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we had the Himiway bikes with the 4” tires and they were awesome. saw these came out and these were just what we needed. we use these bikes for camping and they are way lighter it seems, and a bit easier to store. if you just like cruising around and have good power these are great bikes. we dont ride really fast, but they sure do seem like they go fast. upgrading the seat is a must. but overall these are super nice bikes glad they came out with a light version.

Just love my Escape Pro!

I already have the original Himiway bike but this bike is so much easier to load into my SUV. I had to add pinstripes and my dog to make it my own. I actually get 45 miles to a charge but that is using pedal assist 1 and 2 with only a few hills on the trip. I enjoy getting some exercise when I ride so I rarely use the throttle. I did add the suspension seat post and a different seat. Great ride!

Love it!

I purchased my Escape to ride on my trails and it works perfect for riding them. The bike handles and rides great and I am very happy with my purchase. The comfy seat is very comfortable and works great on the trails…

I love the black bike with a basket at the front and in the back it looks wonderful I give it five stars she is very very beautiful I saw the video and I fell in love with it it looks like a rice so smooth I imagine myself driving it when I saw the video Perfect if I get me one I'll sell my car for sure maybe maybe not so I learned I took aspirin it's like I was driving in myself perfect I love it thank you

Unbelievable amazing economical FUN!

I am 67 and in fairly good shape but thought my bicycling days were over. Until I started reading about the Escape bikes! They are smooth, comfortable, simple to use and very well built and fast!. I added the comfort package seat and seat post when I ordered the bike (good call) and later the rear baskets. Since I use Maine backroads which are notoriously hilly and I weigh in at 225, I only get maybe 15 miles on a full charge so I bought a second battery that I store (Good call! ). I love the simple operation of the bike especially the instrument panel which tells you everything you need to know. The bike can go into "Cruise Control" easier Than my car and one press of the same switch turns on both the built in head and tail lamps. We may be ordering a second one very shortly - and can't wait to be riding together with my lady. If you are thinking about getting an e-Bike, you have found it

Bike came broken

We bought two bikes. The first one is in perfect running condition. Though the seat is a little low for pedaling. We really like it. The second came with a bent front fork. The communication with customer support has been slow, since they are based in China. We would send an email in morning then they respond at 1am next day. Constantly asking for one more item that they could have asked in the initial correspondence. Over a week of back and forth. We are hoping that the bent fork will be our only concern with the malfunctioning bike.

Exceptional customer service

The staff at Himiway are friendly and really aim to satisfy their clients. I just ordered my bike and it should be coming in a couple days, but so far, I am impressed with their customer service. 5 stars!

Electric Cargo Bike
Gabriel Lauren
I'm in love

Fellow e bikers: I am loving my Big Dog ebike! The shipping time was a mere 4 days, the packaging was perfect at delivery and set up was seriously a breeze. The fat tires are the way to go, it cuts through all terrain with such ease and the shocks are just a bonus! When I found out it folded up, I was definitely SOLD!! Ride on 🤘 p.s. I did quite a bit of research before making my decision.

Electric Cargo Bike
Harvey Venice
I'm in love

The Big Dog is exactly what I need to keep my 70 year old arthritic knees moving. I'm delighted with the bike. All I need to make it perfect is the shorter seat post and seat, they have offered to send me. I will update when I get it.

Electric Cargo Bike
Tammy Miller
magic carpet ride.

Having rode motorcycles all my life and getting older and wanting to slow down some, I saw bought and rode a Big Dog from Himiway and it's out of this world. Tornado proof packaging when it came was a protective mess and neatly done. A handable box completely assembled foldable bike ! Just slide seat adjust handlebars, tighten pedals and nuts and screws, charge battery add air in fat tires and I have succeeded. I have slowed down and I am on cloud nine! Thanks Himiway. I'm riding my bikes in Orlando Fl. in a couple weeks as I can't wait to get back in the saddle again. Thanks Again!

Electric Cargo Bike
Shannon Lesar
Beyond my expectations

I ordered my bike thru online. This bike from Himiway has improved my quality of life drastically. I am dead serious. This bike has met all my expectations and then some. One of the best purchases I've made. Every one comments on my bike and to be honest I sense some jealousy lol. GET ONE. You will love it. I put mirrors and a basket on mine and replaced the pedals I also put a cell phone mount on the handle bars. Wow. Am I happy. I tell people. Dont hate me because I'm happy. JOIN ME.

