Himiway Cruiser Step-Thru All Terrain Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

If You Don’t Know About The E-Bike, Himiway Class Will Tell You

In the hot summer day and current situation, how do you choose a way without staying in the house but still keeping distance with people?

Going for a ride? Sure! Before that...I think I need an electric bike first! What? You never did a survey for that? Don't worry! If you don't know about the following things, let's take a look together!

Himiway Cruiser Step-Thru All Terrain Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

You don't know about the gear hub motor

As the name implies, the wheel motor integrates the motor into the hub drum. After the power is turned on, the motor converts the electrical energy into mechanical energy, which drives the wheels to rotate, thereby driving the vehicle forward.

The hub motor refers to the direct assembly of the current assembly with an integrated speed reducer in the hub. Electric bikes on the market usually use brushless hub motors. Under the action of electric current, a magnetic field is formed between the two magnetic steel sheets to make the rotating shaft move.

In-wheel motors are widely used in electric bikes due to their mature design. His advantages are as follows:

Firstly, a large number of transmission components make the bike structure simpler. Secondly, it can achieve a variety of complex drive methods. Because the in-wheel motor has the characteristics of the independent driving of a single wheel, it can be easily realized whether it is a front-drive or a rear-drive.

You don't know how fat the tire

Fat tire electric bikes can adapt to all terrains, which mainly depends on its fat tires. Yes, very fat--it is about twice as fat as the conventional narrow tires, at the same time, the tires have added a reinforced version of the raised black rubber, which can greatly improve the ability of grip and traction. Therefore, whether it is the soft beach or the rugged mountain road, whether it is green grass or white snow, it can take you anywhere.

Fat tires add extra and larger contact surfaces to reduce the pressure on bicycles and cyclists so that the bike can move faster and more stable and it also increases the comfort and safety of the bike. Therefore, whether it is a muddy road or a slippery road, fat tires can do the job. This is why more and more people choose fat tire electric bicycles.

You don't know about the integrated rear light

Explaining in a simple way, Integrated Brake Light means that a rear brake light that is activated when the brakes are applied.

Why is it called "integrated"? At first, it is a simple taillight; in addition, it can automatically get red when you brake; the last but not least, it also has the function of turning to signal. So these are the reasons why it is an integrated brake taillight.

And the cool thing is that it is the normal dark red when you are cycling on the way, once you brake, the tail light is bright red.

You don't know how many modes does it have

The best e-bike is a three-in-one function electric bicycle:

-It can be used as a standard bicycle, simply requiring pedaling without electric power assistance.

-It is also a power-assisted bicycle. So, when the power is turned on, electric power assistance kicks in at a manually-set intensity when the pedals are moving forward.

-Finally, it is an electric bike. When the power is turned on and you're riding without making use of the pedals, you can strictly use the accelerator to engage the electric motor and get yourself moving and moving quickly.

All right! Today is here. See you next time!