What Should I Look for in an E-bike?

by Mark Minstrel on Jun 01, 2022

What Should I Look for in an E-bike?
That’s the question on everyone’s mind right now thanks to the surging popularity of electric bikes. Electric transportation in general is on the rise and e-bikes are an excellent form of micro-mobility. E-bikes allow you to get around town, commute to work, and exercise, all while avoiding the extreme gas prices we are currently experiencing in the United States and around the world. 

What to look for in an e-bike depends somewhat on the type of rider you are and what you want to do with your e-bike. To help guide new riders, we’ve created a helpful questionnaire and written an extensive guide on How to Find the Perfect E-bike for Yourself. In the article, we discuss specific traits for riders looking to get a tailored experience. 

But what if you are new to the e-bike world and just started researching? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Today we are going back to the basics to cover the key points you should look for in any e-bike. Himiway E-bike or otherwise, these areas are of critical importance to any e-bike purchase so check it out below! 

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Good Reviews

A core pillar of any good e-bike brand is plenty of good reviews on ebike . In the age of the internet, it’s not hard to find more information about a product you are researching. But don’t just check the company’s website (although that’s a good place to start!). Instead, check out YouTube as well as review sites and comments. We showcase riders on our website and YouTube channel all the time so hit us up there as well. 

Don’t forget to take reviews with a grain of salt. Sometimes they are written by competitors as a false way to attack another brand or someone who never updated their review when a company resolved their issue. But the majority of reviews should be positive and informative. A lack of reviews may mean the brand is new or does not operate in the same region as you are searching.

We love it when fans make videos with our bikes and we invite all competition and comparison videos. A thriving and engaged cycling community is what makes e-bikes so awesome. Hearing stories from our riders about the unique way they use their Himiway e-bike is the reason we love what we do so much. 

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High Quality

There is an old saying, “buy cheap, buy twice”. This applies to most areas of life. You don’t always need the top-of-the-line premium model, but by trying to cheap out on something like a tool, a bike, or furniture, you may end up needing to buy it twice if it breaks or underperforms. 

We strive to operate in an affordable range for the most serious or excited riders. We won’t be the cheapest option on the market because we use high-quality components and spend a lot of time researching and developing the best e-bike features. Whichever e-bike brand you go with, ensure you do not simply go with the lowest price. By doing this, you may find yourself underwhelmed by your e-bike and not interested in riding it very much. 

Long Range

One of the many reasons e-bikes are catching on with so many citizens is due to their long-range batteries. But not all batteries are created equal. Some e-bikes will only let you go 20 or 25 miles on a single charge. If you are out riding for the entire weekend or forget to charge your e-bike overnight, this short range may cause you to be stranded or force you to pedal all the way home. 

Instead, you should look for an e-bike that has a long range and a reputable battery. Aim for 40 miles of battery range at a minimum. This will allow you to run any errand or travel vast distances on a single charge. E-bike batteries only last so many charges. Himiway bike batteries last for about 1,000 charge cycles and will easily last you many years if maintained correctly. Other bike brands which require you to charge more frequently will lose their battery capacity quickly.  

Our longest-range bikes can travel upwards of 80 miles per charge with our pedal-assist technology. This long distance is sure to get you there and back again on any journey. 

High Performance

Slow bikes are a drag, literally! So, you should look for high performance in an e-bike. When reviewing possible options, look at the size of the motor and the maximum speed as well as the rate of acceleration the bike offers. Riders will be quick to tell you that high speed and fast acceleration are one of the absolute best parts of e-bike riding. After all, the perfect e-bike for you is the one you love to ride. 

Motors come in all shapes and sizes. You should look for 750 watts of power at a minimum if you want a true e-bike experience. This is the sweet spot that will still allow you to ride on most bike trails in the U.S. and not be considered a motorcycle or moped. You do not need a license to operate an e-bike with a 750-1000W motor in the United States. 

Warranty Protection

An easy sign of a good e-bike is how long the warranty protection on it is. Companies with faulty products tend to only offer short warranties. After all, if a brand has confidence in its product, it should offer a long warranty. Himiway is proud to offer a 2-year warranty on all e-bike sales made directly to the rider. This is double the industry average for e-bike warranties and is a good metric for you to consider while e-bike shopping. 

In addition to a long warranty, look for a brand that offers loyalty points and rewards for repeat purchases or accessories. This will help you save when you want to buy addons for your e-bike such as a handy bike bag or bike lock to protect your investment.

Now you are an expert on what to look for in an e-bike! Let’s recap: read reviews and watch online videos from other riders, look for high quality over a low price, ensure your bike has long range and high performance, and finally, keep an eye on the length of the warranty offered.  

Combined, these features are all standard markers of a great e-bike for beginners and advanced riders alike.