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The Best Electric Cargo Bike to Meet Your Needs

Electric bikes of different brands always have battles based on comparing ebikes with similar features. Producers of e-bikes pair their products with competitors' products to determine what features are better when rolling out new e-bikes into the market. For riders, comparing e-bikes of different brands may be personal. Still, generally, most riders compare e-bikes to derive satisfaction from the usage of the e-bike and ultimately get value for their money

The Comparison of Himiway bikes with similar brands in the market drives the inspiration to manufacture superior quality bikes irrespective of the comparison outcome. This article compares the well-designed Himiway Big Dog electric cargo bike and a product from Rad Power bikes known as Rad Runner Plus. So, we will compare the key features of these e-bikes and let you pick the e-bike that suits your need well.

Cargo ebike | Himiway

Comparison of Main Features

The table below gives you a summary of the main features of both e-bikes. After that, a more detailed explanation of each feature and its importance on your riding. Comparing these electric bikes may show how one ebike supersedes the other regarding all listed features.


Himiway Big Dog

Rad Runner Plus


48V 20Ah Samsung/LG Battery with 960Wh capacity

48V, 14Ah battery with 672Wh capacity





Half Twist Throttle

Twist throttle


Upgraded 750W brushless gear hub motor

750W brushless geared hub motor, 80 Nm of torque


60-80 miles

25-45 miles

Pedal Assist

0  ̴5 level pedal Assist

0 -5 level pedal assist

LCD Screen






Front and Rear Lights




180MM Mechanical disc brakes

Tektro Aries, 180mm rotors

Suspension Fork

Alloy front suspension fork with lockout and adjustment

RST spring fork, 80mm, lockout and preload adjustment


Shimano 7-speed gear shift system

7-speed Shimano Altus


Upgraded 6061 Aluminum Frame

6061 aluminum


20ˮ X 4ˮ Kenda fat tires

20” x 3.3” Rad Power Bike by Kenda “K-Rad


79 Ib

74.3 Ib

Payload Capacity

400 Ib

300 Ib


Up to 20mph

Up to 20mph

Rear Rack




Two years

One year




Rad Runner Plus Overview

The RadRunner Plus is one of Rad Power bikes' finest electric bikes. It comes with a 48V, 14 Ah battery and an efficiency of 640Wh. 

It has a 750W brushless gear hub motor. This model uses the Tektro Aries mechanical disc brake paired with 180mm rotors. Regarding speed, it has a maximum speed of 20 mph and can go 25-45 miles on a single charge. It is designed to carry an extra passenger and cargo weighing 74.3 Ib and has a payload capacity of 300 Ibs. 

The Himiway Big Dog Overview

The Himiway Big Dog is an electric cargo bike with an updated integrated long-range battery. The battery of your e-bike determines how long you can ride on a single charge. A higher battery capacity helps you to cover more distance without recharging your e-bike for the next seven hours. The new integrated battery is a new 48V 20Ah Samsung/LG with a single-cell capacity of 5,000mAh. In terms of efficiency, the Himiway Big dog is a 969Wh battery. 

Cargo Bike with fat tire | Himiway

The build of the updated Himiway's Big Dog 750W brushless gear hub motor allows it to outlast similar e-bikes with the standard motor gear. The updated motor hub comes with an upgraded inner ring that helps to reduce the motor magnets' attenuation speed, ensuring a longer life expectancy for the motor. Also, the Himiway Big Dog has a more extended range of 60-80 miles per charge. It has more power, a 400 Ib payload capacity, and a 79 Ib weight, which is almost unbeatable in today’s market.

Other considerations

Apart from the main features above, some other specifications differentiate the Big Dog and the Rad Runner Plus. The Himiway Big Dog uses the improved 6061 aluminum frame. Compared to most e-bikes in the market, this is a high-quality frame. The frame update helps the e-bike handle more weight and pressure. The RadRunner Plus uses the standard 6061 aluminum frame, typical of most other ebikes in the industry.

The Himiway Big Dog comes with a double rear rack. You can choose to use any rack of your choice. The double cargo rack can carry cargo of different sizes and shapes. In contrast, the RadRunner Plus comes with a single rear rack. The kind of tire on an ebike can determine how stable and enjoyable a rider can move, and the Himiway Big Dog has relatively superior fat tires than the Rad Runner Plus.

Futhermore, the Himiway Big Dog has a larger payload capacity of 400 Ib, while the Rad Runner Plus has a lesser payload of 300 Ib, weighing 79 Ib and 74.3 Ib, respectively. Also, Rad Runner Plus gives its customers a year warranty which is relatively short compared to Himiway's Big Dog two-year warranty. Both e-bikes have a suspension fork, but the Himiway Big Dog is superior since it has a 100mm suspension fork.

Himiway Big vs. Rad Runner Plus: which one is Better?

Although there seem to be several similarities between the Himiway Big Dog and the Rad Runner Plus, both bikes are similar after taking a quick look at them. They have identical front fork suspension, an aluminum frame, five pedal assist levels, and Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes. When you look closer, you will quickly see that these bikes have slightly different specifications for the bike parts. The Rad Runner has a Shimano Acera, while the Himiway has a Shimano Altus, even though both bikes have a 7-speed Shimano gear.

Himiway boasts highly sophisticated electronics and a more powerful battery that allows for faster and longer riding. The Big Dog has a better and more extended range of 60-80 miles compared to the Runner Plus of 25-45 miles per single charge. It's also important to note that the Himiway Big Dog has an enhanced battery with LG and Samsung lithium-ion batteries, lasting 7 hours. If you are preparing for a lengthy excursion, it ought to be ideal.

Even in the worst weather, the integrated battery design can cut mechanical failures by up to 95% and help sustain capacity. The robust, multipurpose rear rack can hold stuff of all sizes and forms. It features a fantastic customer service network, is constructed with high-quality bike parts, and has comfortable geometry.

When looking at the component side of things, it is evident that even though the Himiway Big Dog costs $100 more than the Rad Runner Plus, it is better and offers an impressive two years warranty. Compared to the one-year warranty of the RadRunner Plus, the Himiwaty Big Dog is an absolute steal.

Fat tire electric cargo bike | Himiway


The comparison between the Himiway Big Dog and the Rad Runner Plus aims to guide you in deciding on a cargo e-bike. The outcome of the comparison shows that the Himiway Bog Dog is a more powerful cargo bike suitable for longer distances than the RadRunner Plus. Furthermore, the Himiway Big Dog comes with some key upgraded features making it a top-rated cargo bike. You can get the Himiway Big Dog and stay assured with the two-year warranty covering specific bike repairs. Several other Himiway bikes can suit your interest. You should check out the customer reviews of the Himiway Big Dog and learn how to find the perfect ebike for yourself.