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Prepping for Black Friday eBike Shopping Find Out Which Himiway Bike Suits You Best

Black Friday is just around the corner, and Himiway offers some amazing deals on their top-of-the-line e-bikes! Whether you're looking for a commuter bike to help you beat traffic or a mountain bike to explore the great outdoors, Himiway has the perfect e-bike.

Himiway e-bikes are known for powerful motors, long-range batteries, and durable construction. They're also packed with features that make them easy to ride and enjoy, such as comfortable seats, adjustable handlebars, and bright headlights.

Join us as we look closer at Himiway's current e-bike series and show how they can meet your needs. We'll also give you a sneak peek at some of Himiway’s Black Friday deals that will blow your mind.

Understanding Your E-bike Needs

Cargo ebike | Himiway

Choosing an e-bike is a big decision, and ensuring you get the right bike for your needs is important. Many e-bike types are available, each with unique features and benefits. By understanding your needs, you can choose the e-bike that's right for you and get the most out of your investment.

Let’s consider some of the basic questions you must ask yourself before choosing an e-bike:

What will you use your e-bike for? Are you looking for a commuter bike to help you get to work and back? A mountain bike to explore the trails? Or a cargo bike to haul groceries and kids? Maybe you require another form of recreation and a fun way to get around town, exercise, and enjoy the outdoors. You can narrow your choices once you know what you'll use your e-bike for.

How far will you be riding? If you're planning on doing long rides, you'll need an e-bike with a long-range battery.

What kind of terrain will you be riding on? If you will be riding on hills and rough terrain, you need an e-bike with a powerful motor and sturdy construction. If you mostly ride on paved roads, you can get away with a less powerful motor and lighter construction.

What features are important to you? Some e-bikes come with features like built-in batteries, fenders, and lights. Others have more advanced features like suspension systems and powerful 750W motors. Decide which features are important to you and choose an e-bike with them.

Himiway Product Overview

Himiway provides an extensive range of e-bikes to suit your everyday needs. We have highlighted some of these bestseller e-bikes to understand the benefits you can gain from each.

Himiway Zebra (Up to $400 Off)

Black Friday Price: $1,799 + Rear Rack + Fender Kit + Repair Tool

$1,599 for Florida Edition

All terrain electric bike | Himiway

The Himiway Zebra is an all-terrain electric fat bike, perfect for riding on any terrain, from city streets to mountain trails. It has a powerful motor and a long-range battery, so you can ride further and explore more.

👌 Range/Battery Capacity: 60-80 miles / 960Wh
👌Speed: 25 mph
👌Motor: 750W
👌Brakes: Hydraulic Brakes
👌Payload: 400 lbs 
👌2-Year warranty

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    Himiway Cobra Pro (Up to $200 Off)

    Black Friday Price: $3,799 for Forest Cobra

    Mountain bike | Himiway

    The Himiway Cobra Pro is a mountain electric bike for riding on challenging terrain. It has a powerful motor and full suspension to handle bumps and jumps easily.

    👌 Range/Battery Capacity: 60-80 miles / 960Wh
    👌Speed: 31 mph
    👌Motor: 1000W Bafang Mid-drive
    👌Brakes: 4-bar Linkage with hydraulic Brakes
    👌Payload: 400 lbs 
    👌Torque Sensor
    👌2-Year warranty

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      Himiway Cruiser (Up to $400 Off)

      Black Friday Price: $1,299 

      The Himiway Cruiser is a long range electric bike perfect for riding around town. It has a comfortable seat and an upright riding position for a relaxed ride.

      👌 Range/Battery Capacity: 35-60 miles / 840Wh
      👌Speed: 25 mph
      👌Motor: 750W
      👌Brakes: Mechanical Brakes
      👌Payload: 350 lbs 
      👌2-Year warranty

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      Himiway C1 Kids Ebike 

      Price: $799 + Kids Helmet + Protective Gear (Limited)

      The Himiway C1 is a kid's electric bike for introducing your child to the joys of cycling. It has a lightweight frame and a powerful motor to help them ride up hills and over rough terrain.

