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5 Common Misunderstandings of Ebikes

Mentioning ebikes, some of the first images that come to people's minds are usually misunderstandings about ebikes, such as their inability to get wet, lack of exercise, or limited riding distance. However, the following are the top 5 misunderstandings regarding ebikes, which may free your minds from worries when you choose to go out by an ebike:

Misunderstanding 1: Ebikes cannot be ridden when it is raining
Some worries go around the security of ebikes on rainy days, which consider ebikes cannot be ridden on a rainy day, or the battery would be easily damaged or even destroyed in wet condition. However, most ebikes nowadays are water-resistant, wet road with puddles are not a problem as their electrical components are protected by the outer shell from water splashed from any direction, and it means normal riding through a rainy day is absolutely feasible, but it does not mean your ebikes can be totally soaked when you store them.

Choosing an e-bike that meets the standard of water-resistant, which protects ebikes from water splashes from any direction is necessary. Good-quality ebikes give you total freedom to choose to park whether on a rainy day or any other hard weather without concerning the battery or motor being accidentally harmed. Our ebikes entitle you to ride on any rainy or snowy day.

Misunderstanding 2: You can not get fit riding an ebike.
Some people still hold the idea that ebikes are only for "lazy" or elder persons, but ebikes are basically regular bikes at their core, they have the same gears and components that normal bikes do. Ebikes are just like traditional bikes in the sense that you can still pedal whenever you want, and however hard you want.

E-bikes just provide an optional boost to your effort. When you ride up to a steep hill, you can still try to do it by your own strength of legs, the weight of a heavy battery can even provide extra burden that increases your workout effect.

So ebikes can be a tool for exercise as their basic function, while it can also be an energy-saver in certain circumstances, it depends on what purposes you decide to use, and as far as I am concerned, ebikes are definitely the best tool for outdoor exciting as their versatile switchable mode and their nature for sightseeing.

Much like traditional bikes, ebikes require energy from your leg that keeps ebikes going and your balance ability when you ride them when it is not on the electric mode, so it is actually a kind of body sport that and keeps your whole body remain a state of tense and moving. Hence, you can easily get fit by riding an ebike as it will make your muscle in a good shape. What's more, Not only can riding an ebike help you keep fit, but it also improves your lifestyle.

Misunderstanding 3: Ebikes are limited on distance.
It is undeniable that the battery cannot last forever, you have to charge your bike when it runs out of power. However, ebikes, are ultimately bikes, they perform the same functions as the traditional bikes do in that you can still pedal whenever you want, and however hard you want. E-bikes simply provide an optional boost to your effort.

A steep hill is also accessible without electric extra help, and the weight of the battery will be added to make you feel harder when you try to work out by an ebike. Still, ebikes can be ridden like a traditional bike once the battery has been run out of.

Himiway’s e-bikes provide a Samsung/LG battery with 48V 14Ah, which guarantees a long enough distance without worrying about depleting of battery within your physical ability, and the number of miles you continue to ride unassisted is totally up to you. The sole limit to your travel distance could be your sense of adventure or your physical level rather than an ebike. Besides that, its fat tire is a superpower and life-longer compared with traditional bikes, it will impress you with the long distance riding and further help break the stereotype of ebikes.

Misunderstanding 4: Ebikes need extra maintenance.
It is crucial to realize the fact that ebikes are regular bikes, so the vast majority of ebike maintenance is much as the same as traditional bikes, when it is frequently ridden, more maintenance is required, which is common knowledge and similarity between ebikes and traditional bikes. Daily maintenance like how to keep your tires in tip-top shape is comprehensively stated here, you may check it out. And one of the biggest differences between them is the battery --- it needs to be charged to ensure proper running and maintains longevity.

Buying ebikes with a high-quality battery brand makes your ebike’s life longer. Brands that sell lower prices for electric bikes often can’t withstand as many charge-cycles, and they need more extra maintenance, while quality can be guaranteed with the Samsung/LG brand.

However, no matter how good the battery is, the performance such as the range and the longevity of any brand batteries for ebikes are drastically reduced in the cold weather. So here are some tips for you for preserving ebike battery performance and longevity:

Dry Atmosphere: make sure your ebike is charged and stored in a dry atmosphere, longtime exposure to humid, water conditions are harmful to ebike batteries.

Regular Inspect: check the status of the battery and the connection point on the bike regularly is a good way to keep it normal working.

Normal Temperature: If you won’t ride your ebike for a while, you’d better charge it and store it somewhere indoors where the temperature is normal.

Keep clean: If the ebike is contaminated by grit, mud, snow, or dust, clean it before connecting the battery.

Charge frequently: It is feasible to charge the battery between your regular rides, even if little battery energy has been used.

In a nutshell, ebikes demand only a little more effort on maintenance. Efforts to get tires pressured, gears oiled, and brakes in working order are needed, and the sole extra step for you to take is to make your bike charged, which is very simple, for you just have to plug your battery into a normal socket.

Misunderstanding 5: Ebikes are only allowed to be ridden on smooth, flat ground.
Some people assume that ebikes are only ridable in certain conditions, such as smooth, flat ground, or the tire can easily be destroyed by grit, sharp stone, or even gravel stone or you will feel strongly shaken. On the contrary, the fact is that not only can ebikes be ridden up to a steep hill but also it can pass through the hard-conditioned ground, such as beaches, forests, gravel ground, etc.

Fat tire ebike provides you with the most comfortable seats and most accessible places you want to travel by an ebike. On the one hand, the fat tires exist for long-distant and hard-conditioned roads. On the other hand, the famous brand battery allows you to ride a very long range with higher power.

Although the fact is that ebikes can be ridden to most hard-conditioned ground, however, it is universally acknowledged that riding in a hard condition intentionally with long-term range will reduce the life of your tires or even cause some damage that is irreversible.

All in all, common misconceptions on ebikes are not limited to 5 points listed above, knowing more about ebikes may change your stereotype on it and bring a new kind of easier way of excise and a healthier life. At this spring time, we recommend 5 best places for spring road bike, just grab an ebike and invite your friends to ride together.