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Top Tips for Researching a New E-bike

Electric bikes are not going anywhere. As more and more riders discover the myriad benefits of e-bike ownership, their popularity is only going to increase. This makes right now an opportune moment to get in on this fast-growing trend. You may already know about how cost-efficient e-bikes are, how good for the environment they can be, and the healthy lifestyle they provide, but where should you start your search for the best e-bike?

There are endless options for your new e-bike and plenty of opinions about each option. Some riders prefer a low price, while some rider want a high-quality product. A single review or single model e-bike may not be representative of the entire e-bike industry.

Thankfully, there are ways to improve your search for your first (or second) e-bike. Following practical e-bike research tips will give you a better understanding of the e-bike market, different e-bike models, and additional information not specific to the bike, but still highly valuable to know. With this short guide, you’ll get suggestions and tips on how to conduct your own e-bike research and determine which e-bike is best for you.

Consider Your Use

The first tip for researching an e-bike is not one many people remember to consider. That is, asking yourself, “What am I going to use an e-bike for?” You may want to replace your car in the city. You may want to transport groceries on a cargo bike. You may simply want to get some fresh air around the neighborhood. Each of these situations will have a different suitable e-bike option for them.

Cargo bikes are most suited for hauling items around town or delivering packages. Premium performance e-bikes are designed with professional riders in mind or those that want the top-of-the-line experience. All-terrain e-bikes are decent at just about everything and won’t be too costly. Thinking about how you will most often use your e-bike will help you narrow your e-bike research at the beginning of your search.

Compare Major Specifications

The next tip we have for you is a basic product research tip, but important, nonetheless. Which is that you cannot merely look at the price or reviews of an e-bike and understand the bike. You need to look at the individual specifications and parts that make up the bike. For example, you may purchase a very inexpensive e-bike because the price is attractive, only to find out the maximum range is 20 miles, and you constantly need to recharge it or risk running out of battery at the worst moments.

If you had compared the ranges of two different e-bikes, you might take that into account when looking at the overall picture and price of the two e-bikes. Not all e-bikes are created equal. We’ve done some comparisons of our own against some reputable brands. Of course, we naturally prefer Himiway e-bikes, but this is a good example of the different comparisons you can do on your own.

Read Reviews or Watch YouTube Videos

Another great way to research e-bikes is to get firsthand accounts of other riders. Their experiences may be helpful for you to understand how well a specific bike will meet your needs. There are plenty of review videos on YouTube as well as articles on the internet for free. These reviews will often go through feature by feature of specific e-bikes so that you can get a detailed understanding of how they work or what they offer.

We have reviews and ratings on our own website as well as from Himiway Ambassadors, Todd and Sheila and Vaughn Lowery. Interview-style reviews can be a great complement to any e-bike knowledge gathering you may do.

Consider the Lifetime Cost of the Bike

One common mistake consumers make when purchasing any new product is looking solely at price to determine the best deal. However, the sticker price of an e-bike does not tell the whole story. A cheap purchase price may cost you less upfront but will become expensive later on when you need to repair a broken bike, upgrade or replace specific parts, or find that your e-bike is nowhere near powerful or fast enough.

Expensive products may end up costing you less over the entire lifetime ownership of the product. So, while it may cost more initially, an expensive e-bike may be the lower cost option by the end.

Test Ride an E-Bike If You Can

What’s better than reading about how it feels to ride an e-bike? Riding an e-bike of course! If you don’t know any friends or family members who own an e-bike, there are other options. Some bike shops may allow you to test ride an e-bike before purchase. Another great option is utilizing a dealer network for the bike brand you want to test. Himiway offers a limited but growing network of locations where you can schedule a test ride.

Check the Warranty

Our final tip should come as no surprise but sometimes gets forgotten. Check the warranty for any e-bike brand that you intend to buy from. A short warranty, or no warranty at all, indicates a lack of belief from the company that its product will perform well. Himiway offers an industry-leading 2-year warranty which you can read more about here.

Researching the best e-bike for you can seem daunting at first, but by following these guidelines, you should be able to narrow down your options to just a few bikes that meet all your needs. Remember to compare specs while considering the specific things you want to use your bike for, read or watch reviews, understand that the true cost of a bike is not just the sticker price, test ride an e-bike if you can, and look for the manufacturer’s warranty.

With these tips, you’ll be riding your new e-bike in no time. Enjoy!