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Top 5 Beach and E-Bike Ideas this Summer

Everyone whose anyone is at the beach these days. The sun is shining, the temperature is hot, but the water is nice and cool. It’s summertime in the States and we are loving all the opportunities to rock our electric bikes on the beach and in the streets.

Exercising and commuting aren’t the only reasons to use your e-bike this year. A beach session with some friends or solo is just what the doctor ordered. Studies show that time spent in the sun increases the amount of Vitamin D in your body. And because Vitamin D is so essential to our body’s immune system, we need as much of it as possible. And what better place to soak up the rays than the closest beach?

Today’s awesome ideas are going to be beach focused. Whether that means the lake, ocean, or even a river with some sand, we want you to hop on your e-bike, ride until you get to the water, and then cool off. So, let’s jump in on the top beach and e-bike ideas for you to try out this summer!

Ebike ideas for summer

Boardwalk Ride

One of the best ways to get to the beach and see all the shops and restaurants is to take a cycle on the boardwalk. Be aware of any local laws or regulations which may require you to fully pedal your e-bike on the boardwalk near pedestrians. If this is the case, you can always cruise through the beach streets nearby by following traffic laws and paying attention to vehicles around you.

Always yield to pedestrians and other cyclists and be respectful. Using pedal-assist level 1 or 2 on most e-bikes should allow you to keep pedaling while the battery and motor kick in lightly, boosting you along. People watching is often a great activity near the beach on boardwalks and piers. Plenty of attractions are located near beaches in coastal towns so riding your e-bike around will ensure you get to see them all.  

Beach Picnic

Another awesome activity at the beach is having a picnic. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, a picnic is easy to set up and can be used as a romantic date idea or by yourself for some much-needed relaxation. Pack drinks, snacks, and a good book along with your sunscreen. Put it all in a strong e-bike bag strapped to your rack and find an empty spot in the sand to park your bike. But watch for the high tide which will easily soak you and your picnic blanket if you aren’t paying attention. 

Watch the Sunset or Sunrise

Watch the Sunset or Sunrise with Ebike

Some of the best photographs can be taken just before sunrise and just after sunset. The sun will cast long shadows and colors across the clouds and illuminate the sky in brilliant oranges, bright reds, and deep blues or purples. These views are best on the beach where the ocean offers an unobstructed view of the wide-open sky. Exploring long lengths of ocean and beach in your cruiser is easy with the help of the electric battery and motor. And once you find an isolated location to watch the sun, the sound of the waves lapping against the sandy shores will be sure to set you at ease and make you grateful for your easy ride on the beach e-bike.

Shore Fishing

Many locations along the coast offer great shore fishing. For example, fishermen along the North Carolina Coast will often park their trucks, dirt bikes, and e-bikes near the ocean and cast out into the surf. Bring your tackle box and a chair strapped to your bike rack to enjoy the view and catch a few fish.

Make sure you get your saltwater fishing license when fishing in the oceans and use the pier or bridges nearby to get the best spot. Fish love the natural rock formations near shore, or the rocks put intentionally near lighthouses and piers to break the waves. Hanging out at the water has never been so exciting as when you are casting your rod trying to land the big one. 

E-bike and Surf

E-bike and Surf

There are plenty of bike racks made specifically to transport a surfboard. This is a great use for a beach e-bike such as the Himiway Zebra. With the fat tires and long battery life, you’ll be able to cruise through the denser parts of the beach and find a good surf spot where the waves are breaking nice and long. Pack your wet suit, fins, and some surf wax, and strap your board to your bike. You’ll be ready to charge some waves in no time. 

These are just a few of the best e-bike ideas for summertime near the water. No matter what time of day or where you are outside, it is important to always wear sunscreen. Even during overcast weather, the sun’s rays can still penetrate the clouds and the ultraviolet rays can burn you, no matter the pigment of your skin. 

Whether you are cruising the boardwalk, looking to have a beach picnic while you watch the sunset or shore fishing with your buds, an e-bike is a handy companion to get you to and from the beach, not to mention through light sand. 

If you are finding it difficult to cruise through the sand because it is not compact enough, a simple trick is to reduce the pressure in your tires a bit. It will help the e-bike tire get traction on the loose sand and gravel common to beaches. However, be sure you can air back up before hitting the pavement again. Never ride on hard surfaces below 10psi. 

Another way to improve your ride on the beach is to use a fat tire e-bike such as the Himiway Cobra Pro, with our widest fat tires yet. Beach goers will be sure to stop and stare as you cruise by with your sleek and teched-out electric mountain bike. Now it’s your turn. So, get out there and catch some rays! Happy riding.