bike trails and lanes for spring riding

Top 5 Places for Spring Road Bike

Just when we have had enough of the frost-ridden, snowy, bone-chilling winter, spring finally arrives, bringing the sweet relief of milder weather and the excitement of spring travel. Few ways of refreshing, health-promoting travel can compare to biking in spring, with the fresh air hitting your face as you race down the slopes and down steady roadways surrounded by the turning of the blooming scenery and greenery. Sure there might be some sprinkles of rain, but it's certainly not anything you can’t handle in exchange for a great, refreshing ride. And we have also prepared some tips for riding in the rain, in order to guarantee your riding safety.

Avid cyclers can’t wait to kick the winter out and get their electric bikes primed and ready for spring cycling. There are multiple great spring bike destinations out there, ideal for engaging in one of your favorite springtime activities. But the changing seasons also change where those locations are based on the time of year. Luckily, we have done the research and scoured the top 5 places to bike in the US. If you are fortunate enough to live near any of these locations, we recommend that this spring you venture out for a ride along with one of these great biking routes.

US-1 (From Georgia to Key West)

As one of America’s oldest and major highways, spanning nearly 2,370 miles from the Canadian border in Fort Kent, Maine to the very tip of Key West, Florida, Route US-1 spans a wide variety of regions and landscapes throughout its lengthy run. While many northern parts of the road have a spring that is but an extension of winter, the stretch from Georgia to Key West lies in the sweet spot, in terms of climate and scenery, for an amazing spring cycling experience.

This highway is easy for cyclists to navigate, and runs through the beautiful palm trees alleys, rolling hills, and lagoons. From the southern tip of Florida, US-1 runs into and over the Atlantic, as you ride down to Key Largo, the first and biggest of the Key islands. As you ride between the keys the gorgeous views of the surrounding ocean make you feel like you are on the world’s longest bridge. The mostly straight stretch of road can make one lose sight of land in front and behind them at times, yielding a mesmerizing view.

Riding US-1 in this region of the country in the spring is an ideal time. Summers can be brutal with heat, and there is no cover from the sun along the stretches between Florida and its keys over the open ocean. The mild spring days of March and April months are warm enough to be comfortable without being oppressively exhausting.

Washington Park Arboretum

The 3.5-mile path offers a calming, welcoming path that runs through the Washington Park arboretum, near the University of Washington. It is a breathtaking oasis for those wishing to go for a walk, hike, job, or for those looking to cycle through its scenery. If you wish to lose yourself in the tranquility of greens, this may be the path for you. While its northern positioning can make very early spring a bit of a chilly ride, mid to late spring treks would be an ideal choice for a spring cycling session.

The trails here are very popular, especially since they are conducive to family walks and rides. Even four-legged family members are welcomed, as long as they are leashed. Of course, the popularity of such a place will draw a crowd throughout the milder months, so when riding this path, you should expect other patrons to take advantage of the beauty and scenery that the arboretum path has to offer.

Tunnel Of Trees (Harbor Springs, Michigan)

For a more casual ride, even in the warmer days of late spring, Michigan’s Tunnel Of Trees offers a path through a dense forest carved out for a peaceful ride through a dense forest hugging the eastern shoreline of Lake Michigan. This narrow, canopy-covered road loaded with sightseeing stops and lined with many shops and restaurants down the side of the route. When you need a break from your ride, you will have plenty of options to stop over at for a quick bite before continuing your trek.

The canopy provides the perfect cover from any pestering winds, as well as blinding sun glares, finding the ideal balance for an optimal cycling atmosphere. The road can be traveled by cars as well, so it is paved, allowing for a smooth ride on the snaking forest road.

Farm To Market Road 149

Farm to Market Road 149, located just north of Houston, is a highly rated Texas cycling path. The landscape shifts to hilly farmland and open fields covered with Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush flowers in the spring as you pass through the southern edge of the Sam Houston National Forest filled with its magnificent pine trees.

Connecting Montgomery and Anderson, this 48.5-mile trek is lined with a great variety of scenic greenery. The summers in the area can offer intense heat, but the spring months are perfectly mild allowing a soothing ride along the rolling farmland road.

Shark Valley Trail

Spanning 100 miles from the Okeechobee lake to the Gulf Of Mexico runs right through the heart of the infamous Florida Everglades. With multiple walking, paths, the trail offers a paved, flat road used by many adventurous cyclists in the spring. The riders tend to also be interested observers in the many variations of wildlife residing in the Everglades National Park. On your ride, you are more than likely to pass by multiple alligators, herons, turtles, deer, and many more.

If you are interested in renting a bike, you can do so from the Shark Valley Trap Tour Company, and set off on the trail from behind the Shark Valley Visitor Center. The trail spans about 15 miles, allowing you to enjoy a solid 2.5 to 3 hours of riding while enjoying the ambiance of the wildlife of a nature preserve. Early spring riders skip out on the drenching humidity and massive bug swarms and enjoy a nice peaceful ride through one of the country’s most unique locales.

Final Thought

There are many great spring road bike destinations to visit for biking in the spring across the United States. If you really love spring cycling, try out a mission of tackling one of these per year. It won’t be long until you will have years’ worth of sprint travel plans with many exciting bike trail destinations to look forward to.