Himiway Cruiser Battery Pack
Himiway Cruiser Battery Pack
Himiway Cruiser Battery Pack

Himiway Cruiser Battery Pack

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The Himiway Cruiser Battery Pack is an essential accessory for extended riding. With a reliable 48V, 17.5 Ah Lithium-Ion battery pack and genuine Samsung/LG cells, it offers the best range and performance. Easily mount and remove the pack for indoor charging or to switch to a fully charged battery. Weighing only 9 lbs, it's light and convenient.


1. The battery cannot be returned. You can view our full return policy.

2. Please write your bike frame number and battery serial number in the note.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    carl salvo

    Himiway Cruiser Battery Pack

    Elias Martinez

    Himiway Cruiser Battery Pack

    Benjamin Inglis
    Great Bike baytery

    I bought bone of the origin cruisers love it. I Have ridden it thousands of miles. Last winter was exceptionally bad and the snow was very deep. During the melt off I slid into a very deep puddle bike seemed fine at first and n I had a l I ng ways to go so I road on. The next day after being on the charger. It would not work. I got an error code. L I g story short I replaced the battery and all worked fine again. Now I live off grid and power everything with solar and wind power. Battery
    It's are important to everything I do so I rook apart the old battery and found that there was one internal fuse and it had blown. If that fuse could have been seen I probly could have fixed it. Either way the 18650 batteries inside were exactly as advertised Samsung 35E 8amp 3500amh I test each and every one of them there was two that had gone bad but n qith as much use as I had put on them it was rather amazing that that almost every I ne was still li l e new testing from 3100-3200amh. So they really do use the very best batteries in the world.

    Delon Walton

    Thanks it shipped quick

    Deacon James Baird
    Battery pack for "The "Beast"

    I was very glad to be able to get a new battery for my Himiway Cruiser. I had some vandals help me out there by trying to pry the battery apart. While it still seemingly works (those batteries are pretty tough) I am unsure about its waterproofing now. Good to note that if you leave the bike anywhere for a long time, take the battery with you....

    Bruce Bollman

    Came fast and works well

    Cory Lappen
    Best Electric fat tire bike

    Great product, Great quality! With this battery you won’t have to worry about running out of power, it gets to where you want to go!

    Richard Poirier

    How long does it take to receive a battery if I order a second one?ncohcohchoclhclhcohxyoclhclhcpychlchlcphdlhxhlclydoydlhcljdpydlhcjlcoydoyxlydlydyodlyflydoydlufluflufpufpufluflufph

    Don Dewey

    Very quick shipping! Couldn’t have expected any quicker! 6 days for the bike and 5 days for the battery!

    700 miles on my Cruiser

    We LOVE our Cruisers! My wife and I have put over 700 miles on our Cruisers riding 2-track trails in the Colorado rocky mountains. I've had several issues with my Cruiser, but I would definitely buy another Himiway. We have been riding some steep and dusty trails, so I was not surprised when my motor had to been replaced at 500 miles because it was making noise. Customer service was very helpful and covered it under the warrantee. I've also replaced the brake pads twice, but that's by choice. I do not wait until they are fully worn out. We don't have the long-range batteries, we carry an extra battery. I suggest you DO NOT buy a generic battery pack, they do not have the same power or range of the Himiway batteries. I'm looking at the full suspension next...