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The Himiway power assist is fantastic. With eight gear ranges on the rear wheel and five power assist levels I can cruise down the road quickly and effortlessly, then pull right off the pavement onto rough gravel and sones without missing a beat.
Crossing highways is fast and easy, just nudge the thumb-controlled throttle for an extra burst of speed and scamper across.

Let's Go!

The Himiway fat tires and front suspension provide stability in soft materials like I have never experienced on a bicycle before, even on a motorcycle. I think its because of the light weight of the Himiway and the size of the tires that it just floats over surfaces when my old cruise would just become unsteerable.
The Himiway gear shifter is smooth and dead on when selecting gears and the hydraulic disk brakes stop me on a dime and ginve me 7 cents change. They are superb.
Look no farther. Himiway makes a great bike at a great price. Buy one now.

New life

My Cruiser ST has me out riding a bike after 20 years. Enjoyed exploring many trails. The eBike levels all hills with ease. I am now like a young boy waiting for the snow to melt so I can get out and ride 🚴‍♂️😎

Does It All

I bought two Himiway e-bikes. An Cruiser for me and a Zebra for my wife. The Cruiser is a well built fully equipped and comfortable ride that won’t disappoint. The Zebra is likewise with a few exceptions. 1) No lights is a significant disappointment. 2) No water bottle holder. And as irritating as that is for my wife there are no threaded mounting points at all! This is a commuter bike! And a very good one. These should be standard equipment at this price point.

Quick and Easy

Shipping was super simple. First bike was left on the front porch. Not my first choice, but UOS didn't know and I wasn't at home.
The second bike shipped, I was at home and the UPS driver brought the bike to the backdoor as requested.
Packages were in great condition. I always appreciate UPS drivers customer service.

Very happy!

Bikes arrived at lighting speed actually faster than we expected. Boxes were a little beat up but bikes appear o.k.. Used customer service for a little help on the double bike order and found nothing but happy and helpful results.

More than a bike

Very happy with bike. Was shipped well. Very happy with the way the bike handles and the response. Seems like a well constructed product. Can’t wait to take with my camper.

Love, love, love it

I never thought I'd get my husband on this bike, but he's riding it and loving it. We are having so much fun with them.

Himiway is a really well made e-bike

As soon as I began to unbox my two new Himiway e-bikes it was clear that the folks at Himiway take a lot of pride in their product. Everything was packed and secured so that the bikes arrived in pristine condition.
Assembly was easy and the bikes are great to ride. My wife has the red step through model, and I got the black traditional frame. Almost wish I had gone for the step through because it's so easy to mount and dismount.

New experience

The Cruiser had all of the features I needed. It arrived quickly and was easy to assemble. Cruiser listened to their customers to get every detail right, from the powerful motor to the location of the kickstand. Everything works together to make a solid bike. It shifts smoothly between gears, pedal assist, and throttle. The display is large and easy to read. The motor is quiet and powerful enough to keep me riding confidently, even while recovering from back surgery. I recommend Himiway products to everyone who asks me about e-bikes.

Electric Cargo Bike
Jacob Rappa
Cool bike!

This was our second purchase of the Himiway. We find it’s perfect for riding around Tucson, trail riding, and most importantly- we love taking them on RV trips around the Southwest U.S.

Electric Cargo Bike
Karen Jresano
Best Bike Ever!

Been considering these things for a couple years now. After doing my due diligence and YouTube videos, purchased the Himiway. I just went over 100 miles, no issues. Brakes performed nicely on steep downgrades. Overall very pleased with product, company and field support.

Electric Cargo Bike
Shannon Lesar
We love our bikes

We ordered two Himiways and received them very quickly. Assembly was fairly easy. We rode for 16 miles today and it was really enjoyable. We live in a very hilly area and they did great with the steep incline. I think we are really going to enjoy them.


Love my new Himiway e-bike. I have knee issues and would not be able to ride bicycles if not for the e-bike. We did a lot of research on what brand to buy before we purchased the Cobra and are not disappointed with our choice. The ease of riding the bike is wonderful and the ride is comfortable.

Amazing power, short life

Best purchase ever! My Himiway folding bike is easy to fold and take in our RV. It’s beefy tires make it stable and easy to ride on rough terrain or on the beach. Battery life is excellent, ride is smooth and the power/pedal assist options are fantastic.

Sharp looking bikes

It’s a good bike around town and on easy roads. Upright position feels good.I wish the tires and tubes would hold up better on Moab roads. The fold up concept is what intrigues me the most.

Easy to install!

Great basket for the zebra! Much easier to install than the cruiser.


Love the zebra well built bike .the zebra arrived in 4 days very fast delivery

Transportation Costs
Scott Braden
Solid customer service!

I stupidly rode my new Cruiser through some water that was deep enough to get the bottom bracket wet. I'm an experienced rider and I know that means the BB will soon be needing replacement. Sure enough, couple days later it's wiggling slightly. Still ride-able but needing replacement. It's a non-standard size due to the wide tires, no regular bike shop stocks them and I wasn't sure the exact sizing. So I emailed Himiway customer support, got the answer a day later, along with ordering instructions. $28 bucks, a fair price, including shipping. Waited a few weeks for shipping but it arrived and we are back at 100%. Good job Himiway!

After looking at many reviews, I decided to go with the Himiway Cobra. In fact, I bought 2 of them. Great deal included an extra battery fir each ($400 savings on each bike). Bikes arrived in about a week. They were extremely easy to setup and jump right on (after charging, of course). They are sooo much fun to ride. I like the bikes, I like the deal and I like the communication during the process. Go with these guys and this model.


Love our new e-bikes. Finally assembled them (we bought two) and took them for a 14 mile shake down ride. Put them thru the paces on paved roads and some rough dirt trails. They did very well. Hardly used any battery, finished at 88%.

this is the best eBike, for the money, on the market. I have over 200 miles on mine and each time I ride it, the more I like it. Initially, the charger didn't work. Phone call to Himiway and they sent a new one in 3 days. Great eBike for the money. You can't go wrong with this eBike.

Good value for money!

I ride under my own power for flatlands and slopes, and only kick on the PAS for hills or to occasionally max out the engine's top speed for a bit of a thrill. Having a lot of fun with the bike and would recommend it.

Two New Cruiser Step Thru's

Very happy with both bikes one is a step over and the other is a step through. The torque sensor makes for a smooth ride and is light enough to get a good work out without any pedal assist. The harder you pedal the more the motor kicks in to help. The bike allows you to determine how much of a workout you want.

Nice Electric Bike Ride

This is our second electric bike. Had to get a new one because of the availability of new battery. This bike is quality and well build. Love the display screen and peddle assist. Handle bars are not quite as comfortable as old bike, but I am getting use to Himiway ones now.