Electric Cargo Bike
Harvey Wilson
I really love my bike

I ride my Big Dog every day I can! I ride it to work when the weather allows and I take long rides on my days off. In my hometown there is a long stretch of the bike path that goes by the river and my ride to work makes my day. I love my bike it has been perfect no issues, only modification I have had to do is get bigger petals for my size 13 feet, but if you have normal size feet the stock petals seemed nice.


The Himiway bike is easy and fun to ride. Many steep hills here on Vermont’s dirt roads and I climb them very little effort compared to my traditional mountain bike.

Love it

Thanks Himiway I love the bike! I had a couple of problems with the seat but ur customer service sent me a new seat post and seat and throttle. You have very good customer service. People see the bike say that they want one I tell them just get it they'll be happy thanks again

My Cobra just arrived and I was able to assemble in about an hour...actually most of the time was spent unpacking the bike since it is almost all assembled. Took it out for a test drive after charging the battery for 2 hours. It is very 'sturdy' and moves effortlessly. My plan is to use it to paint 'plein aire' oils and can't wait to get started.

Nice bike!

My Cobra just arrived and I was able to assemble in about an hour...actually most of the time was spent unpacking the bike since it is almost all assembled. Took it out for a test drive after charging the battery for 2 hours. It is very 'sturdy' and moves effortlessly. My plan is to use it to paint 'plein aire' oils and can't wait to get started.

Best Bike Ever!!

I love my bike, getting around my small mountain town without a vehicle is so much fun. I ride it to work, to the store, the post office and can even go to the next town to run errands if i need to. This opened up so many doors to new places and new friends as we find more and more ebike owners around town. Mines definitely cooler than the other brands- though i havnt seen another Himiway. Just buy it- you'll love it!

Great Ebike!

Got my Cruiser from Himiway 2 weeks ago and have put 150 miles on it. I love it and plan to enjoy it for a long time! I'm considering buying the Zebra for more power and longer range so my wife can ride with me. Thank you Himiway!

Great buy

I bought this cruiser for my husband. He put it together and loves it. They gave a lot of gifts and I am very happy with it. Because of this bike, my husband and I are closer too, thank you HIMIWAY.

Best choice

There were three important reasons why I decided to buy this bike. It has the best style, it has one of the longest range and ample load capacity. I'm looking forward to go out there exploring with this bike.

OH MY GOODNESS!!Duuuudddeeee!!! I can’t express how much fun this is! This bike is absolutely incredible!! My brother was able to put together for me pretty quickly. Customer service has been very helpful, with fast response time! It is perfect for my 2 mile trip back and forth to work, and Soooooo much fun to ride! I took it for a spin on my lunch break, just because it is so fun!! This sucker is FAST!! I have only gotten it to about 14 mph so far, but that is plenty fast for me right now as it has been over 15 years since I’ve rode a bike. It is a very sturdy bike, yet not to heavy. I live in an upstairs apartment with no elevator and was able to carry it up and down the stairs pretty easily. The display, gear change and throttle are all very easy to use. Breaks work great. The headlamp is super bright, and I feel much safer knowing I have both a front and back light. I would recommend this a hundred times over to beginners and avid bike riders!

Fantastic purchase!

Omgoodness this bike is AMAZING! After not riding a bike for over 15 years, I was a little nervous about getting back to it. Not only is it easy to ride, but it is soooo much fun!! Great bike, fantastic price, and the customer service has been a wonderful help, with fast response time! I love the lights, it was perfect for my ride home from work. Having to use the road for part of my trip to work where the speed limit is 55, I feel very safe knowing people can see me. Fantastic purchase!

Amazing bikes!

I'm 73 and have had 4 hips replacement surgery didn't think I would ride a bike again. I ordered a Cruiser bike and got it a week ago only took about 1 hour to puts together. It is the first Ebike I've ever been on it is so much fun to ride. It is real easy to get on with it being a step through.power is smooth I have put 45 miles on it the first week 5 miles a day sext going to 10 miles a day love it thanks for making a great bike

Great customer service!

Ordering and working with Himiway has been excellent! I helped my grandma buy this bike and Himiway has been excellent with answering questions we’ve both had and has responded in a timely manner! 10/10, would highly recommend!

Sharp looking bike

Very pleased with bike and customer service is excellent. I reached out to them with two questions and they promptly responded. Took a couple hours to put bike together and my husband has only taken it for short rides as we have been experiencing a heat wave but he assures me he loves it and looks forward to taking on longer rides when weather is better. Keep in mind it’s a large bike so be sure you have a space out of the weather you can store it in n. It’s a great bike for tall people. Thrilled to have it and at a very reasonable price.