How to Avoid Sweating During Riding

How to Ride an Electric Bike Without Sweating

We’ve all been there. We need to go somewhere and because it is a nice day with the sun shining, we decide to hop on our favorite e-bike and begin the journey. But once the heat and humidity set in, we begin to sweat. First, a little. Then, a lot! We arrive at our destination only to find our clothing is drenched in sweat. 

Perspiration, otherwise known as sweat, is a natural way for our bodies to regulate temperature. This may keep you away from choosing an e-bike as your preferred way to travel. Especially because some people naturally sweat more than others. And if you are doing something important, such as cycling to the office for work, the last thing you want to experience is the dreaded “commuter sweat”. 

Seen as a cost-efficient and fun way to get around, individuals of all ages are discovering the benefits of owning an electric bike. Some may use it as their main way to move about town and others may simply use it to run a single errand, get some exercise and fresh air, or reach that far away fishing spot. Regardless of what you use your electric bike for, the topic of sweat will likely have crossed your mind before.

If this has ever happened to you, then look no further for the solution to your problem because below are 5 proven tips to ride an e-bike without sweating. Keep your appearance fresh and dry by following these guidelines to reduce sweating.  

Dress in Layers

The first defense against unwanted sweat is an understanding of the benefits of layering. Layering is the act of adding additional clothing to your outfit, with the intention of removing one or more pieces of clothing as you warm up. Not only will your body start to generate more heat as you ride, but the temperature around you may increase as the sun rises in the sky. Being able to customize your temperature throughout the varying weather of the day can make a huge difference in the amount you sweat.

When you begin to feel warm during your commute or your ride, simply take off the top layer or two of clothing and tie it around your waist, put it in your rack or bag, or stow it in your cycling backpack for less sweating. The best technique for layering is not to use too many bulky jackets or pants. Use multiple lightweight pieces of clothing such as vests, scarves, and windbreakers. The outer layer should ideally be wind-proof or water-proof and have a hood. 

The first few minutes of your ride should be just a little chilly. This will help you avoid over-dressing. Not only will you be able to counteract sweat buildup, but layering is a common fashion tip used by professionals to improve their image. Look stylish while reducing sweat by layering your clothes. 

Use Performance Clothes

In addition to layering your clothes, it is important to wear the appropriate materials as well. Sportswear can be naturally moisture-wicking and is usually more breathable than everyday clothing. High-performance sportswear is usually wind-resistant, designed to be used in cold weather, and breathable. 

In the category of performance clothing is also performance headwear. Don’t wear a bulky hat because your hair and forehead will accumulate sweat. Instead, look for a good headband or light-weight high-tech hat to keep your ears warm and your skin dry. You may also try a sport helmet designed to keep air flowing around your head. This will also prevent sweat from dripping into your eyes and obscuring your vision. Finally, like athletes, it is very appropriate to carry a small towel with you to wipe the sweat off your face or neck as you ride or when you arrive.

Plan Your Commuting Route

A secret tip to reducing sweat while cycling to work is by planning your commute in advance. If you already know how to get to work, consider any alternative paths. You want to look for routes that have plenty of comfortable features such as trees for shade, buildings to hide the sun, or the ability to ride at a leisurely pace. Look for parks and alleyways to create shortcuts.

Try to avoid too many stops where you will be at risk of sitting in the sun. Also, try to avoid steep hills. Thankfully, if you have an e-bike, you won’t need to work nearly as hard to climb those hills, but it’s always better to be prepared to pedal in case you run out of battery during your commute or want to increase your range with pedal-assist technology like that found in the new lineup of Himiway e-bikes.

Use Antiperspirants

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” as the old saying goes. This is especially true when it comes to antiperspirants and exercise. Before you depart on your bike trip or your ride to work, make sure to apply the correct amount of antiperspirant. 

Pay close attention though! Antiperspirant and deodorant are not the same things. If you are only applying deodorant, you are missing out on the benefits of antiperspirant. The difference is simple so check your product at home. Deodorants only prevent odor. Antiperspirants prevent sweat and odor. 

Use a Heart Rate Monitor

Our final tip is to pay close attention to your heart rate while riding with a heart rate monitor. If you have a fitness tracker, you may already have a heart rate monitor depending on the model. The trick is to keep an eye on what your heart rate is BEFORE you begin sweating. By knowing this number, you’ll be able to ride at a pace that will not cause too much sweating.

Aim to keep your heart rate at 5-10% lower than your heart rate once you begin sweating. If you begin pushing yourself past this point, you begin risking sweating too much. Once you know your limits, you’ll be able to naturally identify your ideal performance level to ride without sweating. 

If sweating has been a persistent or embarrassing issue for you, try these tips and tricks. By following our recommendations, you may be able to commute to the office or run errands completely sweat-free or with very limited sweating.

Remember to dress in layers with performance clothing, plan a comfortable route ahead of time, use antiperspirant, and monitor your heart rate to avoid over-exerting yourself. These tips will allow you to stay fresh and composed throughout the day so you can save money while you save the planet on your e-bike. It’s a win-win situation!