About Us

Himiway was founded on the belief that: Clean energy, clear price-------made for you, create for us. As the manufacturer of Himiway electric bicycles, We are committed to creating clean energy for the environment more environmentally friendly, and cheaper prices for consumers. As a direct selling manufacturer of electric bicycles, each of our electric bicycles has undergone strict quality inspection and is directly delivered to customers. We have a professional technical team to solve all your problems.

Our Mission

Bring cycling to people's daily lives

As an environment-friendly mode of transportation, bicycles have always been popular among people. But people need a large amount of exercise to achieve long-distance or long-term riding. The mission of Himiway electric bicycle is to make people ride more easily, save more energy, and at the same time protect the environment on which we depend. We hope to bring cycling into people's daily life, so that people can experience a more comfortable, healthier and more enjoyable way of life.