Full Suspension Electric Bike Cobra Pro/D7 Pro
Full Suspension Electric Bike Cobra Pro/D7 Pro
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Full Suspension Electric Bike Cobra Pro/D7 Pro

4.94 (52 Reviews)
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Full Suspension Electric Bike Cobra Pro/D7 Pro
D7 Pro(Cobra...
Mid-drive Motor
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Black & White Gradient

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Reviews 52
  • 1000 W

    Mid-drive Motor

  • 28 Mph

    Top Speed 1 Reach speeds of up to 20 mph, No pedaling required.

  • 960 Wh

    Samsung/LG Battery

  • 80 Miles

    Per Charge (maximum) 2 The range can be affected by several factors like rider weight, incline, and pedal-assist levels, etc.

  • 26x4.8

    Super Fat Tire

  • 10-Speed

    Shimano Derailleur

  • Hydraulic


  • 400 lb.

    Payload Capacity

  • 1 - Reach speeds of up to 20 mph, No pedaling required.
  • 2 - The range can be affected by several factors like rider weight, incline, and pedal-assist levels, etc.





  • 1 - Cobra pro: 81.8
  • 2 - Cobra pro: 44.5
  • 3 - Cobra pro: 28
  • 4 - Cobra pro: 52
  • 5 - Cobra pro: 30.3
  • 6 - Cobra pro: 25
  • 7 - Cobra pro: 25
  • 8 - Cobra pro: 5.9
  • 9 - Cobra Pro: Neco H383AEM 28.6×44*56×39.8mm
  • 10 - Cobra Pro:DASH-AIR-20 inverted fork 120mm lockout & rebound adjustable
  • 11 - Cobra Pro: DNM A0-38RC Rear Shock 190*45mm
  • 12 - Zebra: Half twist throttle
  • 13 - Cobra Pro: Crank arm: M620 (Fat) 170mm | Chain ring: 44T BCD130
  • 14 - Cobra Pro: Shimano CS-HG500-10 11-34T
  • 15 - Cobra Pro: E10S-EPT 124L
  • 16 - Cobra Pro: Shiminao deore M6000 10 speed
  • 17 - Cobra Pro: MTB-AL330BTF0V 700*22.2*31.8
  • 18 - Cobra Pro: Promax SP-C212(ISO-M) 30.9*350mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
This bike is almost too much fun… A great all purpose machine.

I’ve had my bike now for about a month, and I must say… It’s incredible. It handles very well for a bike of this mass… The mid range motor, in combination with the gears, makes it a real climber in the hills. The suspension soaks up most of the ruts in the road. I’ve had many bicycles as well as motorcycles, and I must day the fun factor of this bicycle ranks as close to the best of the bunch. And the torque sensing makes it a dream to ride. HIMIWAY…you got a home run on this bike. Keep up the good work !!

Jonathan Lotz
Jonathan Lotz

Everything was perfect.. there were no issues..

Rolf Mair
Almost there, but otherwise awesome!

I'm on the Lighter end of off-road biking here though this bike will be used mostly on roads. It certainly has the chops to take more punishment that I'll dole out. At 55, I'm trying to stay active but at the same time lost interest in biking because I see the same old things on my usual bike route. The Cobra Pro extends my range 10-fold, plus i can dive off the asphalt and take random trails along the way. I test drove a lot of e-mtb's and figured just go right to the top. By far, you will be hard pressed to find a more powerful, more capable bike. If you chose not to pedal much, the Pro will make an awesome 'dirt bike'. My only complaint is that even on the lowest possible setting, PAS1 on Eco, it's far too helping. In other words, I do at times want to do most of the pedaling and get my heart rate up, but that's not happening very much with this bike. I will say this is more obvious on the trails and lower speeds. On the road, and at higher speeds, the lowest setting will allow a work out, especially on hills. I really hope Himiway offers some sort of update to spread out the PAS settings and make level #1 something in the order of maybe only a 10% assist, not the 25% that it feels now. Otherwise, this is a comfortable bike with lots of upgradability, speed and ability.

