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The first replacement motor I received I received with the wire cut in half. I was not happy. Himiway did make good on the 2nd replacement.

Love my basket!!!!

Love my basket on my new D5 Zebra Step Thru! Now I can haul everything with me with ease!

Fast and Secure

Delivery was exceptionally fast and delivered with care

Himiway Cruiser

I'm looking forward to!

My first ride

Very comfortable, easy to ride handles very well. Throttle assist is very smooth and fast when it engages. Highly recommend this bike.

Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike Zebra/D5

Himiway Inner Tube
Jim Searles

Arrived as expected and in perfect condition.

Ordered new seat

Product worked great time to receive it was very long compared to most online orders.

Too big for the front

Adjustable Bike Stem
Steve Wineki
Great buy

Makes the bike much more comfortable to ride as you can easily adjust the handlebars to your preferred ride position.

Himiway Cruiser Kickstand
Anthony Guizzetti

I’ve replaced many pieces due to rough riding. Service been great. But this last kickstand, not happy. The item was one inch shorter so the bike always looked like it was going to fall over. They offered me a $20 coupon on my next order. It isn’t like I am going to order parts continually.

Himiway Cruiser motor warranty repair

My motor died with a week left on my 2 year warranty. I got a new motor from Himiway for just the cost of shipping and my bike is running great. Leo and the support team were very responsive and things worked out great. THANKS!!

Himiway Cruiser

My kids bought some used locally. Picked up at 500 miles and 3 years old. They cruise everywhere on these and they dont even seem aged! Had to get me one too to join the fun! Looking forward to the miles ahead.

White Bike Helmet
Ricky Wheeler


Awesome way to ride bikes

The wife and I got two new E-bikes.We would go just do a hour but it turn into three and we are in our mid 60’s We had so much fun we couldn’t stop . Well worth the money

Shipping and Condition

Fast shipping bike is awesome get lots of responses. People ask where to buy it. Only problem is brake levers snap ring came out. But all take that up with warranty.

Wireless Bike Alarm
Doug Mutsch
Quality Products

Delivery was faster than anticipated.

Amazing Bike!!

We bought this for my 6 year old son as a birsday present. We've had it for 5 months now and he absolutely loves this bike. The Bluish Gray is such a nice color. It's heavy-duty but still lightweight. It had 3 speeds which was a plus because my son had never rode a bike until we got him this. He was scooting around in it after 5 minutes. It's just fast enough too. It goes very far in-between charges and doesn't take too long to fully charge. Overall it's a great e-bike. We are very happy with this purchase. Installation was easy and had very understandable directions. It shipped quickly and came boxed up nice and secure. No damage at all. I highly recommend this bike. He will be able to ride it for a couple of years before we have to upgrade to something bigger.


The order process, value for the money, packaging, support, and the product itself, all perfection.

For a huge box, it was great

These things come via FedEx. MUCH better option than those losers, UPS. The driver showed up when scheduled, during our last 15" snowstorm of the season, tried to get up my drive and when he couldn't he called me and I met him at the bottom of my drive and put it in the back of my Outback. Bike is packed very well and was in perfect condition.

Himiway D7/D7 Pro Rear Rack

Great experience!

We bought 2 zebra d5 up graded bikes and absolutely love them! Shipping was fast and we were very pleased with the build quality of the bikes. Would highly recommend himiway if you are looking for a high quality e-bike!

Got the bike ok

Received the box and it was in bad shape but the bike was ok thankfully himiway does a great job protecting the bike