fat tire hunting bike - hunting tips and tricks

5 Tips for Efficiently Hunting on an All-Terrain Electric Fat Tire Bike

The thrill of the hunt is difficult to describe to anyone new to the world of hunting. Matching predator against prey in a game of hide and seek for the trophy must be experienced firsthand. It is hard to explain the joy of sitting in a blind on a quiet morning or spending a brisk evening watching for movement from your tree stand. You may even find your most peaceful moments prepping your stand in the woods or on a trail scouting for recent nearby game.


The perfect companion to have in these moments of quiet exhilaration is an electric fat tire hunting bike. Increase your agility and cover more ground from atop a near-silent mount such as the Himiway Cruiser Step-Thru all-terrain e-bike. Below we share 5 tips for efficiently hunting on an all-terrain electric fat tire bike. We cover everything from the prep work to the navigation and, of course, the traveling you’ll do during your quest to punch a tag each season. 


Before we offer our hunting tips and tricks, it’s good to clarify the difference between electric fat bikes and more traditional bikes. The “fat tire” bike is just that, a bike with fatter tires than normal. You will find that fat tire bikes have wide tires - often between 3 and 5 inches wide. There are many benefits to having fat tires on your e-bike, especially when it comes to riding in the woods during a hunt in the Fall or Winter when traditional bikes just won’t cut it. With that out of the way, let’s get into some ways you can efficiently hunt while using a hunting fat bike.  


Take All the Essentials

Experienced hunters know that the possibility of success starts before you ever step foot in the woods. Proper planning means you have all the equipment and gear you might need during your day or evening on the trail. You’ll need plenty of water and food such as nuts and jerky, a first aid kit, high-quality rain gear, a good field dressing knife, your game bag, a rangefinder, a flashlight, and of course, your hunting license!


You might want to skip bringing some of these essentials because they will be too heavy to carry along with your bow or gun. That’s where the power of your electric fat tire bike comes in handy. Consider all the space you’ll have available on your e-bike with racks and waterproof travel bags, which are perfect for any day hunt. Save your energy and let the power of the quiet e-bike motor do the tough work for you.


Scout on Your E-Bike

Avid hunters have specific preferences when it comes to scouting game, but no matter if you are hunting turkey or elk, you’re going to want to cover long distances in a short amount of time. You’ll need to check your bait containers, take notes of recent activity, and check the ground for prints. With the help of the 35-60 mile range (depending on pedal-assist usage) that you’ll get from your fat tire hunting bike on a single charge, you’ll cover plenty of ground. Lugging all your gear and breathing heavily is no way to scout silently. Hop on your bike as you monitor your game trails, rubs, sheds, and droppings in the area.


Build a Blind or Tree Stand with Your E-Bike

It’s not always possible to have a permanent blind setup. Because building blinds can be tedious but is also so effective, you always want to have the option. Use your e-bike to create a temporary blind so you can wait until you can make an ethical shot and be sure of hitting your mark. Using a concealed position from which to aim at your prey will always increase the success rate of your shot. Outsmart your target and stay safe on the ground by relying on your fat tire e-bike to hide your position more effectively.


Or, if a tree stand is your favored way to observe your area, you can carry the materials necessary with ease using your e-bike to help with the load. Whichever option you choose, an e-bike will be a useful companion. 


Hide Your Scent

If you want your hunt to go as well as possible, you might know some hunting that you need to be scent-free. But did you know this extends to your transportation as well? Thankfully, the fat tire hunting bike has no gas fumes or oil odors like an ATV or dirt bike. You may want to let your e-bike sit outside of your garage the day before your hunt to ensure no chemical scents linger on it. 


In addition, you’ll want to shower with an odorless shower gel and shampoo before hunting. Apply special deodorant that doesn’t carry a scent. Your clothing will also need to be scent-free so use fragrance-free laundry detergent. Once you arrive at your hunting destination, be sure to spray your boots, hat, gloves, and bags with a scent killer that you can buy from your local hunting supply store. Finally, be sure to keep any high-odor foods in an airtight container.


Search Google Maps

It is always best to go into your hunting area with as much knowledge as possible. Thanks to technologies such as Google Maps and aerial drones, it has never been easier. Check out nearby fields, streams, and paths from Google Maps before you arrive. This will help you plan and scout for the best field position or grouping of trees to use as cover. Remember, you can cover more ground with a fat tire e-bike no matter the weather. A long hike may be difficult to get to the perfect location, but with the help of an e-bike, it will be a breeze to get to the best spot. 


To recap, make sure you pack all your hunting essentials, scout your path quickly with a fat tire e-bike, use the e-bike to create cover or transport materials to your site, hide your scent, and go in prepared for the area by using Google Maps or a camera drone beforehand. Everybody has their favorite hunting tips and tricks, and many have been passed down from parents and mentors. Combine these 5 tips above with your other methods, as well as the convenience of a fat tire hunting bike for your next hunting excursion. Always ensure you are licensed and aware of the calendar dates for hunting different game in your area. Never take a shot you are not confident with and always hunt responsibly. Good luck punching your tag this season!