Vivek Thevar
Big thumbs up

Excellent e-bike does really well in all conditions

Dominic Ferraro II

It's a fun smooth ride

This thing ROCKS!

I had originally put in an order for a standard cobra. A couple days later I called and asked my dealer if he thought the Cobra Pro would be better for me seeings I’m a big guy (6’1 295). He told me what I’d be getting for the extra $1600…and without even really thinking about it I said “sure, let’s do it…what the hell…just don’t tell my wife”. Well, I am so glad I went with the pro. This mid drive motor with 160nm of torque (almost twice that of the hub drive 750w) is just awesome. My wife has a Zebra with the 750w hub drive so I’ve driven both and this mid drive motor is just quicker and has so much more get up and go than the Zebra (of course it costs $2200 more…the zebra is an amazing machine for the price). The forest camo is like a snakeskin camo (think cobra) and looks fantastic. The first day I took it out for a ride in my neighborhood I was getting compliments and references to how big these tires are (they are huge). The dual suspension is really nice, haven’t messed with the suspension settings as they came perfectly set up for how I like to ride. I haven’t regretted paying the extra cost at all, in my eyes it’s worth it, this thing is a BEAST!

I Usually Complain

I will start by saying, NICE PRODUCT. Other than delivery/shipping scratch and ding, this bike looks great. The design and suspension are amazing. The bike is packaged so it is easy to assemble. The first ride reassures it was a good purchase. The bike battery came charged around 80%, this improves buying experience when you don't have to wait for the first charge. Customer experience has been all around good. A product that has customer support makes me happy.

Stephen Hew

Love the bike

William Russell

Great Bike

Robert Pond

Great bike with quality parts at a lower price than other bikes in this class... Very happy!!! With power and performance...

Does my height/weight suit the bike?

How quickly can it be assembled?

What’s new in the battery?

What is the difference between Cobra and Cobra Pro?

What advantage do Cobra fat tires have?

What is a four-bar linkage suspension?

What’s the difference between a mid-drive motor and a gear hub motor?

Why is it named Himiway Cobra?

I have other questions

The power of wildest dreams

"On balance, the Himiway Cobra Pro is a great all-around bike that can do pretty much anything if you understand its limits in terms of handling and size."

"The Cobra Pro is a full-suspension electric mountain bike, with a four-bar linkage rear design and massive 4.8” wide fat tires. It is also considered the “big brother” of the Cobra..."

"The Cobra pro features a full suspension system, a beastly 1000W mid-drive motor with a torque sensor, and some seriously huge and chunky 26” x 4.8” CST tires. These combine to give the bike true off-road capability, and..."

"Many fat tire e-bikes rely on their massive wheels and large air volume to soak up the rocks, ruts, and other obstacles in their way. But Himiway adds in full suspension to make the ride as smooth as possible, even on rough surfaces."

Wildness is in the Details

Designed to perfectly balance outstanding performance ultimate comfort, and timeless style. Explore as never before with D7 PRO

Wildness is in the Details
Thumb Throttle

Thumb Throttle

The thumb throttle are designed for professional cycling enthusiast. Your both hands are more capable of keeping the balance of Himiway Cobra pro.

Hydraulic Brakes

Hydraulic Brakes

Hydraulic brakes provide superior braking performance and durability. With proper maintenance, there won't be a decline in braking power for 5 years.

48V Luminosity Taillight

48V Luminosity Taillight

The Himiway independent R&D luminosity taillight is 20% brighter than LED light. Visibility is improved to guarantee your safety while riding at night.

Wildness is in the Details
Shimano 10 Speed Gear Shift System

Shimano 10 Speed Gear Shift System

The Shimano 10 speed gear shift system offers you more choice while riding in a variety of conditions. Along with the pedal-assist system, you can find the speed that suits your journey.

Selle Royal Saddle

Selle Royal Saddle

The Selle Royal Saddle features a comfortable design specially made for pressure relief.

