Why Now Is the Best Time to Buy A Fat Tire Electric Bike?

by Mark Minstrel on Nov 11, 2022

Why Now Is the Best Time to Buy A Fat Tire Electric Bike?

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Black Friday or Cyber Monday are the greatest days to buy a fat tire electric bike, upgrade your equipment, or stock up on cycling apparel as you prepare for the coming season. Online stores quickly offer huge discounts when the opportunity arises to boost sales. Depending on the item and where it is purchased, these may reach 50% or more at some stores.

If you're planning to do online shopping on e-bikes or cycling accessories in the coming months, you should check when Black Friday or Cyber Monday might just do the trick.

When Is Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2022??

As the last Friday of the month and the day after Thanksgiving, November 25th is the designated day for Black Friday this year. Nonetheless, as is customary, discounts will begin on November 1 and reach a fever pitch on Thanksgiving Day. The sales often continue until Cyber Monday on November 28 and then transform into Christmas and New Year's sales later in December.

So bikers have about two months to seek great prices, with the biggest and best discounts often occurring around the end of November. Let's pretend it's the first of November, and you're reading this. 

When Will Black Friday 2022 Happen, and What Should You Prepare for It?

To sum up, financial savings are to be anticipated. You'll have to spend money, but if these are things you would get anyway, it's smarter to do so before the cycling season starts and save money than to wait and pay full price later. Products range from full bicycles to cycling electronics to apparel and accessories on Black Friday. As electric bicycles are expensive, now is a great time to purchase them. A reduction of 10%-20% off a $3,000 electric bicycle, for instance, will save the buyer $300-$600. It's safe to say you're talking about some significant cash there.

Tips for Finding the Best Budget E-Bike on Black Friday.

Buying cycling gear on Black Friday is a great way to save money, but there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you don't end up disappointed. If you're planning to do a lot of shopping around this time, here are some things to keep in mind to save time and money.

  • 1. Do your research, learn on your own accord.

Only put a little stock in what you read online. Before making a purchase, it's a good idea to read customer reviews of the product(s) in question to ensure you will be satisfied with the final product.
  • 2. Try to avoid visiting unreliable websites.

Swindlers love Black Friday because it's a prime opportunity to mislead unsuspecting victims with fake offers. Avoid less well-known stores in favor of the more well-known and respected ones. Something that seems too wonderful to be true usually is false. Consistent with the preceding, if a bargain appears too good to be true (such as an 80-90% discount on a $4,000 e-bike), you are likely the target of a scam.

  • 3. Should You Buy Now or Wait for Cyber Monday?

After Black Friday, retailers transition to Cyber Monday and the holiday season. In particular, Cyber Monday and Black Friday often combine to form a four-day shopping bonanza with deep discounts, special offers, and even freebies. Since it's quite unlikely that an item on sale during BF would be marked down much further during CM, if you see something you like on Black Friday, you should probably buy it on that day itself, lest it is sold out by Monday. We recommend not waiting and taking a chance if the item you want to buy is already discounted on Black Friday.

Himiway Fat Tire electric bike

Why you should buy Himiway Fat Tire E-Bike on Black Friday?

  • Riding Capability: Any Surface

Himiway fat-tired electric bikes are ideal for any surface area, riding on rough terrain. An electric fat bike is versatile enough to ride on any terrain, from pavement to dirt to sand to grass. The fat tires' superior traction on the surface supports the rider through the snow, sand, and dirt.

  •  A comfortable and relaxing ride 

You won't even notice the bumps in the road or the obstacles in the trail when you're riding a fat tire electric bike 1000w from Himiway In a lower air pressure setting, the tire can be softer, reducing the impact felt by the rider as they traverse the trail's rocks and roots. A fat-tire electric bike is ideal for exploring the woods and rolling slopes. Fat tires are helpful for novices since they provide more stability when performing stunts.

  • Reduced Risks of Injury

Fat tire e-bikes have wider tires and wider wheels, making them less likely to tip over when hit by a log or other obstruction and making it simpler to ride over rough terrain without getting hurt. A fat tire bike's lower center of gravity gives more excellent traction and stability, making it easier to maintain your balance on inclines and declines.

Great deals on Himiway electric bikes

Now is the Best Time to Buy A Fat Tire E-Bike

Himiway fat tire e-bikes offer the best value for money. In fact, no other brand in the same price range comes close to Himiway's quality. Take advantage of Himiway's annual Black Friday Sale before it's too late. There are currently only a few deals available! You don't want to pass up the opportunity for free shipping!