Himiway Story of Carey Howard

Himiway Story: The Best Gift for Myself-Himiway Cruiser

Former athlete Carey Howard is from Chicago. The place where he lived was relatively remote, the place that he worked was far from his home. As the road to work was very rough and unsmooth he finally chose the option of an all-terrain fat tire electric bike. The Himiway Cruiser. He said it was the best gift he could have ever bought himself, as electric bikes are far more cost-effective than cars.

My place of work is about 10 miles from home, and I think it’s too expensive to go by car every day. It takes a lot out of my living expenses. I also think the roads in the city are too crowded. If I drive, it means I spend a lot of time stuck in traffic. I'm always very envious of the pedestrians walking on the streets outside of their car. While I'm in traffic, they are showing off that they're faster than me. And I also wanted to save money, so I sold my car.

The Himiway Cruiser gave me the opportunity to exercise every day, which is great since I play sports. The three modes of riding on the Himiway Cruiser are very suitable for me. It only takes me about 30 minutes a day to get to work, and I can wave my hand to the commuters trapped in their cars and I always snicker at their anxious expressions. I can also freely walk on the sidewalk when the traffic's bad. When I get home from work, I switch between boost mode and cycling mode so that I can get my exercise. I like this feeling, it's really great. At the same time, I like to go out on weekends. This bike can easily ride the trails in the mountains and forests, and as shown in the home video, it's really perfect.

Himiway Story of Carey Howard

I think one of the highlights of the Himiway Cruiser is that I can always get everyone's attention. I always watch people driving through the city in their cars, and I just don't feel that they like being stuck in their cars very much. When I stop at a red light, someone always asks me about my electric bike. And I tell them everything is great and I tell them that this is a HIMIWAY electric bike. People are always surprised by the super-long battery life and affordable prices that Himway offers.

Personally, I am very satisfied with this bike. I also really like the shock absorption and fat tires that it comes with. It makes my ride very comfortable and adaptable to various terrains. Thank you HIMIWAY.