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What to pay attention to for long-distance electric bicycle trips

Cycling or racing beyond one hundred kilometers is often a medium-term goal in the minds of people who have just come into contact with cycling. The kind of sense of fun and accomplishment that makes it easy for riders to plan exhausting trips again and again. However, the invention of electric bicycles can allow adults who love cycling to easily ride long bikes and complete their riding dreams. At the same time, it can help them save energy and not cause physical damage due to excessive exercise.

Himiway Cruiser All-Terrain Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

Here are some things to keep in mind when cycling long distances.

1. Choose one ebike that is suitable for you.

The most important feature for long-distance cycling is if this ebike is suitable for all kind of terrains. Himiway electric fat bike features 26 inches Kenda fat tires which are designed to decrease the cumulated pressure of the bike and biker by adding extra contact surface. Then long-range and powerful electric bike would be the best choice for long bike trips. Himiway fat tire electric bike's speed can be up to 23MPH+ and its range can be 60+Mi with pedal assist. So ride with Himiway now! Fulfill your riding dream!

2. Prepare in advance.

The first thing is to prepare good equipment, the first thing is not to ride a brand new or borrowed electric bike, long-distance riding bicycle must be the usual ride and fully adjusted bike. In addition, ebike bags, hats, pants, gloves, shoes, water bottles, raincoats, sunglasses, electric bike lock etc. All are important equipment for long-distance bicycles. Finally, the most important thing for electric bikes for long-distance riding is to fully charge the ebike battery before riding. It is best to have one or two replaceable batteries in order to use the power-assist and pedal-assist mode to relieve the body's stress when riding tired.

3. Pre-training is also important.

According to the recommendations of some experts, two to three months of training is necessary, but if you originally have the habit of riding more than seven hours a week, this The training period can be greatly shortened. But if you have a Himiway Cruiser, the electric-assist mode and power-assist mode will help you save more energy to complete your riding goals easily. Himiway Cruiser's large battery capacity enables its riding distance to reach 60+Mi. The 750W powerful motor can help you reach a riding speed of more than 23MPH in a short time. The relaxing and enjoyable electric bike riding experience will take you into a new world of cycling!

Himiway Cruiser is an electric bike for adults that is made by a group of ebike lovers who love the outdoors and have many years of experience. We are committed to better ways of travel, a better lifestyle, and better help people use electric bicycles to travel!