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Q&A: Is the Himiway C1 Legal? Does It Belong to the Ebike Category?

Exploring the outdoors on an electric bike can be a thrilling experience for children, but it's crucial not to overlook safety. As parents or guardians, it's important to prioritize safety above all else when it comes to electric bikes. To ensure that your child stays safe while riding, there are several factors to consider.

Choosing a safe electric bike for kids and ensuring a secure riding environment is crucial. The Himiway C1 Kids Electric Balance Bike (ebike) is a top choice for genuinely caring parents and guardians. It's designed with your kids in mind, with features like a speed governor, powerful brakes, and durable tires. It's also relatively lightweight and easy to handle, making it a good choice for younger riders.

In this blog, we will address these concerns and provide an overview of the C1's design, safety features, and compliance with relevant regulations.

Electric balance bike | Himiway

Himiway C1: An Electric Balance Bike for Children

How the C1 Differs from Traditional E-bikes

In many ways, the Himiway C1 is exempt from the same regulations as e-bikes. This distinction is because C1 is categorized as a balance bike rather than an e-bike. 

According to the laws and regulation of electric bicycles, they must have the following characteristics:

  • ✔ Have pedals
  • ✔ Go less than 30 mph
  • ✔ Have a motor that can't have more than 750 watts

Small electric balance bikes without pedals (such as Himiway C1) typically are not covered under ebike laws. An electric balance bikes are typically not subject to strict regulations because they are not intended for use on public roads or bike paths.

    Design and Features of the Himiway C1 as a Balance Bike

    The C1 has a lower maximum speed compared to traditional e-bikes. While other Himiway e-bikes can achieve up to 25 mph speeds, the C1's maximum speed is capped at 15 mph. This inherently makes the C1 a safer choice for younger riders. The C1 is designed to be ridden without pedaling, making it ideal for younger children who may not have developed the pedaling skills required for traditional bicycles.

    The Himiway C1 is an electric balance bike for children ages 4 to 12. Built with a lightweight aluminum frame, fitted with 16-inch tires, and driven by a 350W motor, the C1 is just the right e-bike for your kids. Its motor derives power from a 360 Wh Samsung battery, granting an impressive range of up to 50 miles on a single charge.

    The C1 boasts an array of features that make it a superb option for children:

    • ◾ A spacious and comfortable seat to ensure a cozy ride
    • ◾ Safer thumb throttle that is ideal for young riders
    • ◾ Three-speed modes allow children to select a speed that suits their skill level
    • ◾ Electronic braking system with hydraulic brakes to guarantee the safety

    Recommended Usage Environments for the C1

    Electric bike for kids | Himiway

    Children are still developing their biking skills and coordination, so it is vital to choose riding environments free of hazards, such as traffic, uneven surfaces, and obstacles. Using the Himiway C1 in safe environments would reduce the risk of accidents. Therefore, avoiding rides with the C1 on busy roads, highways, or other areas with a lot of traffic is important. You should also avoid riding the C1 on uneven surfaces like gravel roads or trails.

    Some appropriate locations for riding the C1 include:

    • ◾ Enclosed playgrounds
    • ◾ Parks with paved paths
    • ◾ Quiet neighborhoods with little traffic
    • ◾ Fenced-in yards

    Our commitment to prioritizing the safety of young riders

    The Himiway C1 has several safety features to show our commitment to prioritizing young riders' safety. It would help if you taught your children how to ride the C1 safely before allowing them to ride it independently. This includes teaching children how to use the brakes, adjust speed, and be aware of their surroundings.

    Always supervise young children when riding the C1, and ensure that your children wear a helmet and protective gear when riding the C1.

    Compliance with Safety Standards and Regulations

    The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) is a federal law in the United States that sets safety standards for consumer products, including children's products. The CPSIA requires all children's products to be tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure they meet all applicable safety standards.

    ASTM F is a voluntary consensus standard developed by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) for children's toys and other products. ASTM F standards are based on the latest research and testing methods, and manufacturers, retailers, and regulators widely accept them.

    The Himiway C1 meets all applicable safety standards for children's products in the United States. It is CPSIA-certified and ASTM compliant. This means that a third-party laboratory has tested it and has been found to meet all the safety standards set by the CPSIA and ASTM.

    You can be assured that the Himiway C1 is a safe and legal product for their children to ride. It has been tested and certified to meet all applicable safety standards.

    Additional Safety Features of the Himiway C1

    The Himiway C1 is an electric balance bike designed with the safety of your children in mind. That is why the following safety are included:

    ◾ Hydraulic and electronic braking system for secure stopping:

    Hydraulic Brake and Electronic Brake

    Hydraulic brakes are more powerful and responsive than traditional rim brakes, which makes them easy for your kids to operate.




     Three-speed limit control for a customizable riding experience

    The C1 has three-speed modes, so you can choose the maximum speed right for your child. This is a great way to help children learn to ride safely and gradually increase their speed as they become more experienced.

     A Safer Thumb Throttle

    Thumb Throttle

    The C1's thumb throttle is easy to use and prevents accidental acceleration. The throttle has a smooth and linear response, so children can gradually increase the bike's speed without making jerky movements.


     Imported LG battery cells

    The C1's battery is made with high-quality LG battery cells. LG battery cells are some of the most reliable and safe on the market.

     Strong frame capable of supporting up to 165 lbs

    Sturdy Bike frame | Himiway

    The C1 has a strong aluminum frame, supporting up to 165 lbs. This makes it a durable and safe bike for children of all sizes. With Himiway C1, you can be assured that your children are safe when riding the C1.



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    The Himiway C1 is a legal and safe electric balance bike for children. It is CPSIA -certified and ASTM compliant. It also has many safety features, such as a hydraulic and electronic braking system, a three-speed limit control, and a safer thumb throttle. The Himiway C1 is also relatively easy to ride and control.

    If you need an e-bike that is safe, durable, and easy to ride for your kids, you can go for the Himiway C1 kids e-bike. Your kids will have a fun and enjoyable experience riding the Himiway C1.