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Discovering your Himiway | Samsung Battery

Hey everyone! Welcome to our third episode of Himiway's showcase series "Discovering your Himiway". Today, we are going to talk about the features, durability, and structure of the Himiway bike battery.

Which you can see right behind me on this model here and also in front of me as an example for us to look at internally in just a moment.

For an electric bicycle, the battery is one of the parameters that everyone, rightfully, cares most about. Because the battery affects how long you can ride for in power assist or pure electric mode and because a quality battery is so critical to you not frequently needing a replacement, it can be said that the battery is kind of the "heart" of an e-bike.

Himiway electrical bikes are equipped with Samsung Lithium-ion 48 volt 17.5 ampere hour batteries to ensure a long life span and high performance.

Now something I personally feel is one of my favorite features of this bike is that we offer a 2-year warranty on batteries. So, this not only tells you something about

Himiway's confidence in the quality and performance of its battery, but it should also give you the peace of mind that this critical component of your bike will be taken care of for quite some time.

So, one of the most popular features of Himiway batteries is that this battery is removable, so that it is easy to charge and can be safely secured indoors.

So, we can take a look at the battery here, actually what happens is very seamlessly, we can turn a key, turn this a bit to the left, and pull this right out very easily to insert and put back in a similar manner. So, after putting it back, you just re-secure it in place with the key and it is ready to go.

When installing the battery, you have to be sure that you align the bottom groove of the battery which you can see right here with the protruding metal part of the battery base on the bike. And you'll find that it's actually protruding metal pieces right here at the bottom part where you will connect that straight away with the protruding portion and the internal piece right here on your battery so that you're able to make sure that these pieces stay in place long term and your bike continues to run smoothly. So, usually we can only see a battery's external structure and appearance as you can see here. But, today we will show you the internal structure of the Himiway battery. So, let's open this up, and inside we've got these different boards. You see, this is a series, actually, these holes are going to be places where different inter-connected batteries go inside your larger unit here.

For example, if you need to hop into a car or enter a room without an elevator where it is inconvenient to bring your Himiway ebike in, you can take the battery with you and charge it while it is unattached from the bike itself.

So you can see from how seamlessly I do this, it is pretty intuitive to insert or remove this battery. After putting it back in, there is a key to secure it in place.

(Model need to demonstrate and explain at the same time)

So, usually we can only see the battery's external structure and appearance. Today we will show you the internal structure of the Himiway battery. You see, this is a series of connected batteries, a complete unit composed of dozens of smaller batteries.

The technology in play in this Samsung batter actually ensures that if you damage a single battery piece, this will not affect the overall function of the entire battery. So this is basically a complete unit of dozens of smaller batteries all working together for the same purpose. The technology at play in this Samsung battery actually insures that if you damage just one or, you know, a few of these single battery pieces, this isn't going to impact the overall function of the whole battery.

Discovering Your Himiway from Battery

So, this is a battery board, what can see here again, and for this model it is strong, sturdy, reliable and this is quite trustworthy. To be honest, this has had numerous years of testing. So, this is the one that you can really trust. Now one other thing that's important to know about this Samsung battery on your Himiway bike. It's more powerful and even leaner than what you would find in a typical e-bike battery. So, what we are looking at here is a bit of a bulkier 14 ampere hour battery from other bikes and in comparison, you're looking at from your Himiway 17.5 ampere hours. So, we've got more power, we've got again the reliability of should one, you know, cell break, the entire function of the battery is still going to be working just fine. So, you've got that power, you've got the reliability, all in a sleeker, leaner design. This is an external protective sleeve for your battery, which effectively waterproofs the battery and protects it from a collision. You'll see this wrapping all the way around the battery here on the bike behind me. So, this is going to protect your battery from all the elements be it, you know, wind, sleet, snow, rain, dirt, mud. Whatever it might be, this protective sleeve is going to keep your battery safe and running effectively for a long time to come. In terms of the overall lifetime, Himiway's battery is sure to exceed your expectations. The battery life depends on several factors, including how frequently an owner discharges and recharges it, but one with these specifications will average about 5 years of riding! We've tested it in the laboratory to successfully have 900 cycles of charging. That means frequent riders who drain a full battery and recharge it all the way, every day, seven days a week, will see about 3 years of life from their battery. A casual rider's battery, alternatively, can last closer to 6-7 years. Normally, the mileage of the battery depends on the degree of pedal-assistance, terrain and the rider's weight. In general, the range of fully charged batteries in anywhere from 35-60 miles, For our bike, the pure electric mode can be used for up to 35 miles and the mileage in pedal assist mode can reach 60 miles. So, why do you think the Himiway Cruiser has such a long range? Well, that's definitely due to the size and quality of this bike's battery. So, while lean in its shape, our battery is actually bigger in size and in capacity than what you see in a normal 14 ampere hour battery. So, compared with similar products on the market, our battery is significantly longer. We all hope that our beloved e-bikes can be used for a long time, so knowing how we can protect the battery effectively is very important. To do so, we must have a better understanding of the following points:

1. The battery can be used on a rainy day, but it cannot be submerged in water. That is to say, water cannot overflow the location of the battery, nor should the battery otherwise be placed in water for a long time.

2. To make an inappropriate analogy, the battery is kind of like a human belly. You don't want to eat too much and do not starve yourself. That is to say, when you are charging, don't charge it for too long, and stop charging in time to avoid the situation of being overcharged. When there is no electricity, it should be charged in time to avoid the battery running on or near empty.

3. Inside our battery contains an overcharge protection circuit board. This will protect the battery when it's being overcharged and this technology effectively extends the battery life.

Okay, that's it for the info about our battery. I hope that today's introduction will help you batter understand the use and benefits of choosing Himiway, including why the battery life of Himiway bikes lasts longer, and why our batteries are more reliable and advanced. At the same time, I also hope you now have a deeper understanding of how to maintain your battery to ensure its best performance and long life. Himiway wishes you a great day and happy riding! See you next time!