Don't Miss These Accessories To Upgrade Your Big Dog

Don't Miss These Accessories To Upgrade Your Big Dog

There's a sense of accomplishment when you style your electric bike to suit your taste and needs. With the Himiway accessories for commuting, you can have a unique design that sets you apart from the crowd. The accessories for electric bikes are becoming increasingly necessary as more people become aware of their advantages. Various alternatives are available to upgrade their electric bicycles, such as gear, lighting, and even trailers. 

Upgrade Your ebike | Himiway

The accessories on your electric bike help to enhance your performance by making your rides easier. There are numerous designs and specifications for ebikes that riders can implement to their upgrade. Himiway Big Dog electric cargo bike is the perfect choice for long-distance journeys with its upgraded 48V 20Ah battery, which can last for several hours on a single charge. You can fit several accessories on your Big Dog for a comfortable ride. Thus, we've compiled guides and suggestions for upgrading your Big Dog. These additional fittings enable riders to have a smooth, safe, and easy ride. Some of these accessories can be categorized below:

Accessories for easy commuting 

For a stress-free journey, there are some accessories you would need. You can fit these items easily on your Big Dog as they give you the necessary comfort required while riding.

Bike rack: 

If you want to transport any cargo, you need a rack. The Big dog allows you to place them in two positions: at the front or rear of your bike. They both provide you with a place to transport children and place pannier bags. Himiway Big Dog Front-mounted racks are usually popular for folks who take errand rides or go shopping. You can make your bike more visually appealing and add flowers to your rear rack. Also, when transporting cargo on your rack, ensure it's within the weight load capacity. The Big Dog has a multifunctional rear with a payload capacity of 400lb. You can strap bulky loads and attach your panniers or baskets. If you're traveling long distances, especially with children, you need fixtures like the child baby rear seat. Although there are many essential accessories for the Big Dog, bike racks are a must-have.

New saddle: 

A Himiway ebike comfortable seat saddle is an essential component of an electric bike that can completely change your riding experience. Having a comfortable seat enables you to enjoy your ride. However, even though the electric bikes come with a saddle, which may or may not be to your taste. You can get an improved saddle depending on how you intend to use your e-bike for cruising, racing, and commuting. Before purchasing your saddle, consider the shape, size, saddle curve, padding, rails, and cover.

Accessories for easy commuting | Himiway

A bike bag: 

A bike handle bag is a must-have, especially if you enjoy outdoor activities. You can put anything inside that will fit perfectly on your bike rack or hang it on your handles. You can also store accessories for your rides, such as an extra tube, tire patches, an air pump, slime, screwdrivers, a chain tool kit, and a folding multi-tool kit. You can either get the usual bag or the waterproof bike pinner bag.

Portable air compressor: 

As the name suggests, the portable air compressor is small enough to fit in your bike bag. You can fill up your electric bike tires with this accessory whenever needed. Aside from the ability to pump your tires, one advantage of the E-bike pump is achieving the same air pressure you desire using the built-in sensor air processor sensor.

Ebike Navigation Accessories

For you to easily ride on different terrains, there are some extra items you should have installed on your Big Dog. Having this set of equipment would improve your riding performance


Extra LED lights are essential for your Big Dog as they allow you to navigate during dark hours. Compared to conventional bulbs, Himiway E-bike Headlight Front Lights are more dependable, last longer, and consume less energy. Anyone who rides at night will appreciate this light. Thanks to its simple installation, it only takes a few minutes to add it to any bike. Riding through unfamiliar paths or cycling at night is easy with lights, even for experienced riders. You can place your lights on the back and front of your electric bike. It will help you navigate at night and alert other drivers on the road. There are various lights, from battery-powered to rechargeable, to be plugged directly into the battery. These lights would keep you illuminated as you ride at night.

Rearview mirrors: 

Every vehicle must have the E-bike HD Wide-angle rearview mirrors. It allows you to see if something or someone is approaching you from behind. You can assess the intent and direction of the driver in front of you. Without a rearview mirror, navigating busy roads and highways is nearly impossible. This mirror is an essential component of your e-bike. It can help you make better decisions and avoid unnecessary accidents.

Safety Ebike Accessories

Your safety is one important factor you shouldn’t compromise while biking. Therefore, the Himiway Big Dog has safety accessories to protect riders and their ebikes. These items are essentials for ebike riders.


Your ebike helmet is yet another necessary and life-saving accessory every biker should have. Helmets have reflective material, which produces glare when exposed to light. Electric bikes are known for their incredible speed, and helmets keep you safe in case of falls. Moreover, wearing a helmet is a requirement for some classes of ebike by some local laws in some states. Even before getting on your bike, ensure your head is adequately protected. These helmets are forms of protective gear. Therefore, consider the material, weight, and fit when purchasing a helmet. 

Fenders for ebikes: 

Fenders are another essential and helpful e-bike accessory, especially for mud protection in the Falls. There are fenders for most vehicles, including bicycle tires, wheelbarrow tires, motorcycle tires, and electric bikes. It makes riding in inclement weather much more bearable. The fenders shield you from the spray of water, grime, and mud, providing a smooth and tension-free ride regardless of your route. Installing the Himiway E-bike Fender is easy with the right tools.

Sturdy lock: 

You should get the E-bike Foldable Chain Lock if you plan on parking your Big Dog electric bike anywhere. Electric bikes are prone to theft, just like any other valuable device. As a result, you need to keep your ebike safely stored, and you won't need to worry about thieves stealing any of its parts. There are three types of locks: U-locks, chain locks, and folding. The chain has number lock technology built into it. Any kind of lock, however, is suitable for ebikes. The main goal is to keep your bike secure. Locks work best on your front tire and the chain at the back of your bike.

GPS tracking: 

Electric bikes are a good investment and can be expensive. However, to avoid becoming a victim of theft, you should invest in a GPS device. Electric bikes increasingly use GPS tracking, with onboard computers providing position information to stop and deter theft. This makes it easy to recover bikes and frequently makes it possible to use other features like remote locking and deactivating.

These GPS trackers for bicycles are express to guard against theft. With pinpoint accuracy to the closest meter, theft alert messages sent to smartphones can trigger an immediate response. The GPS tracker also enables you to log and preserve your travels, which you can share with your friends.

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These e-bike accessories are unquestionably necessary for every Big Dog rider. However, selecting these extras is based on personal preference, and they set your ebike apart from others. These upgrades can assist you in maintaining your bike properly when riding it on and off-road. Thus, Himiway has a variety of accessories that will perfectly fit your Big Dog. Himiway accessories won't only meet your riding needs, but enhance the performance and security of your ebike.