Best Electric Bike for beginners

Best Pedal Electric Bike for Beginners

Bikes have been around forever and have maintained their position as one of the most popular transportation options of all time thanks to their affordability, flexibility, and easy learning curve. More recently, electric bikes have added an entirely new way to experience two wheels! Whether you are new to biking in general or just new to e-biking, there has never been a better time to hop in and experience the thrill of electricity-assisted cruising. 


However, making the change from traditional bike to electric bike can seem daunting. Even if you’ve ridden a bike many times before, the world of e-bikes looks complicated and expensive. What makes for the best e-bike for beginners? How should a beginner go about choosing an electric bike? What are the different characteristics a beginner should look at when comparing two e-bikes? We will answer these questions and more in today’s article all about the best pedal electric bike for beginners. 


The Best E-bike for Beginners is Easy to Assemble

Before you ride an e-bike for the first time, you may need to assemble it. Many e-bikes are sold online in a convenient package and arrive at your doorstep without you ever needing to go searching from store to store. Shopping online allows you to avoid pushy salesmen, save time, and order exactly what you want. By purchasing an easy-to-assemble bike on the internet, you will likely get the best price possible since these brands don’t need to own expensive storefronts around the world and can pass the savings onto their customers. 


The best e-bikes for beginners will have a good reputation for easy assembly. For example, Himiway customers have reported an easy experience assembling their e-bikes. Himiway has unboxing and assembly videos on YouTube, simple-to-read instructions inside the box, and customer support in the event you need assistance. Whichever brand you choose, ensure the brand has a good reputation for easy assembly. The last thing you want to do when your new e-bike arrives is spending days and days putting it together.


The Best E-bike for Beginners has Pedal-Assist

Once the e-bike is assembled, you can take it for a ride. New riders may prefer pedal-assist technology which is common in many e-bikes. Pedal-assist from Himiway operates with 5 different levels. It only works while the rider is pedaling so beginners may find this to be a natural extension of how they operate traditional bikes.


The lower the level, the less assistance the bike gives the rider while pedaling. The higher the level of pedal-assist, the more assistance the battery and motor will provide. These levels can be customized on Himiway bikes which may be nice for new riders. You can also leave them at their standard settings if you don’t want to mess with them at all. 


The Best E-bike for Beginners has Fat Tires

Fat tires are simply wider than traditional mountain bike tires. Fat tires can range from 3 to 5 inches depending on the model. They are much wider than skinny road bike tires. For beginners, this is a great feature to look for. Wide tires provide more stability, more traction, and more comfort than traditional skinny tires. 


The downside to fat tires is that they don’t allow for extremely high manual speeds, but many beginners will be just fine with this. Some of the power you lose from fat tires can be made up for with a good battery and fast motor. Fat tires will also offer good skid resistance and anti-vibration for rough roads. 


The Best E-bike for Beginners is a Step-Thru

One feature beginner riders may not be aware to look for in an e-bike is a step-thru option. If you have limited range or mobility, a step-thru e-bike will be great for you. Step-thrus are quick and easy to get on and off. Not all brands offer a step-thru model, but they may be well worth the money for new riders or riders with less flexibility. 


The kickstand on the Himiway step-thru is made from heavy-duty aluminum and helps keep the bike upright while you are not on it. This means you won’t have to bend over to pick it up before or lay it down after your ride. 


The Best E-bike for Beginners has Lots of Add-on Options

If you’re looking for a new e-bike, any good guide should mention looking for an e-bike that can be customized with addons and options. For example, if you buy an e-bike to ride around the neighborhood, but then as you get more comfortable on it you decide to start running errands, you want to have the ability to add a rack or side mirrors to your ride. These additions open up entirely new adventures that you can have. 


Another beginner tip is to purchase a small bike bag no matter what. You can store first aid supplies if you accidentally fall off the bike or get injured. You can also stow and carry a portable air pump, bike lock, or multifunctional bike tool. Each of these items may come in handy for any new or experienced rider. This equipment will increase your confidence while learning to ride. 


Finally, e-bikes are great for beginners because they don’t require any special licenses or instructions to learn to ride. They are safe, intuitive, and easy to balance thanks to the extra speed.


If you’re new to e-bikes, you now have a great set of features to be on the lookout for. Easy assembly, pedal-assist technology, fat tires, a step-thru option, and plenty of accessory capabilities are all excellent for beginners just starting their e-bike journey.


No matter the brand you choose, you are sure to find the e-bike community to be supportive and enthusiastic about your new purchase. Many locations and cities have riding clubs or online forums for organizing e-bike meetups so be sure to search your area for these. Happy riding!