keep bike tires in tip-top shape

How to keep your ebike tires in tip-top shape

In recent times, electric bikes are gradually becoming a popular option for many people. They are useful for exercise, leisure riding or transportation. However, being mechanical devices, it is paramount that they are subjected to a proper maintenance routine so that their economic lifespan can be extended. No doubt, tip-top bikes require tip-top tires. A maintenance routine will help reduce the chances of incurring breakdowns and accidents and avoid paying hefty fees for repairs in the future. The great news is measured that riders can implement to maintain their ebike tires are inexpensive, and they help save money to replace them. Keeping your ebike in tip-top shape is simply a matter of commitment and consistency in terms of adhering to a maintenance routine. There are several ways to do this, and in this article, we will highlight the tips that help keep your ebike tires in a tip-top shape. 

Maintain the pressure

Maintaining adequate pressure is one of the most vital aspects of keeping the tire in the best condition possible. It enables users to ride easily, smoothly, and avoid the inconvenience of a flat tire. Furthermore, have low levels of pressure causes damage to the rims and wears the tire. As a result, one might end up having to replace them than would have otherwise been necessary. It is vital to practice the habit of checking the tire pressure levels and pumping if need be before every ride, or at least once in 3 days. It is particularly critical for frequent users who ride for long ranges. The exact optimal tire pressure varies depending on the type of tire. Riders should check the manufactures recommendations in the manual or on the sidewall of the tire. However, generally, the adequate pressure levels for road tires are between 80 to 130psi, while for mountain bikes, the pressure between 25 to 35 psi, and hybrid tires require anything between 40 to 70 psi. Users should also know the pressure levels that enable them to ride their ebikes comfortably, depending on the terrain. Riders can check the tire pressure by pinching them on the sides. A tire with adequate pressure should feel solid. One can also purchase a pump with a gauge display. It helps show the exact amount of pressure in the tire. 

Inspect your rims

 The tire pressure has a close relationship with the rim. It is why it is critical to frequently inspect it. It is paramount to ensure that the tire is properly mounted on the rim to avoid air leaks. Regular checks also help reduce the risk of incurring rim wear and damage due to tire bursts. Riders should ensure that the rim tape is smooth and flat, covers missing spoke holes, valve holes, and rim edges. Riders will find out that taking proper care of the rim will go a long way in ensuring that the tires on their ebikes are maintained in a good state. Inspecting your rims frequently will only take a few minutes, but will go a long way in extending the useful lifespan of your tires.

Choose proper tires for the terrain.

Your ebikes tires serve a pivotal role. They support the load carried on the bike, transmit traction and traction forces to the ground, absorb shock, and help change and maintain direction of travel. To ensure that these functions are perfectly executed, it is paramount that riders choose tire types best suited for the terrain they intend to use them. Different terrain requires different tires. For instance, highway terrain tires have smaller voids between tread blocks, continuous channels, and smooth shoulders that help dampen noise. However, it is not convenient that your mobility as a rider is limited by the tires on your ebike. Most riders enjoy experimenting with various kinds of terrain. Therefore, this is why it is crucial to purchase all-terrain electric bicycles that can navigate through any environment, such as those from Himiway. Himiway all-terrain fat tire electric bicycles can be comfortably used on any terrain. They are also large such that they are fewer chances of them being punctured, even on the roughest of terrains. Having all-terrain tires will help you eliminate worry whenever you intend to ride in unfamiliar territories.

Use ebike brakes properly.

One of the aspects most responsible for wearing and tearing tires during motion is the application of ebike brakes. Users must avoid skidding or bringing their ebikes to a sudden halt while riding. Riders who slam brakes frequently find themselves with the problem of fast deteriorating tires. To avoid this, riders should be alert when navigating terrains and do so at a comfortable speed. It will help them reduce the chances of having to stop abruptly. Adopting gentle riding practices will go a long way in extending the economic lifespan of your ebike. 

Add protectant to ebike.

In addition to good tire maintenance habits such as regular cleaning, riders will also find that adding a protectant also helps prolong their lifespan. It is particularly critical when users intend to store their electric bikes for a while in a location to which they might be subject to a harsh environment. However, it is crucial that you are well versed with the quality of the protectant that you intend to use. Most manufacturers and experts recommend the use of protectants that do not use any hard chemicals. Riders can use customer reviews or reputable online journals to identify the best protectants they can use on their ebikes.


As highlighted above, tires play a role of paramount importance on electric bikes. Having tire problems can be a headache to riders both in terms of inconveniences or the cost of replacing them. Therefore, the importance of maintaining your ebike tires in tip-top shape cannot be overlooked. Also, it is the role of riders to ensure that their ebike tires are always in condition for an excellent riding experience and prolonged economic lifespan. Fortunately, the measures to preserve the integrity of your ebike tires are cheap. They include maintaining adequate pressure levels, inspecting rims, selecting proper tires for the terrain, using brakes properly, and using protectants.