A Guide of Buying Cargo Electric Bike

Best Cargo Electric Bike Buying Guide

Cargo e-bikes are fast-becoming the best way to get around town when you’ve got a lot to carry. With a cargo bicycle, you can easily stow and transport clothing, supplies, groceries, deliveries, and even pets! There is no end to the number of things you can do with a cargo bike. 


Built especially well for city riding, cargo bikes come in all shapes and sizes, but are generally smaller and more agile than a car or motorcycle. This makes getting around town much easier and may even open up more possible routes to you. Alleyways, steep hills, sidewalks, and parks all become available to use on the right e-bike and within the applicable safety laws. 


However, there are many new e-bikes on the market today. Consumers may feel overwhelmed by the number of options to choose from. Most people simply want to feel more confident in their choice of e-bike, especially when they are buying it for a specific purpose, such as hauling cargo around. To help with this problem, we’ve compiled some of the best tips into this handy cargo bike buying guide tailored specifically to electric bikes. Read on to see our advice on picking the best cargo e-bike for you!



As you may know, e-bikes require a motor to allow them to operate. Motors are an integral part of every e-bike due to the high demands placed on them. When a rider is tired, needs an extra boost, or simply doesn’t want to pedal, the motor must be there to pick up the slack. A weak or poor-quality motor can lead to an awful experience for the rider in the wrong conditions. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the type of motor in your prospective e-bike.


The lowest-cost e-bike you find will almost surely not have the best motor. It may behoove you to purchase a more premium e-bike to ensure you are getting a motor that will last no matter the load you are carrying. As an example, the Himiway BIG DOG comes equipped with a 750-watt upgraded brushless geared hub motor. That may sound like technical marketing speak, but what you need to know is that Himiway uses powerful motors with cutting-edge technology. Strong motors are key on cargo bikes where they may be pushed to the weight limit every day. 


Whether you go for a Himiway brand cargo bike or not, look for a motor with a high-quality inner ring to ensure proper heat resistance. Motors work hard and cheap ones may overheat while you are riding all day long. High-quality inner rings reduce the motor magnets’ attenuation speed, which guarantees longer life expectancy for the motor, meaning bikes like the Himiway Big Dog will be able to keep working as hard as you do. 



When you consider a new cargo bike, you must pay close attention to the different accessories that come with or are available for the bike. A cargo bike is not much help if it can’t take advantage of racks and baskets.


First, find out what accessories the bike comes with. For example, Himiway bikes come with tons of free accessories so that you get the most out of your riding experience. Mudguards, luggage racks, multi-tools, and a free bicycle hat are all included just to say thanks for being a Himiway customer. 


Second, research the additional accessories that are available for purchase with your new e-bike and make sure they are compatible. Some Himiway bikes can be further customized with the purchase of a front basket or bike bags


For those that want a dual-purpose accessory, a rear child seat is an excellent way to get fresh air for your child when you are not working or commuting with your e-bike.


Last but not least, consider accessories that can help if your bike gets into an accident or damage is done to your tire. The last thing you want while you are moving supplies around for work is to be down and out for hours while you look for a way to repair your issue. Tire pumpsmulti-tools, and spare chargers will all come in handy with even the best cargo e-bike. 


Payload Capacity

The weight capacity of the bike should be of keen interest to riders looking to carry additional items. You do not want to buy a bike with a low weight capacity which will prevent you from carrying very much. The Himiway BIG DOG can carry up to 400 pounds which should be plenty of weight for your belongings. 


Preferably stow your heaviest objects on the rear rack. This will ensure your bike remains stable and balanced. If you have bags hanging off the bike, place them on both sides so the weight counter-balances itself. Tie all loose gear down using rope or bungee cords to prevent items from falling off and getting damaged. Bucket bikes are an excellent option for carrying lots of small items which you do not want to strap down.  


Battery Life and Price

Know your usual riding distance to determine how well a particular battery will suit your needs. Long commutes or frequent trips will require a long-range battery. Most cargo e-bikes are only designed to travel 20-25 miles on a single charge. However, Himiway designed their cargo e-bike to travel 60-80 miles on a single charge. Depending on how often you want to charge your bike, your preferences may vary. A long-range e-bike will cost more than a shorter-range e-bike. 


A word of caution though, running out of battery life can be devastating on a long ride or when time is of the essence. If you are purchasing a cargo bike for work or long trips, it is worthwhile to invest in a slightly higher-priced e-bike to guarantee you won’t run out of battery power when you least expect it. You can always check the range remaining on the LCD view panel of the bike if you choose a bike with a display. 



Finally, compare the warranty coverage of whichever e-bikes you are considering. No warranty is no good. Skip any bike that does not offer a warranty from the manufacturer. This will prevent headaches and expensive repair costs down the road. If something goes wrong, the warranty will protect you. It also shows that the brand is willing to stand behind its product. This is doubly important with cargo bikes which must be built to strict standards due to the fact they carry large loads and are frequently used for tough work. 


Himiway bikes come with a 2-year warranty which will give you confidence in your purchase and peace of mind on the road or trail. Check to make sure you get at least a 2-year warranty on any cargo bike you buy. 


By now you should be an expert in picking out the best cargo e-bikes. Remember to get. Bike with a high-quality motor, plenty of accessories, a high payload capacity, a long-range battery, and a good warranty of at least 2 years. These tips should guide you in the right direction as you pick out your new cargo bicycle.