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7 Things You Should Have in Your E-Bike Repair Kit

Due to better bike quality and more superb manufacturing techniques, electric bikes on the market today usually have a longer life and better performance. However, even the best bikes in the world cannot avoid breakdowns. Have you ever encountered an annoying bicycle breakdown while enjoying a pleasant ride? Unexpected situations such as loose bolts, falling chains, flat tires, etc. happen from time to time, and these unforeseen disturbing circumstances will ruin your trip! At this time, a well-prepared basic electric bike repair kit will be particularly important. It will help you get out of trouble, ensure your personal safety, and bring you a wonderful riding trip at the same time. So what are the essentials for your ebike repair kit? Please take out your notebook and write down what we are gonna talk about!

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1.Adjustable Wrench

There are many bolts of different sizes on a bike, so it is necessary to carry some wrenches that are suitable for your bike. But if you want to reduce the burden, then an adjustable wrench is definitely an ideal choice. Not only is it easy to carry with, but it can also adapt to bolts of various sizes to solve your urgent needs (such as when changing a tire). And if there is spare space in your kit, it's best to carry a set of Allen wrenches in case you need it. Here we recommend Himiway 16 in 1 Multi-Function Bicycle Repair Tool, equipped with various sizes of Allen wrenches, solid wrench, as well as some screwdriver of different types(Slotted & Phillips), which is very durable and handy, arguably a must-have bike repair tool for cyclists.


But please be careful when using the wrench, try not to round over the nuts, and choose the appropriate tool according to your own strength condition.


2.Duct Tape

When going on a long-distance cycling trip or riding on a rough trail, and unfortunately your tire got punctured, then a small roll of duct tape in the repair kit will be your last hope. You can use it to do some emergency treatment, just need to slap a small piece of tape on the damaged part of your bike, whether it is on tires or other parts, then your bike could keep working and you can continue enjoying your fantasy trip until you find a place to do some professional and detailed repair job. If you forgot to bring duct tape, then you'd better have read our article about how to avoid flat tires. What if you didn't prepare beforehand and brought nothing? Well, just walk your bike home or you can ask someone else for help, lol.


3.Extra Cables

Electrical failures sometimes occur during a ride, although the reasons may be various, such as motor or battery failure, it is in most cases caused by cable damage. Cables play an important role as a connector in a bike but are usually exposed to the air, easily damaged and worn out over time. Regarding this, we suggest that you bring some extra cables to deal with this problem. Of course, the matching wire cutters and electrical tape should also be included in your repair kit.


If you feel that there are too many things to carry and will burden your travel, choosing an ebike with both the accelerator and pedal-assist design can perfectly solve this problem, such as the Himiway fat tire electric bike, at least you can still use the pedal when encountering electrical damage.

4. Multi-Tool

Although our Himiway 16 in 1 Multi-Function Bicycle Repair Tool can cope with many different types of bicycle breakdowns. Some other multi-tools such as the Swiss Army Knife can sometimes also be helpful. Many of them are usually equipped with many other practical small tools, such as screwdrivers and pliers, and they can handle some unexpected component failures, so we think it may be an investment for you.

5.Mini Pump

For long-distance riding, we recommend that you bring a small tire pump. Please don't be stereotyped to think that a pump will be too big and difficult to carry. There are already mini tire pumps on the market that are easy to carry and can be put into your repair kit or attached directly to the frame. With it, you can inflate your bike tires at any time, and in some cases, it can be a lifesaver.

6.Plug Adapter

When you forgot to charge the battery before departure and the battery power is insufficient to complete your trip, you may need to charge your electric bike on the road. And if you find a place to charge your battery, but unfortunately, the plug is an old fashioned and ungrounded style, this can be quite frustrating. Therefore, a plug adapter will come in handy at this time to take you out of trouble.


A sufficiently bright flashlight will be your guide in the dark, able to deal with many situations. When you go on bike camping, there are many potential dangers in the wild at night. Unfamiliar terrain, ferocious wild animals, and dim light are all safety hazards. The flashlight can illuminate you, help you see the surrounding environment clearly, and even expel wild animals because some of them are afraid of the light. Moreover, if your bicycle breaks down at night and you need to use it, a flashlight can help you perform repairs in the dark. There are many types of flashlights on the market: keychain type, headlamp, and LED type, etc. You can choose which one or more to carry according to your own situation.


No matter what purpose you use your ebike for, commuting or traveling or whatever, you will eventually encounter bicycle breakdowns. But as long as you are well-prepared and calm down, most problems can be solved. Or if you encounter difficulties in daily use, Himiway always provides a two-year warranty service to escort your riding in all aspects. Now, you must be can't wait to bring your ebike repair kit for an exciting electric bike ride with family and friends! So are we! Then simply share this article on how to deal with bicycle breakdowns with your friends!