World Bicycle Day – Everything You Need to Know

by Mark Minstrel on Jun 02, 2022

World Bicycle Day – Everything You Need to Know
Cycling is one of the best physical activities. It is so suggested and promoted, particularly because it targets different age groups which makes it extremely suitable for everyone. Also, there are a bunch of benefits that cycling brings to the cycler. With so much popularity and great benefits, the bike has become the number one transpiration vehicle over the last few years.

Although bicycles are extremely popular and demanded now, that was not the case in the past. The cars were taking over, leaving this great environment-friendly option to the side. The versatility, the longevity, and the uniqueness that the bike provides were more than enough motives for the United Nations to decide that it was time for the bike to get its special day. That is why June 3rd is celebrated worldwide as World Bike Day.


The history behind the World Bike Day

As mentioned above, the uniqueness, longevity, and the versatility of the bicycles were some of the keynotes that made the General Assembly declare June 3rd as World Bike Day. The bike itself has been in use for over two centuries. It is a simple, affordable, environmentally-friendly way of transportation. And it is not only great for the environment but also the health too. Especially during the pandemic that started back in 2020, the bicycle was the suggested and the recommended way of getting around without being exposed to the crowds and maintaining a social distance.

The idea behind the decision of having a World Bike Day was to encourage the stakeholders to emphasize, advance, and support the use of bicycles. And not in just any way, but to promote sustainable development, stronger physical education, a healthier way of living, prevention variety of diseases, as well as social inclusion. All these and a variety of other initiatives connected to the benefits of the bike were welcome by the Assembly, encouraging the general over-being and promoting a better and stronger cycling social culture.


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 Why celebrate the bicycle?

In a world of constant rush, stress, pollution, and lack of time for personal growth, development, and well-being, the bicycle is the way that contributes to all of these issues. It is a physical activity that is suggested by the health experts, mainly because it falls in the category of activity of moderate intensity. As such, it is a wonderful option to get some physical activity in a very simple way and achieve different activity levels depending on personal performance.

Another important reason to celebrate World Bicycle Day and to acknowledge its importance is to recognize all the benefits that the bicycle provides. Especially the ones to the environment. While keeping a healthy body and mind, you are keeping the environment clean too. The bicycle, in all its forms, is a sustainable means of transportation. It does not pollute the air, contributes to less congestion, and promoted a great way in fighting climate change.


5 ways to celebrate the World Bicycle Day

  1. Join a bicycle event

As World Bike Day becomes more and more important and popular, each year there are lots of different events that support it. Around the world, this day is hugely celebrated by all those who are both beginners and pros on their bikes and E-bikes. so. The best way to properly celebrate World Bicycle Day is to get informed and look for a scheduled bicycle event in your city or town. Join the thousands of other cyclists that are promoting, a better, healthier, and more sustainable way of exercise and daily commute.

  1. Give your bike some TLC

If you never had the time to do some work on your bike, today is the day to do it. It is time to give it a bit of TLC.  This day is all about the bike, so, head to the local bike shop and get some of the things that you will need for quick maintenance and retouch. Your bike will be grateful for that, and you will also ride safely, knowing that you have done its yearly check-up.

  1. Organize a team ride

Cyclers usually have a group of friends who are also cyclers with whom they explore some new places and heights. Whether you gather around for the weekend or this World Bike Day, there is no better way than to spread the message by group cycling. Be the one who will set the plan in motion, decide where the group will cycle to, and inspire and spread the message as a group. You will have a lot of fun and you will celebrate World Bike Day in a proper manner.

  1. Watch a cycling movie

The best inspiration comes from watching a good movie. The same can be said about cycling too. A great way to honor the World Bike Days is to just relax, find a good cycling movie or a documentary in that area and just enjoy. Not only you will relax, but you will learn something new and will get inspired to get moving.

  1. Gift a bike

If you ever wondered when is a good time to gift a bike or an E-bike, World Bike Day definitely is the one. Whether you were looking to gift a bike to yourself, your parents, or your kids, there is no better and stronger way to spread the message than to do it on World Bike Day. For that matter, Himiway has the best and the most unique offer of E-bikes that will make a great gift. Head out to our website to check them out!

Riding a bike or an E-bike is truly an activity that brings a lot of variety and satisfaction. Be the one that will inspire the change towards the better and the healthier. Celebrate World Bike Day with Himiway and get cycling!