How to Take Care of Your Hips and Butt when Riding E-Bikes

How to Take Care of Your Hips and Butt when Riding E-Bikes

E-bikes are a wonderful new form of bicycle that takes advantage of new battery technologies, sustainability efforts, and traditional exercise. Because so many people are turning to e-bikes as their main mode of transportation, there are important skills and tips to take into consideration to avoid pain. Improper posture or riding technique can lead to hip pain, joint pain, butt pain, and other forms of discomfort.

Although we spend so much time in the seated position these days, it is easy to overlook simple adjustments which may make it far more comfortable to sit for prolonged periods. This includes while riding your e-bike. These common and annoying problems can make a fun day out turn into a miserable journey. We don’t want that for you. Therefore, this article will focus on 4 popular methods of reducing or eliminating butt or hip pain from cycling. If your butt or hips hurt after a long ride, this information is for you!

Although these tips may help you, they do not constitute medical advice because each situation and body type is different. Seek professional expertise in the realm of fitness or general medicine for a more customized solution to body aches or pains you may be experiencing. Your health and fitness are truly the best investments you can make. You may have already purchased an e-bike, or plan to, because of the many great health benefits they provide, so let’s dive into how you can make the most of it!

Distributing Your Weight

All sports, especially fitness related ones, use repetitive motions. Running, throwing, and of course, biking are all repetitive motion sports. Therefore, it is important to understand proper posture and technique as a prolonged movement in an unaligned manner will often result in long-term issues or pain.

As you ride, there are key points where your body comes into contact with your bike such as your hands, feet, and butt. These are the areas on which you need to focus much of your attention. You do not want to rely on your butt muscles and bones solely. It may feel natural to simply sit on the bike and let your weight naturally fall onto the butt, but this is a mistake. Ensure your feet are grounded securely on your pedals with light tension even when using the motor and battery of your e-bike. Keeping your feet engaged at all times helps distribute some of your weight throughout the lower half of your body, not just your butt.

In addition, use a firm (but not too firm) grip on the handlebars with relaxed shoulders. This will add a third point of contact for weight to be distributed across your bike and your body. It is important not to put too much weight forward onto your wrists as this may result in the hip pain going away but being replaced by wrist pain. Distributing your weight evenly will prevent all the pressure from going straight to your hips and rear.

Have the Right Saddle

The right seat can make all the difference. As long-range e-bike experts, we understand that our riders may be using their bikes to commute, run errands, or ride all day long. This means you’ll want your seat to be of the highest quality. Thankfully, all Himiway bikes come with a Selle Royal Saddle or a Velo Saddle, which both provide comfort on long rides by reducing pressure.

But having the right type of seat is not the only consideration. You also want to make sure it is adjusted correctly to suit your body. To determine the correct height for your seat, stand directly over the seat, sit down on the seat, and ensure your toes can touch the ground on both sides. You need to be able to balance your bike in this manner. If your knees are bent, the seat is likely too low. If you cannot touch both of your toes to the ground, the seat is likely too high.

Some seats will be very hard and others will be very soft. There is an element of personal preference here, but if you are using a custom seat, you’ll want to get a high-quality one. You will spend so much time seated on your bike, that getting a cheap seat may result in the bike seat hurting your butt due to not having enough padding. It may not last as long either. Check out our Guide to Electric Bike Seats for more information on choosing the right seat for you.

Use the Right Posture When You Ride

All sports demand the right posture to be used when in motion to avoid injury. Electric bikes are no different. The right posture when you ride can eliminate butt and hip pain as well as neck, wrist, or back pain.

Good riding posture can be attained by the following easy tips. First and foremost, you need to buy a high-quality or professional e-bike. Higher quality e-bikes have adjustments available to suit the bike to your needs and may come in Step-Thru options as well as moped-style options for superior comfort. Once you have the right bike, you need to pay attention to the positioning of your body. Relax and drop your shoulders. You do not want to be riding with tense shoulders.

Once you’ve got the first two tips taken care of, focus on your arms and hands. Slightly bent elbows with straight wrists should be your goal to avoid blood vessels getting too constricted or joints from locking out. Then, add a neutral spine position to avoid bending your back too much. You’ll know you are bending too far back or forward if your abdomen muscles are working contracting a lot.

Finally, keep your knees in line with your feet. You do not want to be jumping or swinging up and down or left to right with your legs while you pedal. This will create unnecessary friction and effort and may ultimately cause redness, or swollen ligaments resulting in pain. Read our full guideline to Maintaining Good E-bike Posture here.

Take Good Care of Your Skin

Our final tip is not one commonly known about butt pain while cycling. That is to keep your seat and clothing clean and free from moisture, bacteria, and dirt. Skin irritation around the buttocks is common from unclean seats which cause a lot of friction or rubbing. A sterile seat, cleaned regularly, and the use of antibacterial underwear can help in this regard. It is a well-known fact amongst avid bikers that paying attention to their underparts is important. Do not wear rough textures or fabrics. Do not wear skirts which may cause your skin to come in contact with the seat. These clothing choices may lead to redness, irritation, itching, or general discomfort.

We have other tips for fixing or preventing butt pain while biking, however, these top 4 will get you off to a good start. So, remember, distribute your weight evenly, invest in the right high-quality seat adjusted to your height, maintain proper posture while riding, and take good care of your skin and biking outfits. Happy riding!