How to pick your E-Bike

Recommendations for Various E-bike Riding Styles

The popularity and the demand for the E-bike today surpass all levels. For some people, it is the one and only type of transportation they use. For others, it is another option to get to the desired destination. Whichever the case, the E-bike is the one that is worth the investment. But, with so wide offer, how can you find the right and the most suitable one? Well, the answer is simple – just take a look at the Himiway electric bike collection. With the abundance of choices, different properties, and benefits each E-bike has, with Himiway you will easily make a the right choice.

The type of bike you choose greatly coincides and should flatter the riding style that you will practice. That means that you need to think about how and where you are going to ride and use your E-bike. Just like when you are buying a car. Are you buying your E-bike for longer trips, or do you need it for a city and daily commute? Do you plan or ride your E-bike to and back from work, for moderate physical activity, and for city rides? Do you plan to take on some harder physical activity like mountain bike hiking and explore new horizons? All of this matters when it comes to picking up the best type of E-bike and enjoying it in the long run and for the long time.

So, are you excited to hop on your new adventure? If you are, then you need to get to know the different types of bikes that come in the Himiway electric bike collection so that you can more easily make the perfect decision.

As mentioned above, the different E-bike riding styles pretty much depend on the type of lifestyle you are leading. That is closely connected with the different types of E-bikes that are available on the market.

What are the different types of E-bikes?

The E-bikes are a newer, more developed, and upgraded version of the traditional bike. The biggest difference between E-bikes and traditional bikes is that the E-bike comes with a motor – battery. This type of motor is what makes the ride different. There is still the option of the classic and standard pedaling, but when it comes to reaching a certain speed and climbing a rougher terrain, the motor mode will play a great part in it.

To get to know what type of bike is best for your need and your lifestyle, here are some of the most common E-bike styles that will help make a better and more informed decision:


The cruiser E-bike is the best and most convenient choice for all those who see themselves as recreational riders and cyclists. Also, it is great for those who prefer comfort as they ride their bikes, which is also known as cruising. The E-bike cruiser is a bike that is specifically designed for flat terrains, like paved roads and bike paths. They are known for their wide tires. They also have a suspension system that reduces the shock in the front fork as well as the seat too. When it comes to the handlebars of the cruiser, they are placed higher than the other E-bikes. This is because they need to provide a more upright ride, that will not affect the back.


As the name suggests itself, the commuter E-bike is the E-bike that you will regularly use for your daily commutes. As mentioned above, these daily commutes can be various, according to your needs and habits.  Also, it is great for running errands, because it will get you to the desired place very fast. The commuter E-bike has large and narrow tires. They are designed that way so that they can bring maximal efficiency to the ride. The design also complements the comfort. The seat is very comfortable but not as wide as it is on the cruiser bike.


For all of those who are looking for a bike that will enable them to perform great physical activity, the mountain E-bike is the best choice. It is an E-bike that will safely get you through all different kinds of off-road terrain and trails. That will be done very fast which will make climbing any hill more than possible. The tires on the mountain E-bike are wide. The handlebars are flat because they need to help out the rider tackle the rough terrain and all the dirt that might come up on the ride.


Similar to the cruiser E-bike, the road E-bike comes from a design targeted for recreational riding on designated bike paths and terrain. The difference between the road bike and the cruiser is that the road e-bike has narrow tires and drop handlebars. This is what makes the road bike move faster. It is also very lightweight and great for all those looking for speed and adrenaline in their rides.

With this quick overview of the different styles and types of E-bike, you will now have the chance to make the right decision. And that will be based solely to your personal needs. All the E-bikes are different in their performance and the properties they provide to the rider. But, if you still need a pointer in the right direction, then you will most certainly not make a mistake with the All-terrain Himiway Long-Range E-bike. Be sure to check out our website for more detailed info about your new E-bike.

Don’t wait any longer. There is no time like the present to order your new E-bike and start enjoying the daily rides in a whole new light!