The most comprehensive comparison: Himiway ebike vs Aventon ebike

Himiway Cruiser vs. Aventon Aventure

We here at Himiway believe the future of mobility is all about options. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality e-bikes at an affordable price. In doing so, we want to give you as our customer as many options as possible. The option of how you get to work. The option of how to exercise. The option to adventure where you want, when you want, no matter your age or fitness level.

And as a consumer, you have one more option: the option of where you spend your money. When there is competition for your business from many companies, you win. In fact, we love our competition, too, because they provide a benchmark for us so that we can measure ourselves and ensure we are improving and innovating each and every single day for you, the rider. We appreciate all e-bike riders in our community, no matter their bike of choice.

We support e-bike initiatives around the world because what’s good for the community and the environment is also good for us. It’s a win-win. We are truly humbled and grateful to be at the forefront of this exciting and growing industry.

By choosing Himiway, you are choosing to trade your hard-earned dollars in exchange for quality, affordability, and first-class customer service. But don’t take our word for it. Check out the reviews left by our dedicated fans to read firsthand experiences from avid electric bicyclists. Once you’ve read the reviews, come back, and take a look at this comprehensive comparison between one of our stronger competitors, the Aventon Adventure, and our flagship model, the Himiway Cruiser.

Comparison of Major Features

Let’s get right into it with a comparison of the major features you’ll want to consider when looking at these two e-bikes:


 The spec sheet analysis: Aventon bike vs. Himiway bike

Additional Specs

Electrical Comparison



Himiway Cruiser


Why is it important?


17.5Ah (840Wh)

15Ah (720Wh)

The larger the battery, the longer you can travel on a single charge.


48V 2 Amp

48V 3 Amp

The charger is how you “refuel” your bike with electricity.




Many e-bike enthusiasts prefer twist throttles as they can be easier to control and are similar to a classic motorcycle throttle. Throttle preference is according to each rider’s unique style.


750W 48V Brushless gear motor

750W 48 V Brushless Rear hub motor

Both bikes use powerful 750W 48V rear motors which are comparable. These motors are both higher power than many Rad Rover e-bike motors.

Pedal Assist

Yes - customizable

Yes – non-customizable

Himiway Pedal Assist can be customizable so you can set your power and pedal assist levels. This allows you to control your max speed and allows the Himiway bike to be both a Class 2 as well as Class 3 e-bike.

LCD Screen



LCD screens are important to view speed and battery power. Himiway offers large font on a backlit screen for easy visibility while Aventure offers color.




The controller holds the central processing of the e-bike, collecting the input from sensors, controlling the battery, and relaying the information to the bike screen for the rider.




The larger and brighter the lights, the safer and more visible you will be to other riders, pedestrians and vehicles. Both bikes come with headlights and brake lights.



Mechanical Comparison


Himiway Cruiser


Why is it important?


Mechanical disc brakes (with safety cut off sensor)

Hydraulic (with safety cut off sensor)

Stopping power is important when emergencies on the trail or road present themselves.


7 Gears

8 Gears

Different gears will allow you to climb and descend hills with more ease. Himiway has a thumb shifter while Aventure has a finger and thumb mechanism.

Suspension Fork

Alloy Fork 80mm of Travel with lockout

Zoom Forgo Fork 80mm of Travel with lockout

Suspension forks help absorb bumps in the road and both bikes have comparable parts in this category.


6061 Aluminum

6061 Aluminum

6061 Aluminum alloy is well tested and trusted as industry standard in the e-bike community.


Physical Comparison


Himiway Cruiser


Why is it important?

Quick Release Front Wheel



A quick-release front wheel allows you to stow or transport your bike easier than with a wrench system.

Rear Rack



Cargo functionality is important for adding bags and accessories to your electric bike. The Himiway Rear Rack comes standard while the Aventure is sold separately.


Standard and Step-Thru

Standard and Step-Thru

Step-Thru designs allow the rider to literally “step through” the bike frame due to its low to the ground profile and shape.




Some electric bikes have various sizes, however, Himiway has designed their bike size to be universal.




Handlebars are largely personal preference and mostly depend on the size of the rider.




Fenders keep mud and debris from flying off the wheel onto the rider.



Not only is the Himiway more affordable, but it even comes standard with extras such as a rear rack which is useful for carrying your bags and cargo, and a quick-release front wheel for easy stowing and transportation.Combined with a higher top speed, programmable pedal assist, a larger battery for longer rides, and a heavier carrying capacity, we believe that the Himiway Cruiser is the better option between these 2 bikes for most riders.


Now that you’ve seen the comparisons, we hope you feel confident in your choices as an e-bike consumer. At the end of the day, in our opinion, it really is no comparison at all; the Himiway Cruisier stands alone at the top.