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How to Maximize Your Ebike Battery Life

Batteries are the core element of electric bikes. They play an important role in the work of electric bikes, and that's why they are usually relatively expensive. A lithium battery began to decline since it was manufactured. After being consumed and charged once and once again, it will eventually die. Although we cannot prevent lithium batteries from being scrapped, there is still something we could do to extend the life of the batteries. Here we are writing this article to share 5 useful tips about the daily use of batteries to help you maximize your ebike battery life.himiway escape battery is removable

Choose a Reputable Ebike Battery Brand

The brand is undoubtedly one of the important factors to measure the quality of batteries because a brand with a high reputation is usually derived from excellent products. And the quality of the battery usually determines the length of the battery life, therefore, when buying an electric bike, you should try to choose the one equipped with a famous battery brand, and it is best to choose a company that provides a two-year warranty.

This may sound like a high cost. However, while equipped with Samsung/LG batteries and providing a two-year warranty, Himiway electric bike has an acceptable price. We all know that Samsung/LG batteries enjoy a high reputation worldwide, with good product quality and long battery life. With this in mind, Himiway chose those two companies as the battery supplier. All our electric bike models are equipped with high-power Samsung/LG batteries. You will definitely be attracted by its strong power after a test ride!

Charge Battery Properly

Charging and storing the battery correctly can effectively extend the service life of the battery. How to charge it properly is a serious question. First of all, try to use the original charger. The charger that comes with the battery is the most suitable and can keep the battery healthy to the maximum.

Secondly, don’t overcharge the battery. In fact, if it’s not for long-distance riding, there is no need to fully charge it, just charge it enough for your trip. Of course, it’s okay to fully charge it, but after that, it must be unplugged in time, cause if you leave the battery fully charged for quite a long time, it may cause the temperature to rise, which will easily damage the battery. Therefore, the duration of a single charge should not exceed 12 hours.

Well, it's already winter. We know that many of you guys will park your e-bike in the garage. Even if you charge it up before storing it, the battery will run out due to natural consumption after a period of time. But whether it is to leave the battery in a depleted or fully charged state, this will cause some damage to the battery. So when you don’t use it for a long time, it’s best to keep the battery at about 75% and store it in a cool and dry place.

Keep Average Battery Temperature

Although it's cold outside right now and you may be sitting by the stove missing the warm sunshine, but your battery will never want to be like this. If you leave it next to a stove or fireplace for a while, it will definitely die soon. Higher temperatures will damage some power components inside the battery, and the battery capacity will be greatly reduced. Therefore, for safety reasons and to extend your battery life, please keep your battery away from open flames and direct sunlight, and do not leave it in your four-wheel car in summer.

In addition to overheating temperatures, charging below freezing is also not acceptable. Studies have shown that during the charging process, it is best to keep the battery temperature between the freezing point and 110°F. And during use, the restrictions will be more relaxed, keeping the temperature between -4 and 140 is recommended.

Riding Mode

As you all know, Himiway electric bicycles have three riding modes: cycling, assisted cycling, and pure electric(throttle) mode. But what you don't know is that different riding modes also have some impact on battery life. Generally speaking, it is best to use the assisted cycling mode frequently, because it allows the battery to be used without being over-consumed. If you use the cycling mode frequently, the battery will always be in an idle state, which is not conducive to normal work, while using the pure electric mode all the time will cause serious battery loss and detrimental to the health of the battery. But we also recommend that you choose the riding mode according to your own condition. People who are in poor physical condition should use the throttle mode to avoid being overworked.

Ebike Usage Rates

The frequency of use of your e-bike will also make some difference in battery life. Ride your electric bike regularly and maintain your riding mileage in a stable range, which also helps to extend battery life. For example, putting about 20 miles on your bike every week will surely benefit both you and your battery health. Idle or excessive use of your e-bike will cause varying degrees of damage. Too little use will cause internal components to rust easily, and too much will lead to excessive consumption, so it's best to keep a balance between them.

Well, since the temperature outside is very low now, this is a good opportunity for a winter ride to put the knowledge you just learned into practice (just kidding)! But if you indeed want to have a wonderful winter cycling with your family or friends, please bring some necessary accessories and be well prepared before starting your trip. We have also shared knowledge about winter riding tips before, it will definitely be helpful for your trip. And if you want to extend battery life, please don’t forget the few practical tips we just talked about!