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Long Range E-bike: What is E-bike Range on Single Charge?

When it comes to the range of an electric bike, that usually means how far it can ride on one charge. Considering this, there are many different aspects that can define how far one bike can go. To a great surprise, most of these things have to do with how you ride the e-bike rather than the e-bike specifications.

So how far can electric bikes go? This is one of the most common questions when it comes to deciding whether to go with an electric bike or not. Well, the answer is clear and defined: the current longest range of electric bicycles can reach 350 – 400 km on only one charge. These types of bikes are usually powered by 3kW batteries. The standard e-bikes with 400-500W batteries can last up to 100-120 km in one charge. The simple e-bikes normally run 50-60 km on a single charge.

With all of the above mentioned, it is more than evident that the better the battery is, the wider the range of hours the e-bike will ride on one charge. At the same time, there are some external factors that need to be taken into consideration. They also have a lot to do with the riding range.

The factors that influence how far a long range electric bike can go are:

- the type of battery you are using;

- How hard you are pedaling and at what speed you are going

- The level of assistance you are using (if any);

- How much you weigh and if you carry extra luggage;

- How many times you stop and start;

- If you have to face constant hills or flat terrains;

- The weather (usually sunny days offer 15% more range than rainy ones);

- The tire’s pressure (soft tires are always less efficient);

- How heavy the e-bike’s motor and battery are.

Battery size

Most commonly, the capacity of the battery of the electric bike is expressed in amp-hrs. So, to better understand the range of the e-bike, it is better to look at watt-hrs. Watts are the result of multiplying voltage and capacity. The result you get is the number of kilometers per hour that you can ride your e-bike with one charge. The voltage here tells how much power the battery has and the amperage (capacity) tells how far you can ride. So, when multiplying these two, we get the watts that tell how many kilometers per hour can the e-bike ride with one charge.

So, quick example: if the e-bike comes with 20Ah and 24V, you get 480 watts-hi, but if you take 6Ah and 24 Va e-bike, then you only get 144 watts-hs. From this, it is more than obvious that you will not be able to use the second e-bike for long distances. On a regular terrain, the first one can be used much longer, with only one charge.

Weight of your e-bike


Weight is another important factor to be considered. When you ride an e-bike, you already weigh enough. So, if you ride around the city and you do not have the time to recharge the battery, then, it is best to avoid carrying heavy luggage. The battery and the motor already weigh a lot and the additional luggage will only drain the battery faster. It is the simple law of physics – the more weight you carry, the slower you will move.

Pedal capability

Pedaling helps when it comes to extending the life of the battery of a single charge, as well as getting longer distances. So, if the bike is constantly on the maximum level of assistance, the battery will most certainly not last all day. The pedaling here helps a lot, because that way, you save the battery for some rougher terrain when you need electrical support.


The power of the e-bike is directly connected to the size of the battery. A bigger battery gives more power to the e-bike, and with that, one charge can take you further. Power is about acceleration, and for the e-bike, the units of electrical power are watt-hours. Generally, it makes sense to get an electric bike with, at least, 200 watts-hs.

Long-range electric Bike: Himiway escape


Himiway Escape is just the right type of E-bike that will get you the furthest, through all terrain and weather conditions. It is the perfect blend of the most important properties that one E-bike should have. It is equipped with the 750W Geared Hub More and 48 V 14 AH Samsung/Lg Battery. This type of electric battery ensures long life and excellent performance. For a full charge, this battery needs 6 – 7 hours. Its long-range estimate is about 45+ Mi per charge. it comes with 7 different speeds that can be changed and applied through the gear shift system.

Additionally, the moped-style of the Himiway Escape makes this e-bike more than a worthwhile investment. Its retro style and the lines are great for both men and women, and its look simply does not get out of style. So if you are looking to get yourself an e-bike, now is definitely the time to do so. The Himiway Escape is the perfect solution and it will serve you for many years to come.

With so many great benefits and properties, the long range E-bike have really become popular and demanded vehicles. Not only are they much easier to manage in the traffic, but they are also super Eco-friendly and pedal property just allows you a bit of physical activity that will keep you fit. And if you need to reach some rougher terrain or distant spot, the power of the motor and the battery will not let you down.