A Solution for Rising Gas Prices

A Solution for Rising Gas Prices

In these unprecedented times, individuals must take matters into their own hands to fight off the negative effects of issues such as inflation, climate change, and public health. It is simply not possible nor reasonable to expect that the established authorities will be able to provide control over these topics. They must try, to be sure, but we all can play a role in the outcomes for ourselves, our families, and our world.

The world of transportation is no stranger to difficult demands and unforeseen consequences. Over the past few years, we have seen the price of oil go negative, we’ve seen supply chain disruptions causing spikes in the price of goods shipped around the globe, and we’ve even seen large ocean liners stuck in canals cause delays for certain sea routes. Alternative transportation modes such as e-bikes have never been more crucial to our well-being. And just in time as we will see!

Gas Prices on the Rise

The price of gasoline is another transportation issue many around the world are now faced with. When the price of meat, cars, or streaming services goes up, consumers can decide to cut back on their spending in those categories relatively easily. But when the price of gasoline starts to climb, there are very few substitutes. We must drive to work, run errands, and get from point A to point B somehow - there are very few options.


Just look at the increase of gas prices in California over the past year:

Source: AAA

Experts predict the price of gasoline is likely to remain elevated into the spring and summer months as people continue to travel and demand stays high. The price of diesel has increased even more than the price of gasoline as shown on the right side of the chart.

Why Are Gas Prices So High?

During 2020, as the pandemic caused many cities and countries to shut off non-essential businesses, the demand for oil crawled to a halt. This led many to believe gas prices would cease being a problem because we weren’t going to be traveling as much and producers slowed their output.

However, several years later, we are seeing travel demand come back at far greater levels than pre-pandemic, inflation causing double-digit increases in energy, and production creeping back at a slower than expected pace. “People will feel that certainly at the gas pump,” Jerome Powell, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, said earlier this month when discussing the rising price of energy.

Coupled with the war in Russia and Ukraine, there have been limits placed on oil coming into the United States, adding to the already limited supply and increasing the price. When oil goes up in price, gas prices are soon to follow. When oil goes down in price, gas prices are slow to follow. This is an unfortunate reality of the financial energy markets.

These factors have all led to the highest gas prices ever recorded for major cities in the U.S.:

Source: GasBuddy.com

How You Can Avoid Paying Rising Gas Prices

Thankfully, there is one option that is helping people cope with the rising gas prices we are all beholden to - electric bikes.

As a leading long-range electric bike brand, we believe our bikes are important. But even more important than our bikes are what our bikes allow our customers to do. With an electric bike, you can take back control of your financial life and continue to enjoy the experiences you love, without the burden of high gas prices hitting your wallet each week.

At up to 60 miles per charge, an e-bike is a great alternative to a gas-guzzling car for getting around. You can commute to and from work, and your company may even let you charge your bike at the office or warehouse, eliminating even your need to pay for electricity.

Run errands, exercise, and visit friends all using an e-bike at a fraction of the cost of driving your car at these current gas prices.  By combining an e-bike with one or more of our new bike bags, you can even get some of the same carrying capacity as your car for your work clothes or groceries.

The higher the price of gasoline climbs, the more sense it makes to invest in alternative modes of transportation, particularly green modes that are good for the planet.

A Solution for Gas Prices and Climate Change

Helping to fight climate change at the same time as saving money is a win-win. As gas prices remain elevated, more producers may be incentivized to drill for oil. By using an e-bike, you vote for renewable resources such as solar and wind to provide your power, rather than fossil fuels. Of course, some electricity still comes from coal power plants, but an e-bike is one big step towards changing the trends that are hurting our planet and the animals we share it with.

Not only are bikes good for your bank account and mother nature, but you can also use an e-bike, to reduce the dollars you spend on car maintenance and upkeep. This will extend the life of your car and stretch your savings.

Combined, these savings factors may even pay for the up-front cost of your bike when considered over a long enough time. That much value is hard to get from any other mode of transportation on the market today.

We understand the difficulty many people are experiencing with rising gas prices. We hope that by offering a direct-to-consumer product with an extended 2-year warranty and stress-free 15-day return policy, your transportation needs can be met so you can get up and get going again.

Gas prices may continue to rise in the coming months. But now you know just how much and why as well as what you can do about it. By utilizing an e-bike for certain trips, you will save money and regain your voice in the fight against rising prices at the pump.