Road trip with electric bike

3 Ways to Travel With Your Electric bike

Travel with the Ebike has become one of the most common and desired ways to put the Ebike to its best use. People have started to think about their Ebike as an addition to their lifestyle needs. Going to and back from work, running errands, recreational cycling, and even just relaxing are some of the ways that people have found the Ebike extremely practical. And there is a big reason for that too. The Ebike is not only a bike. The electric motor, alongside the classic pedals, is what delivers more options for riding, does not have an age limit which makes it suitable for people of all ages, and is safe for the environment.

Besides all of the above-mentioned, one of the biggest benefits of the Ebike is the possibility to explore new paths, roads and reach new highest which do not apply to the regular bike. For a lot of people, traveling with the Ebike and getting to those distant spots is much more comfortable and enjoyable than going with some other vehicle. However, some might think that the Ebike is not a convenient choice, but it really is. Here are 3 ways to consider traveling with your Ebike:

3 Ways to Travel With Your Electric bike | Himiway

Trunk mounted bike rack

A road trip with your Ebike is an excellent opportunity to make a difference and do some new and fresh. This does not necessarily mean that you have to spend hours traveling by bike. This refers to the transportation of the Ebike itself. So, if you are traveling by land, with your car, for example, you should consider a trunk-mounted bike rack. The trunk-mounted bike rack can very easily be fixed to any car, including hatchbacks, minivans, and SUVs. What is great about this bike rack is that it does is very safe and convenient, and it does not take any space from the trunk. When you look for this type of rack, you should look for a rack that is compatible with a wide range of cars and has wide and easy attachment points for the Ebike. You will just need to install it and attach the Ebike to it and hit the road.


Hitch rack

The hitch rack is the safest, quickest, and most convenient transportation method. The hitch-mounted bike rack is a tough, dependable, and easy to load tool. It is specially designed for that purpose, and it will not damage the vehicle in any way. However, the vehicle must be equipped with a receiver hitch. These racks come in a variety of sizes. An additional thing that you need to consider is the weight capacity of the bike rack. This is because there is a weight limit on all the bike racks. Ebikes are usually heavier than conventional bikes, so, you will need to consider buying one that will support greater capacity and weight. With this option, the Ebike will be safely secured for land transportation and you will enjoy riding it in a new location.


Bicycle Travel Bag

Another great traveling option for the E-bike is that it can be stored in specially designed bags. Particularly designed for the Ebike, these simple bags are a great way to transport your bike. so what do you need to do? Well, first, you will need to remove the wheels, and maybe even the handlebars and seatpost. Then, be sure to add some bubble wrap and cardboard for protection, and the Ebike will be ready for travel. It is best to look for a bicycle travel bag that has multiples straps or wheels for easy transport. In this case, you will need to bring your tools too. Putting the pieces back on the Ebike might be a challenge if you do not have the right tools. additionally, these tools will come in handy if you need to pump your tires or need to change any component of the bike.

Traveling by Plane

Another way that you can transport your bike with you is to take it on a plane. However, this is more complicated than it looks because it depends on the battery. Namely, the size and the capacity of the batteries brought on a place are strictly regulated by the airlines and the airports. So, here are two options that you can consider when traveling by plane:

Getting a battery on-site

You will face no problem when transporting your Ebike with a plane. However, the battery needs to be left at home. In this case, renting a battery before you arrive at your destination is the safest choice. This is far less costly than renting an entire Ebike, because their renting price is higher than the renting price of the regular bikes. Additionally, a feeling you cannot beat is the convenience of riding your own Ebike. The Ebike batteries can be found and are available in almost all bigger cities.

Ship the battery to the destination address

This is an additional alternative but can be very costly and time-consuming. The Ebikes batteries are lithium ones and they are considered dangerous goods, which will require special labeling and handling. There might also be additional shipping charges. To avoid a short circuit, each battery needs to be properly and correctly sent and packed. This process requires an inner liner and extra double packaging which is complicated.

These are all important information to consider if you are willing to take your Ebike on a trip with you. These solutions are very convenient and easy to apply and the best thing is that you will have your Ebike by yourself, wherever you go. Why get stuck in the traffic in some big city or wait for lines for parking among the beachside coast? With the Ebike, you will reach your point safe, secure, and faster. Additionally, you will get to enjoy the new surroundings in the best possible way.