Electric bike hunting tips

Top 5 Electric Bike Hunting Tips for 2021

Summer is here and the great outdoors are calling your name. More people than ever are itching to get outdoors and explore their world thanks to certain regions experiencing a decrease in coronavirus cases. There is much more progress needed, but thankfully there is no better way to stay socially distant than being outdoors in nature. That might mean participating in outdoor sports, doing your daily exercise outdoors, or hunting in the woods. And if you are going to be spending time outdoors, an electric mountain bike is a great companion to have with you.


Speaking of hunting, an exhilarating new way to hunt is becoming more and more common in The United States and we are very excited to be a part of it. Electric hunting bikes are now being used on hunting trips across the country to make the outing more enjoyable, more convenient, and more successful. We’ve previously written about how to choose the best e-bike for hunting. Cycling while hunting has never been easier, but there are still ways to improve the experience using some basic tips and tools. Below we detail the top 5 electric bike hunting tips for 2021. Check out our buying guide if you are still shopping for your e-bike, and then be sure to bookmark this page to review in advance of your next hunting trip!

Bring Your Best Bag 

No matter what type of game you are hunting, you are going to want to bring your best bike bag with you. A great option for a large-capacity, waterproof bike bag is a bike trunk bag such as the Himiway Trunk Bag which can be easily and securely mounted on all types of bikes with a rear rack. Never leave home without all the essentials to make your hunt successful.


You will need plenty of water and food, a first-aid kit, clothing to protect you from the rain and cold, a good knife, a game bag, a rangefinder, a flashlight, scent killer, your hunting or fishing license, and of course, your bow, fishing pole or gun! You may also want an additional bag to carry your phone, wallet, and keys and leave room in your main bag for your hunting supplies. For this type of bag, choose something like a bike frame bag. One benefit of this type of bag is the visibility of your phone for any maps you may be using on your trip. With so much to carry, you will be glad you have your e-bike bags.


Select a Route in Advance

More routes than ever will be available to you if you are using an electric mountain bike to get into position, but that doesn’t mean you should skip the route planning step. A long hike might take you hours, but thanks to the speed and efficiency of the e-bike, you’ll be able to reach the perfect hunting spot in no time. This is especially important because the further you go from busy roads and loud people, the more animals you are likely to encounter.


Look for a route that has plenty of food, water, and shelter because those are the three things all animals need. You will also want to understand the different terrain and altitudes you will need to move across. Make sure no rivers or cliffs are blocking your path. You never want to trespass on someone else’s hunting property, even if you are just passing through it. By choosing your location in advance, and noting the distance and type of terrain, you can increase the chance of meeting your hunting goals.


Secure Yourself

It may sound silly, but treestand safety is no joke. Many hunters have been injured or made a mistake when setting up or climbing down from their treestands. Therefore, pay special attention to your safety and use precautions when hunting from a treestand. One of the simplest ways to increase your safety while hunting from a treestand is to simply secure yourself with a full-body harness. The Treestand Manufacturer’s Association has put out some great tips and guidelines on using treestands safely.


Carrying a treestand to your preferred location can be difficult, but with an electric hunting bike, you will be able to carry it with ease. You’ll also be able to carry rope, your harness, and all your equipment more conveniently by allowing the e-bike’s power to assist you on the trail.


Set Up Contingency Plans

You will want to have a contingency plan in case something goes wrong or anything unexpected occurs on your hunt. For starters, always carry a communication or distress signal in case you are hunting alone and do not have cell phone service. Always tell someone else where you plan to hunt, and you can even tell them the route that you selected in advance from our previous tip. Some tools that can help you on your hunting trip include a knife for cutting rope or clothing if needed, a first-aid kit in case you are injured, and a multi-tool designed specifically for your electric hunting bike.


Learn in Advance about Animals Under State Protection


Wild animals can be beautiful, but they can also be dangerous or illegal to hunt. Be sure you are not hunting for any endangered species by checking with your local state laws. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) maintains hunting regulations in America, including which animals you can and cannot hunt. If an animal is protected under state or federal law or is an endangered species, you will not be able to hunt it. Please check the FWS list for an up-to-date classification of all endangered species. You may only be able to hunt specific animals in certain areas, such as in a preserve, but not a national park. Almost every animal you can hunt in the U.S. also requires a specific license to ensure over-hunting does not occur.


Remember to always bring your best bike bag, select your route before you set off on your hunt, secure yourself safely to your treestand, have a backup plan in case anything goes wrong, and be sure to check out the different laws and regulations for the types of animals you wish to hunt. Use these 5 electric bike hunting tips to make your next hunting trip a success.