Himiway ESCAPE Moped-Style Electric Bike Tips for Dealing With Cycling Ailments

4 Tips for Dealing With Cycling Ailments

As the professional in the bicycle industry, Himiway is always trying to share some useful tips about riding with you. Today we will talk about the hazards of incorrect riding posture and how to relax the body.

Riding will cause discomfort in certain parts of the body, such as thighs, hips, knees, etc., especially for long-distance riding or novices. So, how to maintain the correct riding posture, and how to master the correct way of relaxation after riding. Let's learn together.

Himiway ESCAPE Moped-Style Electric Bike Tips for Dealing With Cycling Ailments

First of all, we need to know which parts of the body can be exercised while bicycling. Thighs, calves, buttocks, arms, back, etc. are all parts of the body that will exert force , so these places need to be well protected. It is necessary to choose a well-structured bicycle, master the correct riding posture, and wear cycling clothes (especially cycling pants).

Choose a well-designed bicycle.

Let's first talk about how to choose a well-designed bicycle.

The most important thing for a good bicycle is to have a good seat cushion. The seat cushion must be soft and comfortable, and it is best to be adjustable in height. Himiway's Velo soft saddle is not only comfortable, but also adjustable in height, which suits most people's needs. In addition, comfortable handlebars are also necessary. A moderate width and the attached handlebars can reduce discomfort during riding. Last but not least, a good suspension system can prevent a lot of pain. For example, Himiway uses an aluminum alloy front fork suspension system, which is very durable. Besides, Himiway Escape has both the front and the rear suspension which could be a good choice for most people.

Try to improve your riding posture.

To be honest, the correct posture could help you release 80% pressure from your weight.

When riding a bike, you should use your hips as your support point, lean your upper body forward, look straight ahead, and evenly distribute your body weight on both sides of your body and avoid swinging from side to side. You can raise your hips from time to time during riding to promote blood circulation. The first riding time should be kept within one hour, and it is best to rest for a period of time after every hour of riding to relieve physical pressure and avoid overwork. Of course, you can switch your Himiway electric bike or other electric bikes with the throttle to electric mode when you feel tired, you don't need to exert any effort.

Relax after a ride.

The relaxation after riding is a huge point that cannot be ignored.

In terms of diet, fresh fruits such as watermelon can provide the body with citrulline and promote blood circulation, while cherries can have a mild anti-inflammatory effect, and adequate protein supplementation can also reduce pain. In addition to diet, we can also do some exercises to relax the body. Within an hour after riding a bicycle, we can do stretching exercises for 10 minutes. It is also recommended to massage the harder muscles after riding or before going to bed. In addition, it is not advisable to sit or lie down immediately after riding for a long time, and it is also not advisable to drink too much water or shower. You should take a walk for a period of time or do some small exercises to gradually relax the body. For the painful area, we can also take a cold compress for 2 to 3 days and then a hot compress for 1 to 2 days to relieve the pain.

After the full recovery, you'll have better experience with bicycling the next time.

Work out regularly in daily life.

If you still feel pain after doing the above relaxation methods, you need to rest for a few days before starting the next journey. In daily life, we should also exercise regularly to maintain a healthy body. Swimming is a good choice, both for exercise and relaxation.

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