About Us

about the name himiway


Cycling has been a lifelong hobby for Mike and began when he first learned to ride a bike at the age of 5.

When Mike was in elementary school he was already building complex ramps out of wood and sailing across his driveway. He was always tinkering and working on his bikes, changing parts, and upgrading them for better performance. This continued into college where Mike had the chance to study in China where he also loved to ride bikes.

While living in China, Mike made the discovery of so many people not only using bikes or driving cars but electric bikes. They were almost as fast as motorcycles, saving much more time and energy than riding a regular bike, but leading to less pollution in the air.

In 2017, when Mike realized that electric cycling was becoming more and more popular, Mike decided to bring the fun of lithium riding to his American hometown friends.

However, not all types of e-bikes are good for them. Americans prefer outdoors and adventure far more than the Chinese. As an American, Mike wanted to change the normal e-bike into fat-tire for all terrains. Mike left China and traveled in Asia, talking to different people and manufacturers. When he came back to California, components from countries were there as well. The Samsung/LG battery is from South Korea, the Tektro brake, the KMC chain, the Velo saddle, and the Kenda tire are from Taiwan, the Shimano shift system is from Japan, and the motor is from China... Each of them arrived in California and got assembled in Mike’s garage. After plenty of try-outs, his friend was attracted to it. After some collaboration and talks, they rent a warehouse and an office in Chino, starting their own business.

The first bike is Cruiser. Mike thought of a tough guy when he tried his bike for the very first time. He wanted his all-terrain e-bike to be an American tough guy like Ernest Hemingway, and provide chances to everyone, especially elders experience power assist and easily fight with rugged roads. So Himiway came to his mind. To hell with the luck, Himiway brings the luck with itself.

In order to cut the middleman and keep a reasonable price for everyone, Mike chose Consumer-Direct mode with an online shop in 2017. The beginning is not easy, however, more and more people saw us and many of them were willing to try Himiway for the excellent quality, extraordinary power, and good reviews.

Now, Mike is not alone. Nearly a hundred staff is following him, trying our best to share the e-bicycling and a better Himiway with the public.

Green travel has always been our brand philosophy. We see the phenomenon of car congestion in our lives. When we overuse our cars, we rob the earth of its luster at the same time. We encourage people to use less environmental impact of the way of travel. It saves energy, improves energy efficiency, reduces pollution, and is good for health and efficiency. Please save our planet with us by reducing the use of car travel.

With great mission comes great action! Himiway has now expanded to markets all over the world, mainly in the United States, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom etc. Our values are customer first, quality first, and become a strong performer in the field of fat-tire electric bikes. Our goal is to create an enterprise grand brand, adhere to the stable operation for the long-term development, at the same time with powerful human resources, strict production management, and business philosophy, through the accumulation of their own experience and unremitting pursuit and improve in the future and ongoing self-innovation, to provide you with high quality, low price, more fashionable products.