himiway Store


Retailers with brick and mortar location like mom and pop shops and retail shops are regarded as our perfect dealer candidate and franchisee.

Please fill out the Application Form if you are interested in becoming our ebike dealer, franchise owner or wholesale distributor.

As Himiway is looking to build a distribution network to gain a larger reach and to better serve our global customers.

Himiway launches the busines partner program: ebike dealership opportunity, franchise opportunity, and wholesale business are available now.

Demand in the ebike industry has never been higher. There's never been a better time to become a Himiway ebike dealer, retailer, franchise owner or distributor.


Multiple discounts, various online advertisement, offline marketing campaigns, impressive rebate, generous subsidy, original demo, store design, after-service, ect.

We also provide selected authorized dealers with eBike customization services.

Partnering with Himiway team is definitely profitable and promising! Come and join in our dealer program now!


The thing that made Himiway one of the most sought-after e-bike brands is their commitment to producing a high-quality product and supporting it with just as fantastic customer support. All dealers were unanimous in the opinion that Himiway is currently the most customer-friendly e-bike brand on the market.

Worth noting that Himiway opened more than 300 dealers in the US and 340+ worldwide by the end of 2022. All Himiway customers enjoy after-sales service, test ride service, as well as personalized maintenance and repair services at any of Himiway’s 300+ dealers and service network in the United States.

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