Four-Bar Linkage Suspension

Four-Bar Linkage Suspension

The four-bar linkage represents a four-sided polygon: the chain stay, seat stay, rocker, and seat tube. These specialize in absorbing both rear-upward force and vibrations, while the coil suspension ensures front stability.

Front Fork: Coil Suspension

Front Fork: Coil Suspension

The durable Himiway suspension fork has preloaded adjustments for the spring’s stiffness and a lock-out lever. With 80mm of available compression, it is the perfect fit for your chosen terrain.


1000W Geared Mid-Drive Motor






The torque-sensing mid-motor provides massive amounts of torque when powering up steep hills or accelerating quickly from a dead stop. With 1300W of peak motor power, you can easily conquer the most rugged terrains.

  • 1000 W

    Geared Mid-Drive Motor

  • 160 Nm


The intuitive torque sensor seamlessly amplifies your pedaling efforts, providing a more natural riding experience while conserving battery life and extending riding range.

First in the U.S.

Go Full Throttle with Full Suspension

Go Full Throttle with Full Suspension


Linkage Suspension


Aerospace Grade Aluminum Frame

It is the first e-bike on the U.S. market with four-bar linkage suspension technology, complemented with 4.8” CST fat tires, these specialize in absorbing both rear-upward force and vibrations, which allows you to ride safely over rutted trails, deep snow, and soft sand without taxing the rider.

The 6061 aluminum alloy frame offers excellent strength and durability while remaining lightweight, allowing you to easily maneuver the bicycle. It also possesses good corrosion resistance and anti-oxidation properties, ensuring that the frame stays fresh and durable over extended periods.

  • 400 lb.

    Payload Capacity

  • 88 lb.

    Weight (with battery)

500LM Luminosity Spotlight

500LM Luminosity Spotlight

Experience heightened visibility during nighttime rides, ensuring your safety without compromise.

220mm Travel Suspension

220mm Travel Suspension

With 220mm of available compression, it is the perfect fit for your chosen terrain.

Long Range Expert

960Wh High-performance Lithium-ion Battery

960Wh High-performance  Lithium-ion Battery

960 Wh

48V 20Ah


Ensure your Safety

It combines the new Samsung/LG battery technology with a 5000mAh single cell capacity in a smaller size but with larger diversity. Compared with 3500mAh cells made of nickel, cobalt, and manganese, this 960Wh battery efficiently improves the range, stability, and safety of Himiway bikes. A single charge can last up to 60 miles on pure electric power and 80+ miles with pedal assist. The battery will maintain 80% capacity after 1000 charges.

  • 80 Miles

    Per Charge (maximum) 1 The range can be affected by several factors like rider weight, incline, and pedal-assist levels, etc.

  • 8.8 lb.

    Battery Weight

Safeguarding your ride with intelligent battery protection for enhanced longevity and performance.

  • Short Circuit Prevention
  • Over-load Prevention
  • Reverse Prevention
  • Wiring Protection
  • Over-current Prevention
  • Over-charging Over-discharging
  • Cell Balancing
  • PTC Chip
  • Temperature Control
  • 1 - The range can be affected by several factors like rider weight, incline, and pedal-assist levels, etc.
clear at a glance

Experience Natural Handling and Comfortable Human-vehicle Interaction



LCD Display

Easily see your speed, distance traveled, trip time, battery level, and more on the backlit Smart LCD display.

  • USB Charging
  • Security Code
  • State of Riding
  • Fault Warning
  • Cycling Data
  • Function Set

The CST Super Fat Tire

The CST Super Fat Tire


All Terrain

The 26 X4.8 CST all-terrain fat tires are the biggest fat tires in the U.S. e-bike market, providing upgraded grip and traction on rugged roads. Even in the most challenging terrains and weather conditions, these fat tires guarantee your safety and offer you an smooth and easy riding experience.

  • Mountain
  • Gravel Road
  • Sandy Ground
  • Brick Road
  • Wetland
  • Snowy Road
Easy to Assemble

Easy to Assemble

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