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6 Tips for Maintaining Proper Road Bicycle Posture on Your E-Bike

One of the biggest parts to ensuring you get the best experience while riding your electric bike—both from a performance and an enjoyment perspective—is to make sure you are riding with the best cycling posture possible. Proper road bicycle posture not only makes you more comfortable but also allows you to ride faster and longer. Ultimately—and importantly—correct bike posture while riding will also lead to fewer injuries over days and years, meaning that your road bike riding position can actually extend your cycling career if taken seriously.


For electric bike riders, these tips for proper cycling posture are all the more important. That is because electric bikes are designed to help people ride longer distances and extend their riding years, but without maintaining good bike posture the many health benefits of e-bikes are nullified. If you want to ride longer and avoid electric biking injuries, you should begin prioritizing the importance of maintaining proper road bicycle posture today.

How to Maintain Proper Cycling Posture

Let’s get you on your way to riding longer, safer, and more enjoyably. To better maintain a good road bike riding position, here are six helpful tips that you should take into consideration.

1. Buy a Professional E-Bike

The first step toward improving your cycling posture is to upgrade your bike to a professional e-bike. For both exercise and transportation purposes, electric bikes are the best option. However, if you do not have a professional quality e-bike then you may be using a bicycle that does not fit your skill level and size exactly. Fitting onto your electric bike comfortably is the most important first step in riding confidently with good bike posture. The best place to start is with a Himiway electric bike. With three different models that all come equipped with high-quality Samsung/LG batteries, getting fit for a Himiway e-bike will go a long way toward putting you on the right path for good road bicycle posture.

2. Keep Your Shoulders Relaxed

Keeping your shoulders relaxed while riding is an important tip not only for better bike posture but for most activities in life. This is especially true among amateurs or novices, who can easily tense up while trying to perform above their current ability. The most important thing to be aware of as a cyclist is how tense your muscles are—making it more difficult to ride smoothly. Relaxed muscles are more limber and provide more flexibility to maneuver the e-bike properly. When your shoulders are relaxed, it also gives you a better ability to turn your neck and prevent injuries, making you an overall safer and more alert rider. 

3. Bend Your Elbows

Just like relaxing your shoulders is a huge step toward improving your road bike riding position, so too is bending your elbows and keeping them relaxed. Bent elbows can greatly reduce the pressure that is put on the shoulders, which will help keep them relaxed as well. All of this will lead to relieving pressure on the hands and wrists—important body parts for riding performance and safety. This is especially true knowing that the wrists should not be bent. Proper bike posture with bent elbows will actually increase your balance and reduce the risk of falling off the e-bike, which is why good cycling posture plays such a vital role in biking safety.

4. Maintain a Neutral Spine

Arguably the most important tip for maintaining proper road bicycle posture on your e-bike is maintaining a neutral spine throughout the ride. While key, this can be one of the most difficult aspects of good cycling posture for a cyclist to recognize and correct if doing it improperly, simply because you do not have a visual on your back position while riding—you have to rely on feel or someone else’s assessment. But keeping your spine in a neutral position means not needing to stretch it to an uncomfortable level. To prevent yourself from bending your back too far, you can use your abdominal force as a guide. When the abdominal muscles are exerting too much force, you can easily straighten your back and relax other muscles in your arms and shoulders, making for a great bike posture.

5. Keep Your Knees in Line with Your Foot

Especially when cycling becomes difficult, such as near the end of a long ride or when tackling steep inclines, it is easy to allow your knees to push outward. Some riders do this consciously, thinking that the position will improve power, and some do it without realizing it—but the truth is that this movement decreases power and stability. Keeping your knees in line with your feet while riding is the best and most consistent road bicycle posture, increasing both efficiency and comfort.

6. Strengthen Your Muscles

Strength training is one of the most important things you can do for improving any physical activity, but it is particularly true for cycling. Strong muscles are a key factor for smooth and excellent cycling posture. Weak muscles can, unfortunately, lead to having bad posture, because the strain put on them will make it difficult to maintain a steady road bike riding position. Strong muscles, on the other hand, are the basis for ensuring correct and fluid movements, keeping you riding safely and effectively.


Ultimately, deciding that you are going to prioritize your health and longevity for biking is a personal decision—one of the most rewarding choices you can make as a cyclist. That starts with maintaining proper road bicycle posture every time you are on your electric bike. Good cycling posture leads to several key benefits, including preventing injuries and being able to ride for longer—both in terms of miles and years. Improving your road bike riding position starts with buying a professional e-bike and then keeping your shoulders relaxed, bending your elbows, maintaining a neutral spine, keeping your knees in line with your foot, and finally strengthening your muscles. With all of these helpful tips, you will be cycling better and safer than ever before!