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5 Reasons You Need A Fat Tire Ebike For Hunting

Technology has been a game changer in a lot of fields. Amazingly, the world of hunting has not been excluded from its impact. In the past, All-Terrain Vehicles and Utility Terrain vehicles were the best companions for hunters. However, the sound and smell of these vehicles set animals on the run.

With a fat tire ebike, you will get real-time comfort without missing out on the fulfillment of capturing your target. They afford several opportunities other modes of transportation may not give you without compromising on comfort. Before checking out the reasons you should consider an all-terrain electric bike, let us examine what a fat tire ebike is.Fat tire electric mountain bike | Himiway

What Is A Fat Tire EBike

An electric fat tire bike is an all-terrain electric bike with fat tires. The width of these tires s usually ranges from 4’’ to as much as 4.8’’. Due to the large surface contact of these tires with the ground, they have a good grip on different types of terrain. Hence, eliminating the need to get multiple electric bikes for different terrains.

Furthermore, the rubbers of fat tire bikes are made from extra-elastic rubbers. These rubbers serve as good shock and vibration absorbers. Hence, providing the rider with maximum comfort and balance.

In the world of fat tire e-bikes, Himiway is a great brand you should look forward to purchasing from. With a wide range of electric bikes, you will certainly find your best electric hunting bike.

Why Should You Consider Choosing A Fat Tire Bike As Your Hunting BikeFat tire electric mountain bike | Himiway

Choosing a fat tire ebike for your hunting commuting purposes is more beneficial than you could imagine. Asides from the comfort it provides, these all-terrain electric bikes could go a long way in determining whether you have a successful hunting trip. Without wasting much of your time, let us run through five reasons why you should consider getting a fat tire ebike as your hunting bike.

1. An Electric Fat Tire Bike Is Quieter Than Alternative Commuting Options

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Due to the large tires of these bikes, it might be tempting to think they make more noise compared to other options. However, this is untrue. Fat tire bikes are quieter, and the noise it makes is one of the wildlife animals are unfamiliar with. Hence, you can easily drive by them without being noticed. Additionally, with a fat tire hunting bike, you get to go about your hunting spree without any of the following:

Dust: Using an ATV, UTV, or a Car tends to stir dust while you drive through. Hence, drawing the attention of the animals to your location. On the other hand, the tires of electric bikes are lightweight. Hence, giving no signal as regards your location.

Emissions: The average vehicle emits as much as 8, 887 grams of carbon dioxide per gallon of fuel. This is without mentioning the possibility of it releasing methane, nitrous oxide, and hydrofluorocarbon into the environment. This could be very dangerous to your hunting spot and the animals as well. On the contrary, fat tire e-bikes make use of rechargeable batteries. Consequently, they emit very little quantities of carbon dioxide, and this makes them a safer alternative for your hunting trips.

Vibrations: Most large vehicles and ATVs tend to vibrate as they drive through the hunting arena. In response, the animals tend to flee from the arena to avoid being caught. Touring such terrains with a Fat tire ebike will save you such an occurrence. These ebikes won’t vibrate or jolt even when you are moving at a fast pace.

2. Fat Tire E-Bikes Are Not Terrain Selective

A fat tire ebike is a reliable companion across different terrains. They take on rough, smooth, hills, rocky trails, and a wide variety of terrains easily. Regardless of your biking skill, you can’t go wrong with a fat tire ebike. Fat tire ebikes provide the required balance for biking newbies without eliminating the experienced rider’s love for adventure. Compared to All terrain vehicles, an all terrain electric bike is lighter and easier to navigate. Additionally, it makes use of an electric battery, so you would not need to stop for fuel.

If you are uncertain about a reliable all terrain ebike you could bank on, you should consider an Himiway fat tire ebike. Himiway is a long range expert of the all-terrain fat tire ebike brand and we have the best hunting ebike for you. One of our products that comes highly recommended is the Himiway Cobra ebike. With a battery tire of 26'' *4.8'', this bike is ready to take on whatever terrain you choose to ride on. It is built with a 40V 20Ah Samsung/Lg battery. Consequently, you get to enjoy as much as 80 miles of uninterrupted riding adventure.

Himiway Cobra has an LCD that feeds you details about your speedometer, pedal assist, and battery capacity. The Himiway Cobra has a 6061 Aluminum frame that enables the bike to support more weight and pressure. With the bike’s rear rack, you can easily take your game home after the hunting adventure.

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3. A Fat Tire Ebike Can Access More Places Than Motorized Vehicles

Motorized vehicles are often restricted by narrow paths and sharp bends. In such cases, you will most likely have to divert, change directions or go through the burden of trekking. When your hunting trips are accompanied by an all terrain ebike, this will not be a problem. Ebikes are lightweight and compact, which enables them to maneuver sharp bends and narrow routes.

Additionally, if your ebike matches local and state regulations, you could easily ride it deep into the woods, unlike ATVs. With an Himiway Zebra ebike, going deep into the woods would no longer be something you dread. It has a battery life that lasts as much as 80 miles. Hence, you could easily go as far as you want without the fear of being stranded.

4. Fat Tire Ebikes Offer Maximum Comfort

Considering how strenuous hunting could be, your comfort is a factor you don’t want to compromise on. Fat tire ebikes are shock absorbent in nature. Regardless of how rough the terrain you are riding on, you won’t be affected. To further increase your comfort, you could reduce the pressure in your tires to suit whatever terrain you are riding on. For example, if you would be riding on wet ground, it is advisable to reduce the tire pressure. This will enable the bike’s tire to have a firm grip on the slippery surface. On the other hand, commuting around a smooth pavement in the city would require you to set the tire pressures to mid-level. As such, it is best to have an idea about the terrain of your hunting spot and adjust the tire pressures to suit it.

5. Fat Tire Ebikes are Cheaper and Easier To Purchase And Maintain

Compared to motorized alternatives, purchasing and maintaining a fat tire ebike is cheaper. The purchase price of an ATV is more expensive than that of an all-terrain ebike. Additionally, ebikes make use of batteries. Hence, you would not need to spend additional costs on purchasing fuel. Furthermore, the unpredictable terrain of hunting grounds will cause your vehicle to wear out over time. Consequently, you will be spending more to repair than you would to maintain your ebike.


Fat tire ebikes are a great way to add more fun and comfort to your hunting life. They are versatile and can tour more terrains than regular vehicles. Furthermore, they afford you to save more by eliminating avoidable expenses. In case you are bothered about where you’d keep your animals after hunting, Himiway bikes have a rear rack that can easily help you convey them. If you need the best hunting ebikes, you should visit our official website immediately.