Himiway E-bike Hitch Rack

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  • Compatibility:
  • Himiway Zebra Step Thru
  • Himiway Big Dog
  • Himiway Cobra
  • Himiway Cobra Pro
  • Himiway Cruiser
  • Himiway Cruiser Step Thru
  • Himiway Escape
  • Himiway Zebra


The Himiway E-bike Hitch Rack is specially designed for electric bicycles and can fix Himiway Cruiser; Cruiser Step Thru; Escape; Zebra; Zebra Step Thru; Big Dog; Cobra; Cobra Pro on the back of your vehicle. It can be folded up when not in use and tilted downward for easy access to goods. The entire design includes a key-like locking hook pin, safety cable and locking frame hook.


  • Made of durable steel material to ensure safety.
  • Foldable design to save house space when not using.
  • Easy to install and disassemble.
  • Carry your bikes anywhere you want.
  • Compatibility: Himiway ebikes only. Fit on 2-inch receivers.
  • Payload capacity: Maximum total payload capacity 65kg/145lbs, each bike should not weigh exceed 32.5kg/72lbs when mounting two bikes. Can mount at most 2 of our cruiser series ebikes or one other moderls at one time.


  • To enhance stability, please be sure to remove your ebike's front basket and front fender before mounting them to the rack, and tighten all straps and telescoping bar clamps over the frames or wheels.
  • To prevent damage caused by overload, make sure to remove your ebike's battery.
  • A single bike should be installed on the rack near the rear of the car.
  • Driving speed shouldn't exceed 75 MPH and should slow down when driving on complex road conditions.

For further info, please check out

  • Complete installation video
  • Step-by-step instruction article

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Randy Deyton
Quick and Easy

Shipping was super simple. First bike was left on the front porch. Not my first choice, but UOS didn't know and I wasn't at home.
The second bike shipped, I was at home and the UPS driver brought the bike to the backdoor as requested.
Packages were in great condition. I always appreciate UPS drivers customer service.

james Robbins
Weight sensitive

Was good for the limited weight it was capable of carrying.
Considering the weight of some of the Himiway bikes, it may help to reduce the weight of the carrier to off set the gross allowable weight. This could be done possibly by engineering and/or material.

Alexandra Bobo
Himiway Ebike Hitch Review for a Jeep

The jeep has tall wheels, so the bikes are very high off of the ground. To adjust, we put the clamps on the bottom side of the rack rather than on the top. That way, the bikes sit about 3" lower, which helps.

Sam Caudill
Bike rack

Fast shipping, great product

Jed Snell
Fast Shipping/Sturdy Quality

Assembled and installed the rack yesterday. Loaded my Cruiser and Step Thru and test drove around town. Very pleased with he stability and ease of loaded (loaded with two people). Have a friend with an “off-brand” from Amazon and this Himiway rack is MUCH better, and priced less! Thanks Himiway for another great product.

Todd Caldwell
E-bike rack

Still in the box

Kayleen Williams
E-Bike Rack

I am so happy because now when friends and family say let's ride I can ride. Lifting that bike and putting in the back of my car not good(painful). With the bike rack much easier. No problem this past weekend putting together and installing in hitch. The only hiccup I had was the lever is not that easy to use. And with back up sensors on my car it sees the rack and kept braking for me. Not sure how to disable. Lexus rx 350.
Bike was very stable.
Maybe next generation for someone who's can't lift easily battery operated that lowers to ground, you add bike then lift back into position. Especially if you have 2 bikes, it lowers you add bike on back it lifts up then install 2nd bike.

Donald Calhoun

Packed our bags preflight. We are going to enjoys the bikes for a long, long time! Super excited on our first 12 mile trip!

Robert Vincent

I appréciate that E bike Hitch Rack

Jack Tritten
Great rack at a great price 👍

It’s a great rack it held my 2 zebra bikes just fine!