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Electric Bike Comparison: 6 Key Points You Need to Know

We’re back with another famous comparison where we benchmark a Himiway electric bike model to a top-of-the-line competitor. Today, we take a close look at two great electric bikes: the All New Himiway Cobra Pro and the Rambo Krusader. Both are powerful electric mountain bikes and represent a fantastic choice for professional and amateur riders alike. However, only one may stand in the end.


As always with our comparison pieces, we try to be as unbiased and fair as possible. Naturally, we love our own technology and believe Himiway represents the best combination of quality, affordability, and versatility. That said, many riders have opinions and preferences that may deviate from simply the specifications of two bikes alone. Therefore, we encourage all riders to do their own research when comparing any two or more electric bikes and use our comparison as they see fit. Let’s dive in!


The Main Features to Compare

Before you ride an electric bike, you may not know what the most important features are to compare. We’ve boiled it down to six key topics that represent some of the most frequently asked about specs. These specs. are listed below, and we will cover each in detail after the chart.


Himiway Mid drive electric bikes

Electric bike Price Comparison

As gas prices continue to rise across the United States and around the globe, many riders are turning to electric bikes as a solution to paying high prices at the pump. But if the initial price of the bike is too high, it will offset any savings they experience by cutting back on gasoline. While both of these bikes are priced fairly high due to their advanced technologies, many riders will not be able to justify an extra $1,000 for the Rambo Krusader with generally lower specs.


Those looking for an extreme off-roading machine will find what they are looking for in the Himiway Cobra Pro for a 20% lower cost than the competition here. We are able to offer our electric bike at this lower price due to our strong supplier partnerships and operating efficiencies at our manufacturing facilities.


Electric bike Range Comparison

Another huge consideration for any electric bike buyer is the range of the bike. After all, if you buy an electric bike, you expect it to have power for your entire ride no matter the distance. At double the range of the Krusader, the Cobra Pro is the clear winner in this category.

If a rider is on the heavier side, and not using a high pedal assist level, they can expect to get about 60 miles out of a single charge. But smaller riders using low pedal assist can expect to get upwards of 80 miles out of each battery before needing to recharge. That range is more than plenty for an entire day out on the trails with your fellow riders. Don’t be the friend that runs out of juice in the middle of an epic session on the mountain.


Electric bike Suspension Comparison

While both of these models are classified as electric mountain bikes, (e-MTBs), the Rambo Krusader only comes with a front suspension whereas the Cobra Pro has a four-bar linkage system and coil suspension up front. The four-bar linkage system absorbs rear-upward force and rocky vibrations which classifies the Cobra Pro as a softail electric bike. Both suspensions guarantee your comfort in the toughest riding conditions.


The front suspension on the Krusader is good and we always like to see at least a front suspension system in any middle-class electric bike, but we believe the difference in comfort is going to be too noticeable for most riders.


It is worth mentioning the tire size here because they will also play a role in comfort and shock absorption. The Rambo Krusader is equipped with 4-inch wide by 26-inch diameter tires. We love these fat tires, but we decided to go just a bit wider as many of our expert riders demand a bit more traction and cushion from their electric bike experience. That’s why the Cobra Pro comes equipped with 4.8 in. x 26 in. fat tires standard, the largest in the U.S. market.


Electric bike Motor Comparison

There is a very interesting difference here between the electric bike motors of these two particular e-bikes. You will notice the Krusader comes with two 500W hub motors whereas the Cobra Pro comes with a single 1000W mid-drive motor. Why is that?


Well, the Krusader combines two hub motors to achieve 160Nm of torque and excellent performance when climbing uphill or through difficult terrain like mud or snow. However, the two disadvantages we see with this setup are that two hub motors drain the battery more quickly (hence the lower range) and the risk of damage or corrosion to a single motor is effectively doubled. Motors are incredibly expensive and difficult to replace so this strikes us as a strange choice, but we do applaud their team for thinking outside the box.


Meanwhile, we believe a better configuration is a single powerful mid-drive motor. Mid-drive motors, unlike hub motors, are not located in the wheels but rather in the center of the bike. This location provides a balanced and smooth acceleration that will feel natural to riders. The 160Nm torque-sensing mid-motor provides plenty of torque when cruising up steep hills or starting quickly from a complete stop.


Electric bike Capacity Comparison

Capacity is not the most important factor to e-bike riders, but we know it ranks high because many riders will often carry extra gear on their bikes. Able to withstand 100 extra pounds of weight, the Cobra Pro is the winner in this category by an extra 25%.


Electric bike Warranty Comparison

Finally, we come to something riders might not think about when looking at a new electric bike, but which is incredibly important given the amount of money these bikes cost. Which is the warranty. At double the industry standard length of time for a warranty, the Cobra Pro from Himiway comes with a 24-month warranty compared to the Rambo’s 12-month limited warranty. The peace of mind an additional year of warranty coverage provides is hard to describe but we stand behind our products, so we believe this is the best way to show it to our customers.


To sum up, although both of these bikes are great options, the clear winner is the Himiway Cobra Pro thanks mainly to the incredible range and the lower price. The additional factors also came into play such as the Cobra Pro with a higher payload capacity and longer warranty. Armed with this knowledge, we hope that you can shop more confidently for your next electric mountain bike. Happy riding!