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Goodies to share – Redesign Your Himiway E-bike

E-bikes are becoming more and more popular. As a convenient and safe solution, the E-bike is a means of basic transportation for many people. The trend of using and popularity of the E-bike started first with the first months of the global pandemic. No matter the weather conditions and the temperatures, the E-bike provided then an option that would combine physical activity with social distancing. And of course, a way to get from one point to another. From that moment on, the E-bike only became more and more popular. People were looking for a mode modern option to the traditional E-bike. It was also a great option for a completely new group of people - the seniors and the elderly. 

Not only as a daily commute option, but the E-bike is great for staying in shape and keeping physical activity. It provides a lot of different options for great outdoor activities, recreation, and exercise. Whether you choose to go mountain bike climbing, or just take a ride in nature, all of that will have amazing benefits to your health and well-being. For those who are already riding a bike, the E-bike is an upgraded version and allows them to enhance their riding experience. 

Here are some useful tips and suggestions on how to redesign your Himiway E-bike

Upgrading of the accessories

The redesign of your Himiway E-bike starts with the accessories. There are so many different accessories that can make every ride more enjoyable and more productive. They not only add to the bike itself, making it look more interesting and practical, but they are also an addition to the rider. The abundance of available accessories is a convenient solution for all those who need something extra so that they can redesign their E-bike. 

Here are some suggestions that you can consider in terms of redesigning your Himiway E-bike. 

Comfortable seat

Ebike saddle

In general, the majority of E-bikes come with a fabric seat. It is a nice seat, that is designed to match the type of the bike as well as the rider's position. However, there are other available seats that can make the ride more comfortable. Switching your old seat with a newer, more comfortable one is just a start in redesigning your E-bike. 

Tail Light

Ebike taillight

A good, properly functioning tail light is essential in keeping the riders and the others safe in the traffic. It is a must-have piece. The market today offers more upgraded, stronger, and more vibrant tail lights that can be seen from afar and are a great addition to making your E-bike more visible. 

Orange light for front fork

ebike flashlight

Instead of putting a light on the bars, you can try and put it on the front fork. Additionally, choose an orange rechargeable light that will add a different appearance to your bike. 

The appearance of the bike

When talking and thinking of redesigning your E-bike, the first thing that comes to mind is how to make the E-bike look more interesting, fresh, and new. That can also be the only reason why many people choose to redesign the look of their bikes. Even some small details are more than enough to make the bike look brand new and completely different. So, if you are all about appearance, here are some things to consider in your redesigning project. 

Reflective tape

reflective tape

The E-bike comes with its set of lights, but the reflective tape is something completely different. Especially at night, the reflective tape can provide the bike with a whole new and different look. It is very cool, and some might even call it a bit dorky. But, reflective tape is a very interesting way to redesign your E-bike. It can be put on the frame, bars, and brakes. 

Colorful fat tires

ebike tires

There is simply nothing more appealing and attractive than an E-bike that comes in different colors. And the tires here play a big role in that look. Instead of keeping your black and classic tires, why not upgrade the look with some colorful fat tires. Moreover, you can choose two in different colors that will make the E-bike pretty outstanding. 

Share your own riding good things

Let these suggestions be the inspiration that you were looking for in the motivation for redesigning your E-bike. However, these are just a few of what is there available on the market. Everyone can make their E-bike customized in the look and appearance according to their personal preference and lifestyle. Nothing is too much. So, we welcome you to share your vision and the final result of your own E-bike redesign project. Let us know which are the things that have improved your riding experience and made your E-bike stand out in uniqueness, creativity, and originality.