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Why Cobra Pro is the Best Hunting E-bike

The ultimate tool in the hunter’s toolkit is preparation. No firearm, bow, arrow, or trap is effective without a proper understanding of the natural world and how to strategically take advantage of it. That’s why today’s post is all about preparing for the upcoming hunting season and using one of the best electric hunting bike available on the market to help you make the most of it.

In most states across America and many Canadian provinces, hunting season begins in September. Here at Himiway, we are staunch proponents of being intentional with your plans for the upcoming season. From creating more family time to saving money with an electric bike, all plans are important. Without good planning, it can be easy to let the days and weeks slip by without doing the activities you truly love, whether that is riding, hiking, hunting, or fishing. 

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The Cobra Pro is the Best Hunting E-Bike

Planning for a journey into the wilderness starts with having the right equipment. From the right first aid kit to the right binoculars and everything in between. And of course, the right method of transportation. Many hunters drive to the land they will be hunting and park outside the limit, such as on the side of the road or in a designated location. But then, it can be difficult and slow to hike to the best and most secluded spots. This is where the Cobra Pro enters the picture. 

With an electric bike like the Himiway Cobra Pro, challenging or muddy terrain becomes easy to traverse. The Cobra Pro is a top-tier ebike with many high-end features, making it perfect for this situation. 

 First, the long-range battery of the Cobra Pro delivers upwards of 80 miles per charge. This is more than enough range to check multiple locations and get far enough away from the other hunters during popular hunting times. 

Second, the Cobra Pro comes equipped with 4.8-inch-wide fat tires standard. The fatter the tire, the more traction you will have when riding through mud, sand, or gravel, common to many hunting grounds. 

But great tires and a long-range battery are only part of the equation. Without a high-quality motor, such as the mid-drive 1000W motor found in the Cobra Pro, you won’t be going anywhere fast. We chose this mid-drive motor for its advantages over a geared hub motor in the areas of balance and acceleration. Because this powerful motor is found in the center of the bike, over which the rider sits, it gives a natural feel when accelerating and won’t jerk you back upon hitting the thumb throttle. When climbing steep hills, the extra power of this motor will ensure you make it to the top with little effort. 

The fourth and final component for a successful hunting e-bike we will highlight is the four-bar linkage suspension system on the Cobra Pro. This shock-absorbing and comfortable design will guarantee your comfort and the utmost safety on uneven terrain or while riding over rocks and roots. Don’t get caught in the middle of the wilderness without a Cobra by your side. 

All terrain Fat tire electric bike | HimiwayA Successful Hunt Requires Planning

Once you have chosen the best electric bike for hunting, you’ll need to do some additional prep work. For example, many states require a Hunter Safety Card and a license to hunt the specific game you are after. We’ve covered the top 5 tips for efficiently hunting on an e-bike before, so check out that article, and remember, patience is the hunter’s best friend. 

Park far away from your hunting spot as animals can hear car engines and smell gasoline from far away. Take time to understand your rifle or bow, research the habits of the animal you are tracking, and choose the right spot. For more information on selecting the best hunting spot, check out our next section. 

Tips for Finding the Best Hunting Spot

Once you’ve widened your hunting range thanks to the long-range effectiveness of traveling by ebike, you’ll have the maximum number of options open to you to choose the best hunting spot possible. Find a good hunting spot by prepping it in advance. Setting a trail cam will tell you if animals are frequenting trails near your blinds or tree stands. Use Google Maps to scout for water, fields, and landmarks to help with your search.

While moving through your hunting spot, look for tracks from the quarry you are hunting. Often these may lead deep into less than desirable areas such as swamps or marshes with steep inclines. But thanks to saving your energy by using an electrical bike to travel most of the way, you’ll be ready to make the trek on foot that most hunters won’t. This may give you an advantage in sighting more abundant games. Watch for “private property” or “no trespassing” signs, as you will not be allowed to venture into these woods due to safety and privacy. 

Top Hunting Strategies for New Hunters

The best and most often-cited strategy for new hunters is to simply remain quiet and still for long stretches of time. Animals remember sounds for longer than most human attention spans. This means they will be on alert for a while should you snap a twig or crunch through dry leaves. Don’t forget to clear your scent as best as you can. High-fragrance shampoos and deodorants will give your location away to animals that have better-smelling capabilities than humans. Use a one-wheeled cart attached to your e-bike to transport heavy game long distances. Here again, is another reason the Cobra Pro is going to be your best tool out on the trail. 

With proper planning of equipment, locations, and strategies, even a new hunter can be successful this hunting season. Always practice smart weapon practices and safe bike habits whenever there is a risk of injury. Based on these tips, either the Cobra Pro or base Cobra model is your best option for your first hunting e-bike. Check them out today. Good luck!