himiway all terrain fat tire ebike upper view
himiway cruiser ebike handlebar

Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike Cruiser/ D3

4.91 (1475 Reviews)
$1,199.00 $1,699.00
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Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike Cruiser/ D3
D3 (Cruiser)
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2-Year Warranty
15-Day Return
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Reviews 1475
  • 840 Wh

    Samsung/LG Battery 1 D3 New Model: 720Wh

  • 60 Miles

    Per Charge (maximum) 2 The 15 Ah version - 50 miles per charge (maximum).

  • 750 W

    Geared Hub Motor

  • 20+ Mph

    Top Speed 3 Reach speeds of up to 20 mph, No pedaling required.

  • 350 lbs

    Payload Capacity

  • 26x4 "

    Kenda Fat Tire

  • 7-Speed

    Shimano Derailleur

  • Mechanical Brakes


  • 1 - D3 New Model: 720Wh
  • 2 - The 15 Ah version - 50 miles per charge (maximum).
  • 3 - Reach speeds of up to 20 mph, No pedaling required.





  • 1 - New Model: Samsung/LG 48V 15Ah

Customer Reviews

Based on 1475 reviews
Himiway Cruiser

I'm looking forward to!

Himiway Cruiser

My kids bought some used locally. Picked up at 500 miles and 3 years old. They cruise everywhere on these and they dont even seem aged! Had to get me one too to join the fun! Looking forward to the miles ahead.

Glen Maxson

The order process, value for the money, packaging, support, and the product itself, all perfection.

todd spayth
For a huge box, it was great

These things come via FedEx. MUCH better option than those losers, UPS. The driver showed up when scheduled, during our last 15" snowstorm of the season, tried to get up my drive and when he couldn't he called me and I met him at the bottom of my drive and put it in the back of my Outback. Bike is packed very well and was in perfect condition.

Dale Buske
Got the bike ok

Received the box and it was in bad shape but the bike was ok thankfully himiway does a great job protecting the bike

Charles Sheeler
Our great bikes

Wife & I ordered the Cruzers directly from HIMIWAY. Wife got the step through. Shipment was split with the step through delivered first & the regular Cruzer delivered 2 days later. On line setup build was excellent & easy to follow.

E Kooiman
Himiway Cruiser!!!

Ordered on a Saturday. Received ten days later, as promised. Box was in good shape and bike was packaged very well! Went together nicely with the help of the Himiway assembly video. Very fun to ride! Wish I had one higher gear, on the shifter, as after about 17 miles an hour pedaling becomes a bit fast for an older fellow like me. After this I am pretty well down to using throttle.

Geoff Weliver
My Himiway

Love riding this bike.

heidi farley
Great customer service.

I was kept up to date in the shipping, which was faster than expected! Very pleased with the service and especially the bike!

Ralph Salata
Fun for Miles

I just turned over 6000 miles on my Hemingway cruiser. I ended up selling her this week and even though I got a brand new cruiser it absolutely broke my heart to part with this bike. I almost feel like she became part of me what an incredible experience biking on Hemingway has absolutely changed my life.

Does my height/weight suit the bike?

Which class of E-bike does Himiway Cruiser belong to?

Generally, how long will it take to assemble?

I want more Himi points to get more discounts. How to redeem Himi points?

Can Himiway Cruiser really adapt to any riding conditions? Are there any videos of riding in different terrains?

What are the advantages of fat tires in all terrain conditions?

How can I clean my Himiway bike?

I have other questions.

One Cruiser, All Terrains

"If you’re looking for an easy to buy and ride e-bike for exercise, commuting, errands, and fun rides with friends, the Cruiser is a fine choice."

"The Cruiser remains stable and smooth at high speeds, thanks to 4” tires and a 100mm suspension fork."

Himiway Cruiser is a fast and fun e-bike. It’s got that nice big battery. It has decent level components like Tektro disc brakes and Shimano 7-speed transmission.

"The bike from a pure performance standpoint meets all my expectations. The motor pulls strongly and it is more than capable of getting me to 28mph very easily even though I am 5'10" and 205lbs."

"The specs and components across the board are comparable to other bikes in the same price range with the exception of the Cruiser Step-Thru’s oversized battery. At 840Wh, it packs in a meaningful amount of additional range and power over the competition."

Long Range Expert

High-Performance Samsung/LG Lithium-ion Battery

High-Performance  Samsung/LG Lithium-ion Battery


Full Charge Cycles


Ensure your Safety

The single range can be up to 60+ miles per charge on pedal-assist mode and around 35 miles on pure electric power mode.

  • 60 Miles

    Per Charge (maximum) 1 The 15 Ah version - 50 miles per charge (maximum).

  • 8.8 lb.

    Battery Weight

Safeguarding your ride with intelligent battery protection for enhanced longevity and performance.

  • Short Circuit Prevention
  • Over-load Prevention
  • Reverse Prevention
  • Wiring Protection
  • Over-current Prevention
  • Over-charging Over-discharging
  • Cell Balancing
  • PTC Chip
  • Temperature Control
  • 1 - The 15 Ah version - 50 miles per charge (maximum).
Updated 750W Motor

Fast Acceleration & Good Gradeability & Longer Lifespan

Fast Acceleration & Good Gradeability & Longer Lifespan




Field oriented control

750W Upgraded Brushless Geared Hub Motor use the latest updated inner ring specialized in high temperature resistance and better heat dissipation, which can reduce the motor magnets’ attenuation speed to guarantee a longer life expectancy. The 750W brushless gear hub motor can help you conquer even the most rugged terrain easily.

  • 80 Nm

    Max Torque

  • 1200 W


You can think of the FOC as the brain controlling the motor in real-time. It recognizes your riding conditions and instantly calls on the motor for optimal performance. The FOC measures scooter diagnostics, which you as a driver cannot see, and then decides how to respond to your driving inputs.

clear at a glance

Experience Natural Handling and Comfortable Human-vehicle Interaction

LCD Display
Left Handle
Right Handle

LCD Display

Left Handle

Right Handle

The Backlit LCD display provides information on speed, mileage, power, etc.

  • USB Charging
  • Security Code
  • State of Riding
  • Fault Warning
  • Cycling Data
  • Function Set
  • Switch
  • Light ON/OFF
  • Info
  • Half twist throttle
  • Shimano gearbox
  • Bell

The Kenda All-terrain Fat Tire

The Kenda All-terrain Fat Tire


All Terrain

26"x4" Kenda K-shield fat tires provide strong grip and traction on rugged roads. Even on the most challenging terrains and weather conditions, these fat tires can guarantee your safety and offer you an easy and smooth riding experience.

  • Gravel Road
  • Sandy Ground
  • Mountain
  • Brick Road
  • Wetland
  • Snowy Road

350 lb. Payload with Aerospace Grade Aluminum Frame

350 lb. Payload with Aerospace Grade Aluminum Frame



Its frame is made of high-quality 6061 aluminum, capable of handling a maximum weight of 350 lbs, surpassing the average industry standard payload of 275 lbs. The frame is specially designed for larger riders and those carrying heavy belongings. With its upgraded motor, Himiway Cruiser provides exceptional power and smoothness, even when carrying heavy cargo.

  • 77 lb.

    with Battery

  • 350 lb.

    Payload Capacity

Easy to Assemble

Easy to Assemble

Watch Video

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