      👌 Range/Battery Capacity: 45-50 miles / 360Wh
      👌Speed: 7/13/15 mph
      👌Motor: 350W
      👌Brakes: Hydraulic Brakes
      👌Payload: 165 lbs 
      👌2-Year warranty

      Himiway Rambler (Up to $300 Off)

      Black Friday Price: $1,099 /$1,499 /$2,199


      Best commuter ebike | Himiway

      The Himiway Rambler is an excellent ride for commuting. The Rambler also has a larger radius and thinner width, allowing for easier maneuverability and less effort required to pedal.

      👌 Range/Battery Capacity: 55 miles /720Wh
      👌Speed: 25 mph
      👌Motor: 500W hub/mid-drive
      👌Brakes: Mechanical/Hydraulic Brakes
      👌Payload: 330 lbs
      👌2-Year warranty

        Himiway Rhino (Up to $200 OFF)

        Price: $2,999 /$3,999 

        Dual battery ebike | Himiway

        The Himiway Rhino is a dual-battery electric bike, that allows riders to travel up to 100 miles. With a 1000W powerful motor and dual batteries, you can carry more and travel farther on a road trip.

        👌 Range/Battery Capacity: 100 miles / 1440Wh
        👌Speed: 25 mph
        👌Motor: 1000W hub/mid-drive
        👌Brakes: Mechanical/Hydraulic Brakes
        👌Payload: 400 lbs
        👌2-Year warranty


          Himiway Big Dog (Up to $300 Off)

          Black Friday Price: $1,799 + Rear Rack + Fender Kit + Repair Tool + Himiway Cap

          The Himiway Big Dog is a versatile electric bike for a variety of uses, from commuting to running errands to exploring the outdoors. It is also very compatible with various cargo accessories, making it  an excellent cargo e-bike for those who need to log some luggage.

          👌 Range/Battery Capacity:  60-80 miles/ 960Wh
          👌Speed: 25 mph
          Hydraulic Brakes
           400 lbs
          👌2-Year warranty

            There’s a Himiway Model for Your Need

            The following are some reasons you might need an e-bike, and we will surely take the pain to recommend a Himiway model that perfectly suits each need.

            Urban commuting

            If you're looking for an eBike to help you beat traffic and get to work on time, the Himiway Cruiser and Himiway Rambler are great options. It has a comfortable seat and upright riding position, so you can relax and enjoy the ride. With its 180MM Mechanical/Hydraulic Disc Brakes, it provides excellent breaking solutions in a busy city situation.

            Off-road adventures

            The Himiway Cobra and Rhino provide an excellent choice for off-road adventurers. They have powerful motors and excellent fat tire conditioning to handle bumps easily and jumps. The Rhino also features a 1000W Geared Hub/Mid-drive Motor, which gives it an extended range of up to 100 miles.

            Cargo hauling

            The Himiway Big Dog and Himiway Escape pro, with their extended rear rack, provide an excellent option for cargo hauling. It is the perfect option if you need an eBike to help you haul groceries, packages, or kids. It has a powerful motor and a large carrying capacity, so you can carry everything you need without sweat. 

            Having Fun with kids

            The Himiway C1, although specially made for kids as a great way to break them into the manifold benefits of e-biking, could also function as the perfect leisure stead for an adult. It has a lightweight frame and a comfortable ride to enjoy any journey on this beauty. 

            black friday deal

            Himiway Black Friday Offer

            Himiway offers some amazing deals on their e-bikes this Black Friday, especially on the Himiway Rambler and The Electric Cargo Bike Big Dog. You can save up to $450 on the Himiway Escape and  $400 on the Zebra(FL Version) / Cruiser series.  $300 on the Rambler and the Big Dog. Of course, this includes many other freebies, like an added free pair of mirrors, a Rear rack, a Fender Kit, a 16-in-1 Repair Tool, and a branded cap.

            To access this awesome offer, you only need to purchase any of the Himiway Escape Pro or the Big Dog. The great news is that you even get an extra $200 off when you purchase two (2) of the Himiway e-bikes (Not including 2 Cruiser)this season. This is an opportunity you want to take advantage of. 


            Choosing the right e-bike is essential for a comfortable, enjoyable, and efficient ride. That's why it's important to consider your individual needs and lifestyle. Himiway offers a wide range of e-bikes, so you will surely find your perfect one.

            Take advantage of Himiway's amazing Black Friday deals and make the choice that suits you best. With up to $450 savings on select models, there's no better time to buy a Himiway eBike.