Different Bike bags for electric bike

4 Types of Bike Bags: Make Your Cycling Life Easier

One of the best features of e-bikes is the ability to carry a lot of items with little to no effort compared to a traditional bike. You won’t need to do all the heavy pedaling with a lot of weight when you can rely on the electric motor to assist you. Because you’ll have all that extra power, you’ll want to make sure you can carry as much as possible. One way to do this is by adding and using a bike bag. You never know what you’ll want to carry, protect, or have accessible when you are traveling outdoors such as your phone, food, a multi-tool, or an extra set of clothing.


With so many people discovering the joys of using an electric bike, it is more important than ever to discover all the different accessories you can add to these bikes too. Mirrors, portable air pumps, lights, and gloves are a few of the more common accessories you might choose. But today we are going to focus on the best bike bags such as waterproof bags, rack bags, panniers, and bike frame bags just to name a few. With all these bag options, you’ll be able to replace your car with an e-bike for your commute more easily, run a variety of errands, and increase the overall functionality of your e-bike.


Delivery Bag

One of the best bike bags you can get for your e-bike is a delivery bag such as the Himiway Escape Delivery Bag. This bag is compatible with a rear rack and is specially designed with durable nylon and a thermally reflective liner to keep food at the right temperature. Whether you are carrying hot or cold food, ensure it arrives in excellent condition with this easy-to-attach and remove delivery bag. Whether for yourself or others, no one wants their food to be the wrong temperature.


Not only is this the perfect bag for delivering food or groceries on an e-bike if you are working, but you can also get plenty of use out of it during leisure activities. Perhaps you want to bring food to a picnic or attend an outdoor sporting event or festival. If so, this is the perfect bag to bring snacks, drinks, and any extra materials you might need such as plates, silverware, and napkins. You could even use this bag on a weekend trip to the farmer’s market to bring home fresh fruits and veggies while keeping them cool. With lots of carrying capacity and easy compatibility with the Himiway Escape Delivery Rear Rack, this bag might just be the best choice for your Himiway fat tire e-bike.


Trunk Bag Rear Rack Bag

Another great option for a large-capacity, waterproof bike bag is a bike trunk bag such as the Himiway Trunk Bag. These bags are great for carrying your lunch to work, your phone, and wallet, or an extra set of clothes for the gym or other activity. Not only can these bags fit a variety of mid-sized items, but because they are waterproof and dirt-resistant, you won’t have to worry if you are caught out in the rain. Your items will be well protected and dry upon your arrival at your destination.


Like the Delivery Bag mentioned above, this Trunk Bag also has a built-in aluminum foil insulation system to keep food hot or cold, depending on the type of food. Reflective side strips will also make you more visible to drivers and other riders on the road for your safety. If different compartments are of interest to you, this bike bag has multiple pockets with waterproof zippers to keep your items well-organized and protected.


Waterproof Bike Pannier Bag

Pannier bags take inspiration from traditional bike baskets. In fact, “panier” is the French word for basket. However, unlike a regular basket, Waterproof Bike Pannier Bags have come a long way. Just take a look at our version of this Pannier Bike Bag to see the improvements in quality, waterproofing, and style that have been made compared to the original baskets of the past.


A great feature of these bags is how easily removable they are if you want to park your bike and take your bag with you. Two adjustable buckles on the back of the bag help you adjust the bag to the right position according to your bike rack. It won’t hit the bike spokes either. Be sure you adjust the placement of the bag so that you don’t accidentally hit it while pedaling and you will be good to go!


Multifunctional Bike Frame Bag

Another convenient style of bag is a bike frame bag. These bags attach directly onto your bike frame and are waterproof just like many of the other options here. Our model, the Multifunctional Bike Frame Bag is perfect for accessing your phone at moments when you might need GPS maps, to see a message from a friend, or simply track your ride. You won’t have to worry about losing or damaging your belongings with this sleek and secure type of bike bag.


Whether you want a delivery bag to help with your work or carry food more easily, or a simple yet elegant small-profile bike bag, all these options will help you get more use out of your e-bike. Ride worry-free knowing that your belongings are safe and protected from the elements due to the many features and durable design of these waterproof bike bags. After all, a comfortable ride is an enjoyable ride. Having an extra set of dry clothes, the proper toolkit, and especially everyday items like your wallet and keys will give you peace of mind and keep you much more comfortable than using a traditional backpack or your pockets.


The quality of your e-bike ride can be improved with all sorts of accessories, but you will definitely want to consider how convenient and helpful a bag can be on your commute, exercise routine, or vacation ride. No matter what you need to bring on your trip, there is the right bag for you. We are confident that your cycling life will become much easier with all these excellent bike bag choices.