Benefits of Cycling At Least 30 Minutes Daily

by Mark Minstrel on Jul 03, 2022

Benefits of Cycling At Least 30 Minutes Daily
Society tells us we need to look and act a certain way to be happy. We aren’t cool if we don’t wear the “right” clothes. We aren’t attractive if our bodies aren’t in the “right” shape. We aren’t rich if we don’t take the “right” vacations. But we disagree. 

We believe that happiness and health are achieved in a different way for each person. For many, throwing off the shackles of society’s expectations is the best way to realize true inner peace and contentment. You are truly cool if you are your person and don’t follow every trend. You are truly attractive if you feel comfortable in your skin. You are truly rich if you have friends and family who love you.  

The good news is that one of the best ways to achieve this happy and healthy lifestyle where you can reach these self-actualized goals is rather easy to do. Scientists have proven time and time again that regular exercise and fresh air are sufficient to produce the feel-good endorphins our bodies crave to be happy.

We like to say the best e-bike for exercise is the e-bike you use. This is why we have crafted the most stylish, affordable, and technologically advanced lineup of e-bikes on the market today. Whether you are in the market for a new e-bike, happily enjoying your current one, or simply a fan of all types of cycling electric or otherwise, the following benefits are available with just 30 minutes of cycling each day.

Physical Health Benefits

Studies routinely show a link between light exercise and reduced risk of illnesses or premature deaths due to cardiovascular diseases. However, many of us lead sedentary lives these days. After a long day of sitting in front of the computer or workstation in the factory, it can be difficult to muster the willpower necessary to perform these light exercises. The pandemic only sought to reinforce this type of lifestyle because gyms closed, and many were told to stay indoors.

But thanks to the unique and delightful experience of e-biking, this chore of exercise becomes a fun activity that you will look forward to all day, even as a beginner. E-bikes with quick acceleration and the ability to choose your desired level of pedal assist make working out a breeze. Once you get going, it’s no trouble at all to continue pedaling and keeping a slightly elevated heart rate. With a consistent 30 minutes of cycling each day, your leg muscles will begin to develop further, and your stamina will increase. Soon, you will be traveling miles and miles without breaking a sweat. Your heart will thank you for this renewed level of physical activity and the many benefits it brings.

Not only will you be at reduced risk for diseases and illnesses, but you may also lose weight. This will allow you to look toned and active, ready to take on any challenge. Not everyone wants or needs to lose weight, and we here at Himiway celebrate body positivity for every shape and size. But if one of your goals is to shed a few pounds, look no further than implementing a 30-minute cycling routine into your day.

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Mental Health Benefits

It’s obvious that there are physical benefits to exercise such as biking, but there are also mental health benefits. When you exercise, your body creates natural hormones called endorphins. These hormones are responsible for the good feelings you have after you exercise or eat, among other things. They are produced when your body feels stress or pain. But the stress we are referring to here is a good type of stress.

Physical activity like cycling puts stress on your muscles, lungs, and bones. In response, your body produces these chemicals, which when combined with fresh air and a sense of accomplishment, can lead to phenomenal improvements to your daily mood and outlook on life. This improved mental health will then allow you to perform better at work, treat friends and family kindly, and have improved confidence as you go about your day.

Financial Benefits

Not all benefits are related to the body. Another set of benefits to highlight are those related to your financial health. By cycling 30 minutes or more each day during your commute, you can replace some or all of the costly expenses associated with car ownership and use. Your bank account will grow due to all the savings, and you will be in a better spot financially when emergencies come along. Having a “safety net” of excess savings stored in cash is a great blessing in times of economic uncertainty. 

Social Life Benefits

Not only can you improve your physical and mental health, as well as your financial health, but you will also begin to realize benefits to your social life by exercising 30 minutes each day. Many friendships are formed when two or more people have the same interests or hobbies. You may see the same people cycling at your favorite park or neighborhood. You can strike up a conversation with these individuals by complimenting their bike or helmet. The next thing you know, your social circle will grow and you’ll have plenty of new friends to join you for a ride. 

Environmental Benefits

The final benefit to cycling for 30 minutes each day is that of environmental health. By riding your e-bike each day to run errands, go to work, or visit a friend, you can replace the toxic emissions given off by your vehicle. In addition, as more people see e-bikes on the city streets and in the park, they will be incentivized to get one too. This in turn can continue the revolution we hope for with green transportation and micro-mobility.

Save the planet, make new friends, keep more of your hard-earned money, and experience the new level of energy and happiness that comes from the physical exertion required to pedal your bike. There are plenty more benefits to cycling 30 minutes each day, whether on a traditional bike or a long-range electric Himiway bike, but we hope these have given you a renewed interest in riding each day for just a short while.