Electric bike with huge capacity

The Best Cargo E-bike for Hauling Everything

It seems something is missing from most cargo e-bikes available on the market today. They usually lack one of two features. Either they look good but don’t offer much substance in the form of high-tech or quality components, or they look awful but are highly functional and well-built. We thought to ourselves “Why not make a quality utility e-bike and make it look good at the same time?” and thus the Himiway Big Dog was born.


Named after the trustworthy companion that we all know and love, the Himiway Big Dog is a new addition to our lineup of premium electric bikes. It represents countless hours of research and development as well as consumer experience surveys to discover what riders value in their e-bike. Today, we are pleased to say that the Big Dog is the best cargo e-bike for hauling just about everything under the sun. Let’s see why:


Himiway Big Dog

To start, the Himiway Big Dog comes standard with our most sought-after features. A cargo electric bike needs to be able to go the distance without stopping to fill up on power halfway through the day. Thanks to our top-of-the-line lithium-ion battery and intuitive pedal-assist technology, the Himiway Big Dog can achieve a range of 60-80 miles per charge. More than enough to complete a full day’s work. And when the battery is almost out, you’ll only need a 7-hour charge time to full thanks to the 3AMP battery charger. This can easily be plugged in overnight so that the bike is ready again in the morning when you need it.


Another key feature every cargo electric bike must have is the ability to haul heavy loads with ease. Thanks to our sturdy 6061 aluminum frame design and 20” x 4” fat tires, we’ve achieved a payload capacity of 400 pounds (including the rider) which is more than plenty to carry all the gear you need. 


While loading your cargo electric bike, you’ll want to keep it from tipping over. Thankfully, the Big Dog comes equipped with a Double Leg Kickstand built out of heavy-duty aluminum. This convenient addition allows easy loading and unloading and lifts the back wheel off the ground for maintenance on the bike should the need arise. 


With a powerful 750-watt motor, the Big Dog can haul just about anything with the speed and ease for which Himiway bikes are known. And the Step-thru design at just 16.5 inches for standover height allows you to lift your leg through simply and quickly. If you will be getting off and on your bike frequently, or if you have limited mobility, this moped-style frame is ideal. Finally, front and rear fenders keep you clean while you work or ride through mud and rain. 

Cargo E-bike Racks 

Now that we’ve covered the main details of the Himiway Big Dog cargo bike, we turn our focus to e-bike racks. It can be difficult to make a bike rack look elegant and clean while maintaining its functionality. Most bikes have longtail racks which may make the bike’s appearance seem strange. Himiway has built a rack into the Big Dog’s features which not only looks good but also supports 150 lbs. on the rear rack which is far more than most rear racks are capable of. For a limited time, the rear rack is included with the purchase of a Big Dog, but hurry because this offer won’t last. 


Cargo E-bike Use Cases

Like man’s best friend, the loyal dog, the Himiway Big Dog goes where you go and provides plenty of helpful company no matter the occasion. Most e-bike riders choose a cargo bike if they have specific use cases. For example, if you will be delivering food or items on your cargo bike, the optional Himiway Delivery Bag can easily be affixed to a rear rack. 


Other riders use the bike for trail maintenance and hunting. Splashing through the leaves and making quick work of a difficult trail is a joy from atop an electric stallion. The motor is much quieter than a dirt bike or all-terrain vehicle and won’t disrupt the wildlife or peace and quiet of the woods. 


Or perhaps running errands in the city is your task at hand. With the large rack, many riders find it possible to shop or buy weekly groceries and transport them home with their cargo e-bike. With gasoline costing over $5 per gallon on a national average, there has never been a better time to ditch the car in favor of a sturdy electric bike.


The Perfect Cargo E-Bike for Style and Function

Making a bike look clean and mean is mandatory when you are designing something as robust as the Big Dog. That’s why the new Himiway Integrated battery is hidden inside the frame where it is both more attractive and is more protected from the environment. 


Moped-style bikes are not only easy to ride, but they offer a unique shape to an otherwise boring lineup of cargo bikes. With 20 x 4-inch fat tires and clean solid metal wheels, the Big Dog is sure to turn some heads in your direction. The best part is we didn’t have to sacrifice power for style when it comes to the wheels. The end result is you get a bike that operates great at high speeds and requires less maintenance on the individual spokes. 


The All Rounder Covers All E-bike Needs

No matter your need, the Himiway Big Dog is an all-rounder that covers basic to complex needs simply and stylishly. Cargo electric bike are only as good as the cargo they can carry. That’s why a high payload capacity, plenty of rack space, and multiple bag options are a must-have. 


There are other types of cargo e-bikes out there, but we love the Himiway Big Dog because it represents the best option for most people. Check out one of our sales today and begin your journey. No need to pack light. Take it all with the best cargo bike for hauling everything you need.