Riding Ebikes in winter

5 Tips on Preparing Your Ebike in the Winter

Winter is a quite long season, and many people may think that they should lie in a warm bed or sit by the fireplace to read a book or watch a movie. That might also be a good choice in some ways. However, winter is also a season worth doing some outdoor activities, such as cycling and skiing. For cycling enthusiasts, it can be quite frustrating to leave their bikes in the garage for months. Many people have concerns about riding an e-bike in the snow because although this is an exciting thing, there are too many points to worry about and pay attention to. Body warmth, road conditions, bicycle performance, etc., all are factors that should be considered when riding in winter. Don't worry, you’ll enjoy a fantastic winter ride after learning these tips. So now, let us start our "winter cycling trip!"

prepare your ebike in the winter before you ride it

Choose Fat Tire All Terrain Electric Bike

As one of the most essential parts of a bicycle, the quality of the tire determines whether you can have a good riding experience. Choosing the right tires, especially fat tires, will allow you to gallop in the snow. Fat tires are suitable for all kinds of terrain. Whether on the beach, snow, or rugged mountain roads, the fat tire electric bike can always maintain good performance. For example, while adapting to various terrains, Himiway Electric Fat Bike can also ensure strong stability, which is incomparable with thin tires.


Take Good Care of Your E-bike Battery

The battery is the most sensitive component of an electric bike. As the temperature in winter is relatively low, the battery performance of most electronic products will be reduced, including mobile phones, laptops, electric bikes, etc. Therefore, we must pay more attention to the maintenance of the battery in winter to ensure that it can work as usual. Here we have some tips on how to maintain the battery to help you use and store it correctly.


First of all, before charging the battery, be sure to keep the temperature of the battery above freezing. You need to warm the battery slowly, pay attention to safety during warming, do not warm up rapidly, because this may damage the battery. Of course, it is fine to ride your e-bike at temperatures below freezing, just make sure that the battery temperature is above freezing before charging.


In addition to warming it, it is best to place the battery in a dry and warm place indoors to keep the battery temperature above freezing when you are not using it. And if you don’t use it for a long time, it’s best to charge the battery every once in a while, which can extend the life of the battery.


If you find that the range and power of your electric bike will drop in winter, don’t worry, this is a normal phenomenon as expected. Just follow the above-mentioned methods and you can slightly improve the situation.


Clean Your E-bike Regularly

If you have the experience of riding in the winter, you must have noticed that your electric bike gets dirty more easily than in other seasons. This is because the road will freeze in winter and cause tires to slip, which will easily cause traffic accidents. Therefore, for safety reasons, sand and gravel are usually used on the road to prevent slipping tires. At that time, you'll need to clean your e-bike tires regularly, because sand and gravel may get stuck in the tire pattern. Moreover, in order to melt snow and ice, these sands are likely to be mixed with more aggressive magnesium salts. If you do not clean them up in time, it will cause damage to tires, chains, and other bicycle components. As for how to clean it, please use a damp cloth to wipe the frame and other parts of the bike, and the chain is best to use special lubricant for bikes. If you want to know more bicycle maintenance methods, please refer to our previous article on how to maintain your e-bike.

how to ride ebikes in the cold winter


Rust Proof

Moisture in the air may rust your bike. Anti-rust products are a good choice to prevent this. Rust check, for example, has an affordable price, and you can see them in most automobile or home supply stores. When your electric bike is left unused for a long time, you can spray the anti-rust products on any place that may rust, such as bicycle spokes, frame, and other exposed metal components. But remember to stay away from LCD displays, batteries, and other electronic elements, since these non-waterproof parts may not be resistant to liquids.


Avoid Riding Through Slush

Riding in the snow is definitely a pleasure, but not in the slush. Cleaning up after riding in the slush is an annoying job. Snow mixed with water and gravel becomes extremely difficult to clean. It will splash into certain parts of your bike during riding, such as spokes, gears, and even seep into the battery cover. These hard-to-reach places will greatly increase your workload. Maybe even though you have spent a long time cleaning up, there is still sand left in some parts of the bike. Therefore, if you don't want to do these tedious tasks, please try to avoid riding your bike in the slush. And if you inevitably have to ride in these places, then in order to extend the life of your e-bike, please be sure to clean up the entire bike after riding.


Generally speaking, winter riding in the snow brings us a lot of fun. But there are also many things that need to pay attention to. In addition to the precautions mentioned in this article, winter riding should also take measures to prevent cold, remember to put on thick clothes, wear helmets and gloves to avoid colds or frostbite. It is best to wear brightly colored clothes because the fog is heavier in winter and the weather gets dark earlier, which may lead to lower visibility. You need to be more careful than usual during riding and always pay attention to the road conditions. If you want to know more about winter riding tips, you can read our previous blog, we believe you will benefit more from it!